Friday, 27 May 2011

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  • Big-TDI-Guy
    Mar 27, 06:08 AM
    The Euro tax bit accomplishes something, look at their cars. How many land-yachts do you see rolling about over there?

    That said, we do have a gas tax, but as mentioned earlier - it's obscured by the price of oil to the point we no longer feel it. Perhaps we should bring back the sting. Before doing that, I'd say to lean out and make DPW a hell of a lot more efficient at doing their jobs, before giving them any more $.

    I think it was Japan that taxed cars based on the engine displacement - I believe that would be worth considering here. For anyone who "needs" a big engine - and 98% of you who claim you do - actually do not. But for those who insist - should have a commercial-type registration. (like we currently do with large work vehicles) That said - we were lax, stupid or I don't know what - but allowed 4 ton vehicles to be called passenger cars, and now every 90 pound soccer mom drives a Superduty pickup because it makes them feel safe... :rolleyes:

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  • Mistrblank
    Apr 5, 10:43 AM
    You all keep saying "they'll never do home button as capacitive because you could accidently rub it and tear you out of your movie/browsing/app/etc".

    What if it responded to the accelerometer as well? The latest gem is in Garageband which can register a soft touch to hard tap for instruments through the accelerometer. Honestly I wouldn't mind have a home button that was gesture responsive too. Start with your thumb on the home button, swipe up, right or left for functionality. Or perhaps the home button only responds when you swipe onto it.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 23, 01:39 PM
    The only ATV i like is made by Yamaha.

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  • Rodimus Prime
    May 5, 07:50 PM
    The "Apple Tax" is largely just in the mind. PC Magazine, and several tech blogs, have had comparisons and found that a Mac is cheaper than machines from some Windows machines (I think Sony and Dell were more expensive but I could be wrong). Out of five tested, the Mac was in the middle.

    I did the math, and gave it up after I had consistently lousy experiences with every version of Windows I used, with hardware from a variety of well known manufacturers.

    I will happily spend the imaginary premium if it provides with a stable operating system.

    if maybe if you go spec for spec but often times you end up having to pay for a bunch of crap you do not need or want to get what you want from Apple.

    Take this. I needed/wanted a 15in Laptop higher res screen and i7 processor. I bought it for around $1500. Same laptop from Apple over 2 grand. I was willing to give up the alumium body and battery life because they were not as high on my list.

    Or try this one. Someone wants a 17 (hell even 15 in) screen but only really need a core duo or a i3 processor. If they went Apple they have to pay a huge tax to pay for all the extra crap they do not want/need just to get that 15 or 17 in screen they want/need.
    Apple Tax is in the form of having to buy a bunch of extra crap you do not need/want to get the few items that you do need/want.

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  • kd0tc0m
    Apr 13, 01:21 PM
    I don't think Pages is horrible. It's not great, but it isn't quite as bad for me as everyone else finds it. I don't use it all that much (Keynote gets used far more than Pages does).

    I'm with you. I'm new to the world of Mac and I want to stay clear of Word. It's not a great app, but it's something I'm getting used to.

    Same with Keynote, different approach, but I like it better than the world of PP.

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  • crisss1205
    Apr 12, 05:42 PM
    Will all the resellers buying all the AT&T versions I call BS on those stats.

    Go to a store and I guarantee you can't buy an at&t model, but vzw are in stock everywhere.

    There is NO way Vzw is outselling AT&T version, NO way, it's impossible.

    My guess is maybe people in the mid-west would PREFER vzw, but they'll never buy one anyway...

    I agree, I waited on line on launch day. The first iPads to be sold out were the AT&T models, then WiFi, then Verizon.

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  • Big JW
    Oct 26, 08:08 PM
    mind telling me how, rickey939?

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  • BJMRamage
    Apr 12, 08:08 PM
    this has nothing to do with iPads i suppose but a co-worker and I at lunch yesterday had our iPhones out (me ATT & Co-worker VZW) he could not get any bars and therefore his apps were useless for 3G (we were trying a GPS Map) and I got on and got teh voice commands within 30 seconds. I had 4 bars, he had none. He said his Verizon iPhone was about useless for any service. he had ATT before but the company has a Verizon plan and his phone is company paid...

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  • redeye be
    Jun 24, 02:08 AM
    It would be great if we could also have possibly have a team overtake, and who may overtake our team. In addition, something showing the day-to-day output of the team.
    Already on the to-do list (see the first post).
    I meant to do this at the same time as building in user targets but i'll keep it for the rewritten version. That way you'll have something to look out to. A bit like Christmas indeed. ;)

    About the day-to-day output, what do you mean? Info that is not provided in the team details? In reference to overtaking?

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  • achie25
    Oct 27, 07:04 AM
    [QUOTE=longofest]The interface is slick, but it is slow as a tortise. Maybe they are still bringing additional servers online, but I hope the speed improves...


    I agree. Using it on my work PC and IE. And it is really slow.

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  • flopticalcube
    May 3, 10:34 AM
    It wasn't too difficult to predict either a Tory majority or minority win as most people vote with the economy. The Bloc/Liberal thrashing was unexpected, especially the Bloc. Perhaps a little more stability on the Quebec question is a good thing. Liberals had a poor platform with a few really good candidates so next time round they need to put some meat on the bones and I'm hoping that this will flush out the old guard Liberals.

    For now, it's brown shirts and red arm bands for the next few years. :D (Harper Youth?)

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  • MacFly123
    Feb 18, 06:44 PM
    How much money round that table??!!

    That's a lot of money in one room! :eek::eek:

    Haha, that's what I was thinking! :D Very powerful and influential people around that table. Kind of odd and surreal! They are just normal people.

    He doesn't look anywhere near as bad as he did in those "genuine" photographs from a certain news organisation. :rolleyes:

    I can't seem to find those pics. Did they publish them? Do you have a link?

    Notice Steve is the only guy without wine?

    He is undergoing treatment for cancer.
    What is so strange about him not drinking alcohol?

    Actually, there are just two guys with Wine in the whole room, they all have water or something like that... (Check out the big flickr pic from the previous poster)

    Yes it looks like there are other people with water but does Steve drink? I don't think he does. :confused:

    Everyone is dressed up but Steve....awesome.

    He did wear a tux to the oscars at least.

    Ya it was weird seeing Steve in a tux or anything but his standard uniform haha! :D

    I would honestly love to see his closet lol! Probably like Earnest... Nothing but black turtle necks, Levis jeans, and NewBalance sneakers haha! :p

    [SIZE=1]Get better for the sake of mankind, mr jobs!

    No kidding! Please Steve! :(

    Good to see that's Steve is still well enough to attend such things. Still very thin mind you.

    Yes, for sure!

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  • notjustjay
    Jan 4, 04:37 PM
    Why would you need GPS for a route you take daily? Traffic, I suppose...but still?

    I imagine some people's jobs may require them to stay within the same general region, but travel areas that they're not totally familiar with: delivery drivers, shuttle drivers, taxis, etc.

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  • jav6454
    Apr 12, 07:20 PM
    This survey is seriously flawed. I've been unable to secure an AT&T iPad within the 3 stores near me.

    Verizon iPad? They have them, at all combinations. Wi-Fi? Hit and Miss, but AT&T iPads are gone.

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  • Goldinboy17
    Mar 24, 04:35 PM
    I'm debating this as well. I think I'm just going to end up buying the Ipad 2 16gb for $100 more. I don't need 32gb.

    Well if anything I could stream all of my content from my PC with Zumocast. the 32 would be a convenience since I could store movies onto it when I travel. If I were to purchase the 2 I would definitely purchase the 32, about $680 with taxes. It's a $240 savings but I'm not sure if it's worth it?

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  • milo
    Sep 19, 05:40 PM
    Not everyone will want to install BOTH updates.

    Why not? Some people may want to continue having either fan or startup issues?

    What about a firmware update for the 24" iMac?

    For what?

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  • roadbloc
    May 6, 06:56 PM
    JOEG4?The guy is not a moron,he know what he wrote.Let us respect ourselves here.To call someone a moron is not good,I think you should apologize to the guy in question

    I think someone needs a new spacebar.

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  • GodBless
    Sep 1, 03:58 AM
    Just because they are improving this build doesnt mean there aren't some major apps or system features they are not revealing to developers.

    They could be updating another version of the OS alongside this one with extra goodness!, and the updates are most likely to be fixes based on what the devs tell them is buggy.

    I think they have purposefully left stuff out of Leopard for the moment so that it is even more shocking when it is all revealed at the launch of Leopard! thats what apple does best, shocks the public with "one more thing!"I have to agree. I am certain that when Steve Jobs said that there are "Top Secret" features he wasn't joking. Sure we have minor updates but that can't compete with Vista and those features aren't really good enough to be "Top Secret" after all -- how valuable to Microsoft and appealing to buyers are those small features anyway?

    My assumption is that Apple will blast Vista away with new Leopard features that haven't been revealed to anyone yet -- including those developers who are currently testing Leopard -- just wait for MacWorld San Francisco (MWSF) in January.

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  • Mister Snitch
    Apr 5, 09:02 AM
    He won't eat it. He hates everything!
    He LIKES it! Hey Mikey!

    Apr 12, 02:20 PM
    Office 2004 being still supported! Magic? :eek:

    Apr 3, 08:14 PM
    I thought it was revolutionary - the idea that you always start with a template and never with a blank document. I thought - wow, all these years and Microsoft didn't come up with this?

    But after trying to use it, it was non-intuitive and I gave up after about 10 minutes.

    May 2, 02:11 PM

    What is your point? If you have something to say, then say it, don't post useless links.

    It's called sarcasm - some get it and some don't.

    Apr 1, 09:24 AM
    I remember Spock from Star Trek basically made a comment about TV like that. I believe the episode was called "Bread and Circuses". Spock didn't say Scary but since he is half human he probably thought that.

    There was a quote in Star Trek NG that said something along the lines of "TV was a fad in the 20th and early 21th century"!!

    Mar 26, 04:32 AM
    $6,78/gal = 5,1zł/l


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