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randy jackson

randy jackson. Randy Jackson is being sued
  • Randy Jackson is being sued

  • stroked
    Apr 26, 10:51 AM
    What a fabulously foolish and ignorant statement.

    I've known several people who have died in car accidents therefore most people die in car accidents :rolleyes:.

    I personally live in the middle of Richmond VA which is filled plenty of lower class African Americans, who I walk by on my way to school every day. And in the last three years no one has offered to sell me food stamps. Therefore no one EVER abuses the food stamp program :rolleyes:.

    If you can't produce some statistical data than your just making **** up.

    I can't produce numbers, so I'm just making it up. That is a very stupid statement, you just made. I didn't mention the race of the people that wanted to sell me food stamps. For the record, most of the time, it has white people that I know.

    You bringing up race, is just your foolish way to try to discredit me. My opinion that food stamps are abused by most, is by observing what strangers in the check out, are buying with food stamps, and seeing what people I know, bring home.

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  • Randy Jackson carved out a

  • Catfish_Man
    Aug 3, 04:00 PM
    I have it on relatively good authority that they change the banner after the keynote. Seems ridiculous to me though.

    randy jackson. Randy Jackson is 52.
  • Randy Jackson is 52.

  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 6, 09:10 AM
    So, does anyone want to buy this option with their mac and I'll pay the $60 for both of them. Ok... $70 for your time and shipping. ;)

    Well, lets see where would they put it? Between Mac Mini and iMac.... you know in that $200 difference. Or maybe between iMac and Pro Mac.... in that what $300 difference. It seems like the Mac Mini bump and iMac expansion have left no room in the line-up for another Mac. Even with conroes... all speeds, sizes, prices are covered. There isn't room for a Conroe Mac. Period.

    Rubbish. There is a Jupiter sized gap in Apples product "matrix". They have no desktop for frig sake!

    randy jackson. Randy Jackson and Erika Riker
  • Randy Jackson and Erika Riker

  • gkarris
    May 4, 10:26 PM
    I've amblyopia in my left eye which makes my eyes unable to focus on the same point in a distance, they're slightly off (the focal points), sufficiently so to cause me to not be able to see most of these types of screens in 3D. I do see in 3D, e.g. I saw Avatar in 3D, but even then, it's underwhelming and causes me to strain needlessly.

    I am willing to bet there's a large segment of the population that is impervious to 3D screens. If they offer a 3D without a regular 2D screen, they would screw me out of buying an iPad, ever. I'm still warming up to getting one, but producing 3D or marking up the price because of 3D or building applications that are "3D" - would completely turn me off and away from ever getting an iPad or any "3D" apps on it.

    Like the Nintendo 3DS, you can turn off the 3D. Still an impressive handheld game system nonetheless...

    randy jackson. Will You Make It to Hollywood?
  • Will You Make It to Hollywood?

  • sonnys
    Sep 22, 02:56 PM
    OH good lord what a crock of poo. How can Wal Mart threaten Hollywood studios? What will Wal Mart do, stop selling DVDs and hurt its own retail business? Silly.

    I don't believe any of it.

    randy jackson. Album: Randy Jackson#39;s
  • Album: Randy Jackson#39;s

  • autrefois
    Aug 29, 08:57 AM
    Yeah, but Home Basic is crap.

    A lot of users don't mind if they get crap, as long as it's cheap crap. I can't count the number of times I've heard recently people saying that all they want from their computer is to be able to surf the web, check email, and do a Word document.

    It goes back to the basic Mac vs. PC debate. People have often said you can get cheaper PCs than Macs, which has long been the case. They may be crappy PCs, but they're cheaper than the low-end (but less crappy) Mac consumer models.

    It looks like Apple is determined to show Macs are competitively priced, and in some cases cheaper than comparable PCs. That is very good news. But in terms of the OS, if you can get one version of Vista for $99 and Leopard for $129, the less knowledge/less fussy user is only going to see the price tag unfortunately.

    randy jackson. Randy Jackson concurred.
  • Randy Jackson concurred.

  • Warbrain
    Aug 24, 01:56 PM
    They say you are NOT supposed to use the old battery but instead remove it live off the power adaptor which sucks for me! But much better than burns you know where!$#@#!:eek: :eek:

    The odds of the thing blowing up on your are slim. How many laptops have actually blown up? Not as many as some people think. All these companies are just trying to cover their asses and avoid lawsuits.

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  • Randy Jackson has recorded,

  • iTouch
    Oct 11, 09:11 PM
    Thanks, I live in the UK so should be able to find it locally.



    I was going to buy one but Amazon had it for $200. I ordered a lava lamp for $20 instead. I think I'll have a pic of my set up next month. I should have my iPad by November.

    randy jackson. Re: Randy Jackson discusses
  • Re: Randy Jackson discusses

  • KingYaba
    Apr 2, 09:25 PM
    LOL, who do you think the NATO military is? France? Italy? LMAO, don't make me laugh! Massive military spending cuts and downsizing was the first thing Europe did during their financial downturn. They couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. The US Military -is- the NATO military. And if you think that we won't send ground troops, you haven't been paying any attention.

    It's worth mentioning that my comment is about five days old. Some things have changed like proposals to arm the Libyan rebels and stepped-up attacks on Libyan forces. The whole point of the no-fly zone is to limit the carnage like Lord B ( said in another thread. And that's where I draw the line. If you have a better plan I would like to read it. But judging from your illegal war comment I guess you're only interested in partisanship.

    And if you think that we won't send ground troops, you haven't been paying any attention.

    I haven't? :rolleyes: Obama seemed pretty clear in one of his latest speeches that he won't send troops on the ground. If he does I'll call him out and condemn it. It's a stupid idea, also, to arm the rebels. I hope we don't do that.

    randy jackson. Randy Jackson: Who Will
  • Randy Jackson: Who Will

  • born4sky
    Mar 29, 02:25 PM
    Just got mine, it's not white, but I n-joy buying with no lines and people... who would expect that from RadioShack...

    however they made me buy apple care plan.

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  • Image Randy Jackson

  • topgun072003
    Mar 11, 04:54 PM
    Why is he blaming it on us? Its "ultimate"ly his decision to use and post what information was given to him. He's the one that needs to decipher between good and bad tips. Not to just take anything anyone says as fact and then publish on his website.

    randy jackson. Randy Jackson Picture amp; Photo
  • Randy Jackson Picture amp; Photo

  • tzeshan
    Apr 2, 07:53 PM
    I'm not surprised if they opted for the 8.1MP ExmoR sensor on Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

    But the Xperia Arc camera is worse than iPhone 4. I don't understand the wisdom of Apple this time.

    randy jackson. Michael jackson and randy
  • Michael jackson and randy

  • jesteraver
    Sep 7, 06:44 AM
    I like when Apple doesn't announce something, i like surprises.

    One thing will Apple ever make a larger LCD display, or they will stay with the 30" for a while.

    Seeing the iMac 24", instead of 23". Seems like Apple upto something.

    randy jackson. Randy Jackson
  • Randy Jackson

  • Full of Win
    Mar 18, 04:26 PM
    I would love a click-wheel iPod with the thickness of a iPod touch. Not that Apple would build such a thing. If true, I hope apple does not eave the click wheel concept in it's trash bin.

    randy jackson. Randy Jackson Hospitalized
  • Randy Jackson Hospitalized

  • ss957916
    Mar 14, 06:27 PM
    I get the feeling this'll drag on for a very long time...

    randy jackson. “dawg”,Randy Jackson,once
  • “dawg”,Randy Jackson,once

  • kas23
    Apr 17, 08:08 PM
    Right, which is why Fortune 500 companies, education, and the medical industry is quickly adopting them. Maybe you need to open your mind a little to possibilities rather than obsess over one small aspect of the iPad.

    What part of the medical industry is adopting the iPad (besides a medical school trying to appear avant garde) and how? I'm a physician at one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the nation and I usually see more iPads at my local Starbucks than at work. So, please enlighten me. Use specific examples please.

    I'm actually typing this on my iPad 2 and find it being sold at a toy store as appropriate. I love it, but let's keep it real here.

    randy jackson. Order Randy Jackson Eyeglasses
  • Order Randy Jackson Eyeglasses

  • displaced
    Sep 12, 05:46 PM
    Well, I rushed home tonight to get me a look at all the news today. What a waste of bloody time.

    No iTunes 7 in the UK (see screenshot).

    iTMS has games, but STILL no TV shows or movies.

    Unfortunately, you can't buy the games separately for the equivalent of 5 bucks each like you can in the US, you have to buy all nine as a bundle for 36 quid!


    And although I haven't installed iT7 (although I could download it from the States I suppose -- what would the US version of the software do to my UK iTMS purchased tracks, I wonder?) I ain't gonna because it looks like friggin' VISTA! What's that all about then?!


    And another thing -- unless I'm wrong -- they still haven't got crossfade on the iPod. I've been asking for that for at least eighteen months. Bollx. is showing iTunes 7 for me. Either your machine's loading a cached page, or your ISP is running caches which are still serving the old page.

    Meh. iTunes looks different, sure. Given the choice, I'd say I preferred the previous appearance... but it's hardly the end of the world. Gapless playback is quite nice for some of my live recordings, and the Fetch Album Art seems to have worked as well as can be expected, considering some of my tracks aren't tagged as well as they should be.

    CoverFlow's gorgeous :)

    randy jackson. randy-jackson-wife-erika-
  • randy-jackson-wife-erika-

  • ChrisTX
    Apr 18, 07:26 AM
    What will everyone say when the tables have turned and the headlines read "Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 now at Toys "R"Us"

    randy jackson. randy-jackson-400.jpg
  • randy-jackson-400.jpg

  • grumps
    Nov 8, 04:06 AM
    How long has the shipping wait been 3-5 days on the Black MacBooks on the Australian store? Every time I have looked they've all been "within 24hrs"?

    Only a few days I think. I've been watching it for a while.

    The same guy I was talking too (at NextByte) told me that they had no Macbook deliveries for over a week, which they had never seen.

    He also told me he'd heard that there will be a 15 inch MacBook Pro!!!

    He's been working there for a while. Actually spent time talking me out of buying a MacBook the other day?!

    Oct 15, 03:00 PM
    Haha, that's the best part. And it's so true! Walk your ass over to that girl and sit next to her and share your music with her. Screw this "beaming it over" nonsense.

    Nov 24, 12:42 PM
    It's not every Beatles song and they only have the publishing rights.
    The publishing rights are what was being discussed and it's every song in the Beatles catalog. There are other songs by the Beatles and the individual artists which are not part of the catalog being discussed. I wasn't referring to those, or the mechanical rights.

    Jan 11, 11:30 AM
    just caught this on Ars Technica (

    note the lightweight font, too. thin font.... thin macbook .... hmmmmmmmm

    Oct 13, 02:54 PM
    My set up:


    Nov 29, 02:30 PM
    Just read that EMI (the Beatles' label) have received a bid of £2.5bn from an unknown company.

    That would make the negotiations easier ;)
    thats a LOTTA cash.

    But Im wondering if EMI-APPLE Ltd., despite legal tussles with APPLE computer, probably like the ideas of:
    1. twin-named brand association, and
    2. how the iTunes store, with its huge market and sales system, is already in place, RIGHT NOW, and could drive the sales of Beatles music up-right now, also, unlike ZUNE, which is still at zero, market wise.

    Its been noted that MS has finally just decided to just brazenly copy the iPod/iTunes sales model to the letter-since theyve failed in the past, but they may already too late.
    MS doesnt have 'mystique' , 'exclusivity' or 'clue' of Apple seems to have.
    (ad line: Listen to APPLE on an APPLE!)

    Now, MS could easily afford it (if this rumour is true)

    But then, so could Apple-they have a big wad of cash, too-and their collateral: the iTunes store-with a huge sales/marketing/hardware system already in place, could stand to make back a lot of that money QUICKLY-whereas if ZUNE had exclusives to the Beatles-most people, already owning iPods, but checking out ZUNE, (or when they finally got around to buying one), would wonder: "why wont this play on my iPod?" Or "Why can I only listen to a song 3 times?"

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