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pippa middleton pictures

pippa middleton pictures. Pippa Middleton: naked photos
  • Pippa Middleton: naked photos

  • LightSpeed1
    May 5, 08:09 AM
    I think that is sort of the point here... :eek:That would suck.

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  • Pippa Middleton: Pilates Is A

  • wyrmintheapple
    Oct 28, 01:20 PM
    so if u have 3 screws, that means it was serviced

    my 2 macbook for business came out of the box with 3 screws so would that indicate that they serviced that macbooks before they were shipped to me

    No. It has been established already that all the MacBooks have 3 screws. Mine was one of the first to arrive in the UK and It has 3 screws. The pic you just saw is actually from page 6, posted to show how it had 3 screws. This is a photoshop job.

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  • balamw
    Sep 12, 05:45 PM
    "Album Artist" tag is supposed to be for albums that have songs that are 'performed' by multiple artists, not for albums that have songs from different artists.
    Yup, so for example you might have a track, "South Side" by Moby (featuring Gwen Stefani) and assign Album Artist as "Moby". It'll get files under Moby if you view the Album Artist tag, but it'll still find it if you search for Gwen Stefani.

    Another example is that I have "The Best of Geroge Harrison", where half the tracks are by "The Beatles", I'd like the Album Artist to be "George Harrison", but have the individual tracks also tagges as Beatles tracks.

    It is useful, but it's definitely not intended for "multiples" in the way you want it. (Me too).


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  • Kate Middleton and Pippa

  • iDonkey
    Sep 22, 11:23 PM
    Any "news item" coming from the New York Post should always be treated as a Page 2 rumor. They are a hair's breadth away from running Bat Boy headlines.

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  • Pippa Middleton Photos

  • WeegieMac
    Apr 3, 12:37 PM
    Maybe it had nothing to do with money at all. Maybe "wife said no" because hubby is obsessed with gadgets and the Internet, and therefore pays no attention to wife, kids, dog or fish.

    That said, Apple may not have necessarily helped with family by sending it back to hubby for free. All they did was undermine the wife's better judgment.

    I really hope that's sarcasm.

    Please tell me that's sarcasm ... please?

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  • pippa middleton pictures.

  • Case-sensitive
    Nov 27, 12:12 PM
    Sorry, I don't think adding the Beatles is a big deal at all.

    Not of itself no - but imo a remastered collection will sell millions. How many fans, old and new, will shell out again to hear them?

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  • Pippa Middleton Takes The

  • yankeex777
    Mar 29, 09:01 AM
    Will ATT have signifigant enough LTE coverage by then? Or would and LTE iPhone only be offered to Verizon?

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  • pippa-middleton-white-dress

  • unemployed
    Aug 3, 11:36 PM
    it's just the refraction from the glass at that angle...

    there are some straight-on photos ( that confirm it's the same.

    apple isnt going to give away anything with this banner that can be seen by the general public.


    pippa middleton pictures. pippa middleton pictures.
  • pippa middleton pictures.

  • Tymmz
    Aug 3, 04:03 PM
    The 10th? What happens on the 10th? *glares hungrily*
    when is the keynote?

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  • pippa middleton pictures.

  • grmatt
    Apr 12, 11:47 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    it's about friggin time apple build a serious volume manufacturing plant in the US! end of story!

    ... then sit back and watch everyone complain about the high priced products! Yeah, sounds like a winner.

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  • Pippa Middleton emerald dress

  • LondonCentral
    Apr 12, 12:34 PM
    If Apple had produced everything within US borders, they wouldn't be as big as they are now. They wouldn't have experienced the same level of global growth, they wouldn't have had the funds to plough back into product research, design, development and manufacturing. And they sure wouldn't be as popular. As right now, guys, we non-Americanos don't see Apple as a solely American company. They're a global brand with a global, all inclusive vision at the core of each of their products. If you put the American flag on every Apple product, you'll lose customers.
    I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. The reason I know I'm right is Apple have far, far more gifted individuals on their finance and business team than moi. And they've chosen NOT to mass manufacture in the US. So, in a way, I've already won this argument. Whippey!

    Anyway, enough tom foolery. I'm glad Brazil are receiving such a substantial investment. Great for South American markets and for Apple. India next in 5 years I'd imagine.

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  • pippa middleton images. pippa

  • Sydde
    Apr 8, 12:59 PM
    I'd also have to disagree with the notion that people are inherently good, but we can save that discussion for another time.
    No, I think this is an ideal time and place to deal with this issue. If we are discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the christian bible, this is one of the biggest.

    Genesis is pretty clear on the subject. Even if you live your whole life within the bounds of the Forty-Seven Commandments and never violate god's law, you are still bad because you and all of humanity are stained by original sin. Only through faith and prayer can you be redeemed in the eyes of god.

    In other words, it is perfectly natural for a believer to think that people are inherently bad. Quite a fine starting point, that. Life itself is continual penitence for something you had no part in. Only by praying, tithing and doing "god's work" can you overcome the hideous burden of your ancestry.

    But what are "good" and "bad"? Can you always make that determination? Is this why we have clerics, to help us understand the subtleties of morality in terms of "god's law"? To manipulate the interpretation of scripture to make it applicable?

    To an unbeliever, a person is born morally neutral. Their actions can only be graded on the basis of how others are impacted, because "good" and "bad" often change drastically based on one's perspective. As far as I can tell, the most reliable moral measure, beyond direct harm, is whether an action involves arbitrary exercise of power over others, for there can be no "evil" without power.

    This principle flies in the face of religious teaching: one can think evil thoughts and hatch evil plots, but if one lacks the power (or inclination) to carry them out, there is no evil. Scripture clearly shows that "god's law" can be violated in your head as much as by your hand, and one small mental lapse without proper repentance can doom your soul.

    So believers take comfort in the fact that they are doing "god's work". Whatever that means. I say that because "the lord works in mysterious ways", so to know that your course is divinely inspired, most of you have to rely on biblical scholars to figure out how to proceed with "god's plan for your life." Whatever that means.

    Take away the inspiration of divine guidance and what is left? How can life be tolerable without knowing that one is acting on god's behalf, without the promise of eternal joy on the other side, without the warmth of god's love filling your heart? Is it not a bleak existence?

    No. This life is what we get. It is fascinating and terrifying and frustrating and uplifting. Lacking the delusion of god, we replace it with a broad appreciation for everything just as it is. When we help others, we do it because it makes sense and it makes everyone feel good, without the need for the feeling that some supernatural being is giving us a gold star for it. And we resolve difficult moral dilemmas with the compromises that leave everyone disgruntled, because pat answers are not appropriate for complicated situations, and bending the rules to make them fit the situation makes less sense than just trying to work it out.

    So keep your inherently-not-good people to yourselves, they are messing things up for the rest of us.

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  • Pippa Middleton Bum 1

  • organerito
    Nov 24, 06:23 AM
    There are plenty of people who study The Beatles work. Their work was even studied as it was written. So much so Lennon wrote songs to confuse them. I mean, there are even college courses on Radiohead's music. I feel there are a lot a music snobs in this thread.

    When you study harmony, who are you going to study the most? Bach
    When you study Music History of the Baroque era, who is going to take the biggest part of the semester? Bach.
    When you study Harpsichord or organ, who is the biggest composer you are going to study? Bach. Even when you do piano, you are going to study Bach at leas at the beginning before your Liszt and Rachmaninoff.

    I know they teach popular music at universities. The course on popular is music is optional. My wife took a course on popular music at Montreal university. They studied the Beatles for about 20 minutes of the whole semester. I did my bachelor's in the USA, my master's in Paris, DEM in Paris and my doctorate at Montreal. I know 20 is minutes is the most the Beatles are going to get. That's how important they are to music history. Perhaps, they are important in popular music.

    You think you know about music, but your knowledge is very limited. It is just plain ridiculous to compare them to Bach.

    pippa middleton pictures. Pippa Middleton, Kate
  • Pippa Middleton, Kate

  • skier777
    Mar 19, 07:55 PM
    I know many people who've had iPod hard drives crap out on them. I don't know anyone who has an iPhone or Touch who has actually cracked their screen.

    Ive never heard of a HDD failure on a classic, yet I have seen lots (i mean like upwards of 20) friends who have cracked the screens on their iDevices.

    pippa middleton pictures. Pippa Middleton let down her
  • Pippa Middleton let down her

  • newbreed
    Oct 20, 10:50 AM
    The real problem here is that no self respecting trendy woman that is worth beaming to or plugging into, will be carrying a Toshiba Zune...

    Only Steve could not say that in the interview. :p

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  • Pippa Middleton Workout and

  • roadbloc
    Apr 17, 04:03 AM
    Toys R Us? Seriously? What a bizzarre place to buy a tablet PC. I guess we'll be seeing them with the Fisher Price laptops.

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  • Pippa Middleton leaves The

  • SuperBrown
    May 5, 02:59 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8E200)

    NOOOOOOOO! God, please kill this 3D fad already.

    pippa middleton pictures. Pippa Middleton Pippa
  • Pippa Middleton Pippa

  • norwaypianoman
    Mar 21, 02:16 PM
    :eek: Wow. I must find myself a wife, so that she can say no.

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  • AustinZ
    Apr 12, 03:43 PM
    Except China is like a plague of locusts consuming raw materials. All of the coal, petroleum, steel, concrete, etc. they are importing is coming from somewhere else, and procuring these things has negative environmental impact for where they�re sourced.

    Because before China, no other country in the world with factories EVER sourced raw materials from other countries.

    If countries in Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere weren't mining, growing, and extracting materials for factories in China, they'd be sourcing materials for factories in India, America, Europe, South Asia, Japan, Korea, or elsewhere. Unfortunately these countries tend to have weak or corrupt governments that don't care about environmental degradation or can't do anything meaningful about it.

    Maybe countries with factories that source raw materials from other countries have a responsibility to help those other countries develop mechanisms to protect their environment. But I've yet to see this happen on a meaningful scale anywhere.

    Oct 27, 04:36 PM
    Anybody have a sense of whether this update will work for the MBP's? And if not, why Apple decided to ignore the exact same issue on their pro line?

    i dont remember this being an issue with the pros????

    Mar 12, 06:16 AM
    guys i just think that all the shops are down..but lets hope something comes out later..

    Mar 23, 10:46 AM
    I think this attitude comes from backlash due to the fact that historically, men have been "king of the castle" and women have been subjugated. It's almost as if people are trying to make up for that.

    This is silly; relationships should be on equal grounds. And EVERYONE should be able to do something awesome for themselves now and then, whether it be an iPad, a nice meal out, and so on.

    That's not our fault that men of the past were like that, why should men of today pay for the mistakes of yesteryears?

    Lex Yu
    Mar 25, 01:33 PM
    Gestures still function on iPad?

    Yes, it does.

    For whom doesn't understand what we are talkin' about: There is a way to enable 4~5 fingers gesture function which is allowed only for developers. Purchase Xcode($4.99) from Mac App Store, install it, connect the iPad to the USB port and Xcode will recognize your iPad and there is a button asks you to use this iPad for development purpose. Click it and it will ask your developer ID but you can simply click cancel, it will anyway continue the procedure to enable the function. After that, go to the preference - general on you iPad, you will get to see the option for the 4~5 fingers gesture. I personally think, it is worth more than $5.

    Jul 22, 09:03 PM
    I remember reading rumors that there will also be text-to-speech features in the new iPod. If they combine books and this, that'd be awesome.

    I don't care about screen real estate, eBook readers or any of that. Give me a 100GB hard drive!


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