Thursday, 26 May 2011

map of java

map of java. Map of Indonesia
  • Map of Indonesia

  • strydr
    Sep 19, 05:48 PM
    YES YOU CAN OF COURSE, I did NOT used Bootcamp application to install my MacPro Under XP, just put the CD and go ;)

    I didn't even have to install XP. I just took my boot drive out of my PC, and put it into slot 4 on the MP. System recognized the disk, and booted fine. After driver updates, XP works great!

    map of java. Map of Java showing
  • Map of Java showing

  • SuperCachetes
    Apr 5, 11:48 AM
    Based completely on wear-and-tear on highways I still say that a gas tax is unfair. And this is why the the US is struggling for tax dollars to fund highway repair and upgrade projects these days.

    What I think is unfair is adding cost to my efficient and light-on-its-feet vehicle to incorporate mileage-tracking capability, making me track my own mileage, or both. And I wouldn't be real enthused about creating additional government authority and/or departments to track this crap.

    A tax that is weighted unfairly against some segment of the population is hardly new. Gasoline is already taxed, already metered, and using less of it is a good thing, even if its use does not proportionally relate to wear-and-tear on roads. If I don't like the price of gas, I'll drive less, or buy a smaller car - both of which, as others have said, will reduce the damage to the roads I travel on.

    map of java. Moka-Java Blend
  • Moka-Java Blend

  • satcomer
    Apr 2, 04:47 PM
    In the art of war, 'keep you friends close, and you enemies closer'!

    That is what it looks like to me also.

    map of java. map_of_java
  • map_of_java

  • kgeier82
    May 24, 04:56 PM
    Does starcraft 2 work with the new macbook pro 15'' graphic card?

    Um why wouldnt it?

    map of java. WEST JAVA - INDONESIA : MAP

  • Vitruviux
    Apr 6, 03:33 PM
    Used to hate the 30pin dock connector till I realized how much it combines.

    I love the inclusion of USB3.0.

    I just hope the old dock ports/cables will be backwards compatible, I've got so many dock cables.

    Also hope Apple will also release something like this to comply with the EU standards...

    map of java. Indonesia Map, Southeast Asia
  • Indonesia Map, Southeast Asia

  • MacRumors
    Nov 11, 01:49 AM (

    Apple Japan ( appears to have recreated Japanese versions of the Get a Mac ads with Japanese actors. The new ads can be seen at

    The original U.S. versions of the ads can still be found at Apple's Get a Mac site (

    The original ads featured Justin Long as "Mac" and John Hodgman as "PC". Recent reports ( have claimed that Justin Long will no longer be in future Get a Mac ads.

    map of java. Java Map
  • Java Map

  • xUKHCx
    Oct 10, 07:39 AM
    So it comes from a source from a source from a source etc. et.c anyone remeber chinese whispers.

    Anyway this is pretty much expected.

    map of java. Map of Java
  • Map of Java

  • blow45
    Apr 14, 07:56 PM
    Based on some of the posts in this one forum, it seems that most are coming from loud mouth teens who know nothing, or just want to say something for the hell of it. Geez!

    not even teens, preteens, they are all over this place, and the amount they write here is inversely proportional to their knowledge and experience. uggghhh:eek:

    map of java. map northeastern Java
  • map northeastern Java

  • linkedPIXEL
    Mar 4, 08:23 PM
    I've never been big into handheld consoles, but the 3DS has intrigued me enough to buy it as soon as its available.

    map of java. java map,central
  • java map,central

  • naco
    Jan 7, 02:20 AM
    So far mine has been working perfectly fine. The only thing more I'd ask from it is for it to have an option to turn on and off a vibrate when your phone is set to silent. Sometime at night, I'm not looking at my phone's general direction with the sound off. If I get a txt or Email push or w/e, I can hear it vibrate. Just needs that for me and then I'd never need another update from them.

    map of java. Borders : Java Sea
  • Borders : Java Sea

  • willfurnell
    Apr 26, 10:13 AM
    Try a SMART status check on your drive, it may be failing. Best to check now, and backup in case you loose you data.

    map of java. Fullsize West Java map
  • Fullsize West Java map

  • ment
    Mar 1, 02:08 AM
    :confused::confused::confused:In-app purchase can be disabled using parental control. This is stupid. I expect my tax to be used by my government to tackle bigger problems, oh maybe like jobs and the economy, not to appease some idiot "parents."

    map of java. east java map
  • east java map

  • jamdr
    Apr 2, 02:10 PM
    The main problem with the UI I think is that it is too hard to access things that you want to do all the time. Everything is in that annoying palette with all those buttons, when instead Apple should move some things to the toolbar. I want to be able to change fonts and styles and justification with the click of a button. Also, it needs an equation editor. Until Apple fixes these things, I'm sticking with AppleWorks. Fortunately, I don't feel like I got ripped off because of Keynote 2.

    map of java. It was in Java that I learned
  • It was in Java that I learned

  • Bibulous
    Apr 2, 02:26 PM
    If you have been using a computer for the last 20 years, there is no question that Word currently is the way to go, it seems to be perfected.

    The future for Pages is much brighter then for Word, bit of a learning curve, but looking forward to Pages 2 (and Apple getting another $79)

    map of java. A West Java recreation map
  • A West Java recreation map

  • question fear
    Sep 19, 09:17 AM
    You know, it's entirely possible she was just being friendly to you when she chatted you up outside the store. If she'd just left work, she was probably still in a "friendly be nice to customers mode". Especially if you'd just purchased something, she might have seen you as a future high ticket customer and thought she'd just greet you for a moment, you'd just talked and she figured, why be rude? A lot of people in retail have a "friendly" demeanor that is used on customers, and does not indicate a willingness to sleep with their customers. One of my employees has a real problem with this, she goes above and beyond to help a customer, and they interpret it as being more than just helpful. On more than one occasion she has done exactly what this apple employee has done, hiding in our back offices or sort room until the customer leaves. I hate to tell you this, but it sounds like she was trying to be nice, and now she's weirded out because her niceness has gone too far. If she hid TWICE, that's probably what it is.
    But, just to be positive, maybe she's been getting in trouble for socializing while at work, and she can't be seen flirting with you while she's working. I just didn't want to steal all your hope.

    map of java. Central Java Map
  • Central Java Map

  • floatingspirit
    May 8, 01:45 PM
    Mine downloaded and installed perfectly, but when I launch the display is all f-ed up and I can't operate any of the UI except typing my account name and using the "Quit" and "Manage Account" buttons. This seems to be a total bust on my old system...

    It's using 110% of my CPU while the finder is using 70% of CPU according to the Activity Monitor. How is that even possible? LOL

    map of java. the middle of 2006 was not
  • the middle of 2006 was not

  • Thomas Veil
    Apr 9, 01:53 PM
    Considering we have evidence to suggest PP workers aiding and abetting pimps and child prostitutes (fake) in acquiring abortion I don't see how lying and doctoring documents is above them. A lie from the physician and the paperwork for that abortion getting "misplaced" are all it takes.

    Also I'm very surprised at only one website "exposing" her and a couple sites commenting on it. Abby Johnson lying would come out as a bang not a whimper.I don't know how many people have even ever heard of Abby Johnson, so I doubt anything she says would come out with a bang.

    Another website asserts that neither witnesses nor paperwork (�s-suspicious-conversion-anti-choice-movement) seem to back up Johnson's story.

    map of java. East Java Maps. Also :
  • East Java Maps. Also :

  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 14, 11:44 AM
    United is the ONLY airline that does this.

    No they're not. I've listened to ATC transmissions on Delta and Alaska Air too... Then again, it's been a few years since I've flown anyone other than United, Southwest and Frontier and of those three, United is the only doing it.

    map of java. Antique map of Java, Sunda,
  • Antique map of Java, Sunda,

  • twilson
    Sep 26, 07:15 AM
    The word "Podcast" is derived from iPod, of course, but the CONCEPT of podcast is not inherently ipod-related. Because of that, it inherently dilutes the iPod trademark.

    You can't trademark a CONCEPT, the thing you would be looking for there is a PATENT (God forbid).

    Apr 5, 08:02 PM
    That must mean I'm not normal. :D

    Is there really anyone normal on tech/geek websites like Macrumors, etc.?

    :: ducks ::


    Oct 16, 11:21 PM
    I would love something along the lines of a nano that made phone calls. I could even do without the numeric pad.

    I'm with you. I already catched myself looking up a number in my nano's address book ("contacts") and looking for the "call" item. I'd love to have the main menu going "Music \n Phone \n Phone \n Extras etc." But the nano might actually be a little small for a phone. Try holding one at your ear for a minute. How about an add-on that you plug in on the bottom via the dock connector? Makes the thing a little longer and you can just upgrade your iPod. Kinda like the iTrip, but in the exact same design as the iPod itself.

    Mar 27, 11:46 AM
    Other than the fact that it identifies the races of the participants, what makes it "racist?"

    I think the fact that it takes place in front of a bookstore and is therefore treated as 'noteworthy'.

    I also think that some people get their panties in a bunch over some pretty stupid things.

    May 12, 07:56 PM
    Hmm, I'm still going around the Guides getting used to the layout and it is kind of all over the place, too many categories and subcategories, and neither of them is particularly strong either, and it follows the exact layout of Wikipedia (same software of course) for categories which is just poorly designed.

    For one thing you should never aim to have a single category for miscellaneous articles, it's poor form, and while it makes for a nice organization tool until something can be categorized, it would make more sense to just categorize something at the articles creation.

    Gaming is a subset of software in this case, games themselves are just software after all, having a subcategory for gaming maybe, but Apple has 0 dedicated hardware for gaming, gaming is just another feature in the case of the iPod or something that their hardware is capable of running such as with the iPhone or Mac OS X.

    The thing that's getting in the way of my ideas for organization is the distinction between Apple's platforms, Macs, iPhones, and iTunes. So I propose they be grouped together to cut down on more useless categories since some of those articles might apply to both Macs and iPhones or both iPhones and iTunes.

    How about this:
    Hardware— Mac, Server, iPhone, iPod
    You propose subcategories for Laptops and Desktops but Apple's entire Hardware lineup currently consists of 6 computers, 3 Desktops and 3 Laptops. If you want to count in past models then it starts to make more sense, but not enough to call for a distinction between the two, especially since there's no need for separate articles consisting of every single model ever released, so for example, the PowerMacs could be grouped together, the iBooks grouped together, the iMacs grouped together, and all the others. Maybe one more subcategory for accessories but that doesn't draw a clear enough line between Mac accessories and iPod accessories, so stuff like Cinema Displays should just be categorized with Macs and FM transmitters with the iPod category. The Apple TV of course would also go under iPod.

    Software— Mac OS X and Operating Systems, iPhone OS, Developer, Games
    Mac OS X can cover Mac software, UNIX programs, and Server software, it's kind of a lot to cover though so maybe either UNIX or Server could be broken out into a new subcategory if the Mac OS X category started growing too large. In comparison, the iPhone OS category will probably be much smaller, at least for now, but as a bonus it can also encompass some Web Apps as well. Games should be its own subcategory and cover Mac OS X, iPod, and iPhone games.

    I don't think this one really needs any subcategories, iTunes might prove large but if it's covering up too much of the category then it might be reconsidered to be broken out into a new subcategory. Otherwise it should be just fine stacking Apple's Services and Services for Mac users in here. Retail would also go here.

    Really covers both hardware and software, including Airport, and is basically independent of the barriers between any of Apple's platforms. Can also cover Internet services I guess but that would be pushing it.

    People and Organizations

    Sorry to be so critical but I deeply care about layout and organization in everything, and the guides should be as easy as possible for users to navigate with as few categories and subcategories as we can get away with.


    Oct 9, 03:18 PM
    Of course they are less expensive. No packaging, no media, no store space, no shipping required.

    They should be less expensive.

    If they were the same price this would be a serious problem. I still have a problem at the outrageous prices of CDs and DVDs because they are more expnsive than cassettes were, but cheaper to produce. It is all about greed and $$.

    Apple wants to make money too. but they eliminated some considerable costs.

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