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  • thomasstuart
    11-24 06:35 AM
    Yes, you can apply for H-4 despite the fact that she has an H1 petition approved. It is difficult for me to comment on her H-4 rejection chances as I am not familiar with your cases, but generally if you are on valid H-1 status then you should not have problems.

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  • houston2005
    07-25 10:07 AM
    I got it recently from TSC, took almost 3 months.

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  • furiouspride
    08-01 03:32 AM
    Please see this post (

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  • kpchal2
    05-09 01:56 PM
    Other than name check are there any other stuff we should be aware of to get the green card.

    With this new 180 day rule can I get my GC even if my Namecheck is not complete in 180 days. Is so once my PD is current and my 485 application has crossed the processing times can i go ahead and demand (please note demand) my green card or should i just leave it to luck and keep waiting hoping i will get it soon. sorry for sounding so sorrowful but the process seems to be very happazard.

    any one with info please let meknow. thanks in advance


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  • prem_goel
    09-07 07:11 PM
    Hi Guys,
    My sis recently changed her status successfully from B1 to H1. After the approval however (within 10-20 days), we saw soft LUDs on her previous H1 petitions (they were both with the same employer). The status hasn't changed however.

    Has anyone experienced such a case?

    One more thing - she had done her AR-11 address change online about a month ago. Could that have triggered these soft LUDs? If so, will they even go and change the address on petitions approved in the past?

    Any inputs appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Karthikthiru
    09-23 05:21 PM
    Thanks. Easy for doing calculations


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  • logiclife
    05-29 02:11 PM
    Section 508.

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  • nashorn
    12-12 01:08 PM
    Hi friends,

    My EAD was about to expire in 4 months. I'm going to apply for the renewal. Can I keep working if the application is pending?
    You can work as long as the EAD is valid. If you meant to ask if you can legally work while your old EAD has expired and your new EAD is pending, the answer is NO.

    One more thing, the USCIS is required by law to make decision on your EAD application withing 90 days upon receiving your application. But someone didn't get that within 90 days. That casused problem bacause you can only apply for renewal of your EAD if it is 90 days or less before your old EAD will expire.


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  • txj1012
    09-28 11:31 AM
    My background:
    1. Got Ph.D three years ago
    2. worked in a hospital as a PI and postdoc training for three years
    3. worked as research associate at University of Houston last year
    4. working as research assistant professor(Faculty) at UH
    5. Four foreign grants including national grant
    6. several awards including the First Prize awards in foreign provincial health field
    7. Published more than 20 papers, only two are SCI (one is PNAS published this year without citation so far), others are foreign language papers have more than 40 citations.

    Now I am preparing files and will apply as EB-1b.
    can you tell me the best points to claim?
    I will tell you any progress in the coming days. Thanks forum friends.

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  • reddymjm
    06-12 05:12 PM
    My ead card production ordered. I efiled on April 27th.
    Rediculous, the processing times say it takes 90 days minimum. hopefully they will give the extension from my expiry date which is Aug 28th 2008.


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  • gcgalore
    12-19 05:31 PM
    Gurus, I am on H-1B visa doing a project with 'abc' client who is the client of 'X' company and pays to my H-1B employer 'Y', I get paid from 'Y'. I started on this project on H-1B visa but now I have EAD(spouse of primary applicant) and want to change my status to EAD. The X company says that they have non compete agreement with Y company(my employer) and can't bring me on board unless I get email from my employer stating they have no objection me moving to EAD. My employer is not ready to give me that email(for obvious reasons.. after all it is a desi employer).
    I want to find out if there is a way out..also I never signed any agreement with my fact I don't even have a copy of offer letter. The only agreement I have is with X company that I can't go back to the same client for one year, the day I end this project. I am based in Boston MA.

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  • sab
    11-06 02:59 PM
    How much time does it take for 485 to get approved with a visa number available. I applied for 485 after my i-140 was approved. Does the priority date have anything to do with processing for 485?


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  • hebron
    04-01 04:10 PM
    I have already filed my I-485 in Aug 2007. My employer is moving to a new office space in the same city. It is almost 2 miles from where I'm working now. Do I need to notify USCIS of this change? If so, how would I do it? Could anyone please suggest.


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  • Dhundhun
    03-20 03:41 AM
    As I read the memo, it is OK for two employer to file H1B for a employee.

    We discuss in this forum and IV discourages this.


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  • Steve Mitchell
    November 20th, 2004, 07:27 AM
    Fuji has released some sample images for the S3 DSLR. You can check out the sample pix here (

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  • jaane_bhi_do_yaaro
    08-23 08:05 PM
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  • gvijayku
    01-26 08:31 AM
    Recently I have travelled to USA on B1, during port of entry at chicago the immigration officer as marked Advised on the stamp with pen. What does it mean? Does this will have any impact on my next visit to USA on B1.

    In port of entry letter I have mentioned stay duration as 4 weeks (1 month). Is this the problem? If so why officer given i-94 till 3 months?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • cbd80
    09-15 09:09 PM
    I transfer my H1B to company B and works for company B. Now suppose if I want to go back to company A after six months and want to work for company A, does the h1b transfer required? (means, does company A requires to file whole h1b petition again?) Here my petition (I-797) with company A is still valid. And suppose if I want to go back to company A after 4 years, at that time my petition (I-797) with company A might be expired, does the company A requires to file new petition (tranfer) or just the extension?

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  • brick2006
    11-02 02:34 PM
    One of my friends has goofed up his labor filing:

    His actual date of termination with his previous company was 5/31/2007, but in the labor filing he has said that he was employed with the previous company till 6/30/2007....
    he is ready for filing his 140(EB2)? can he correct his dates of when he files for 140....

    WILL HE HAVE TO file for labor again??????????:(

    11-15 11:26 AM
    on a lot of things like your priority date, country of birth, EB category. But bottomline is this : Its gonna take much longer than you think.

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