Thursday, 26 May 2011

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  • Rt&Dzine
    May 1, 02:07 PM
    The fact that Trump complimented Obama about bin Laden, and is now temporarily laying low, makes me believe he's serious about running for president. Strategical move on his part.

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Apr 15, 07:40 AM
    ITT: People jelly of Microsofts corporate success and a lack of understanding on how important an acquisition like this is.

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  • prady16
    Oct 19, 12:13 PM
    I believe there will be an iphone, but I doubt it will be a smartphone right out of the gate.
    Not to be too skeptical, but look at how long and how much R&D goes into current smartphones (especially qwerty ones). There were leaks for MONTHS before the E62, TMobile Dash, Blackberry Pearl, Treo 700p/W/750v/680, HTC StrTrK, etc all came out, because these things don't happen in a total vacuum...all that testing, it's hard to keep tongues from wagging and secret cameras from snapping. And people are certainly on the lookout, so it's not like Apple would fly under the radar.

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  • SPUY767
    Sep 26, 04:10 PM
    This just goes to show that Apple is in reality no better than Wal-Mart (who may be trying to thwart iTV) and Microsoft (criticized for monopolistic practices).

    I wish Apple Corps (The Beatles) would sue Apple computer's pants off for infringing on their name.


    Apple records have been suing apple computer for about 25 years, ever since the first apple computers were capable of producing sound.

    Second, that's a dumb thing to say because the two companies are in different markets. It would be akin to a company named Slithe Manufacturing which made car parts suing a company named Slithe Bakeries. There is no place in the world for hollow logic like that.

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  • pdc123
    Apr 15, 08:08 AM
    Let's see...

    Most successful desktop operating system: Microsoft Windows.
    Most successful server operating system: Microsoft Windows Server.
    Most successful office suite: Microsoft Office.

    Three good reasons (and there would be more like Exchange Server, Sharepoint Portal, SQL Server, Visual Studio) to also have confidence in the man if he were hired as a product manager.

    Like it or not, Microsoft still is the most IMPORTANT software company around, and they don't hire incompetent idiots either.

    Before I start, I want to be clear: I see no problem with Apple hiring this guy, I'm sure it was an intelligent, well-reasoned decision regardless of whether or not it works out.

    However, you're just being silly.

    Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office were entrenched into the market well over a decade ago, but that doesn't make the current incarnation of the company good at new product development any more than AT&T's history would make it automatically the best cell phone carrier. Visual Studio, Exchange, and SQL Server are enterprise level products, and Apple is not primarily an enterprise-driven business. If you exclude the Xbox (which is only just now starting to pull a profit), the last 5-10 years of Microsoft new consumer-level product development is objectively a sad, profitless story.

    (As an aside, including Sharepoint in that list is hilarious. Three out of three companies that I've worked for while Sharepoint was around jumped on that bandwagon and abandoned it in disgust in a year or less. As packaged it is a worst-of-everything-but-hey-at-least-you-have-one-of-everything mess.)

    Of course, none of this has anything to do with system administration/architecture, which was the point of the post you were replying to. I'll agree, up to a point, that Microsoft's issue is one of vision, direction, and organization, not engineering talent. The up-to-a-point is that you'd have to be a bit of a weenie (or very risk averse) to be top tier graduate talent to have your whole world at your disposal, and of all the possibilities in the world you'd choose Microsoft over a start up, research group, or more, erm, with the times big corporation (e.g. Google).** Of the CS majors I personally knew in my graduating class at MIT, six work for Google. The only one that works for Microsoft was a business major.

    ** - Unless you were lucky enough to find a specialized group that Microsoft is dumping research money into that happens to align with what you want to do academically.

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  • ipoddin
    Oct 27, 07:17 PM
    Perhaps it would be more palatable with a monthly subscription rather than coughing up $99 for a full year in advance. Heck, they could charge higher monthly fees for increased storage and I bet people would pay.

    This isn't 2004. 1gb total storage for email and idisk is pitiful when Yahoo, Hotmail and Google already offer over 2gb of email space alone, for free.

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  • res1233
    Jun 20, 05:43 AM
    No. Apple has an application called Aperture. Many DSLR cameras for professional users (for example the press) use SD cards to save the picture data. HD camcorders use also SD cards to save the video data.

    You obviously do not know the SD card market. Cheap and fast SD cards with a capacity of 1 GB (a CD holds 0.7 GB or 700 MB) are now available for 3 to 5 years. The reasons why most people do not use these for the data exchange are that USB flash drives are much cheaper, more robust and nearly every computer has a USB port.

    Ah, so that makes sense. Since macs are used extensively by video/audio people, it would make sense that apple would provide support for this new tech, even though it hasn't been thoroughly tested yet. Apple often waits till technology's tested before it makes the leap, unless it's really sure it's a good idea (USB).

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  • shigzeo
    Nov 12, 10:36 PM
    今日は is actually "Konnichiwa" The は is pronounced わ in this case. I tought at a highschool in Japan for two years, and even the native students often wrote it incorrectly. 今日は and こんにちは are ok, こんにちわ is wrong.

    今日は = "kyou ha" = "today is"
    今日は = "konnnichiha" = "hello"


    i also study in japan, and have never seen it that way as conversation, maybe only sometime in newspaper... but who am i to say? i'm no schoolkid, just a uni student...

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  • Eraserhead
    Mar 27, 08:23 AM
    How about if we just spend less and not raise more taxes?

    And cut what?

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  • weg
    Nov 14, 10:14 AM
    "Mummy, why is that man watching those naked people doing things to each other." :p

    "Because he's a pervert, son. Stop staring at his screen and keep watching how the American hero slaughters evil terrorists with his machine gun on your TV screen."

    Technically, people were able to watch porn on their notebooks during a flight, and so far this hasn't been an issue, has it?

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  • str1f3
    Dec 27, 06:31 PM

    A call from The Consumerist to AT&T online sales:

    Daphne: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?

    Laura: Hi, I was looking at the iPhone 3Gs and the system tells me that I cannot order one in my ZIP code. My zip code is 11231. (Brooklyn, NY) Is this true? Are iPhones no longer available in New York City?

    Daphne: I am happy to be helping you today . Yes, this is correct the phone is not offered to you because New York is not ready for the iPhone.

    Daphne: You don't have enough towers to handle the phone.

    Laura: Thank you for your help. So the phone is not available to people anywhere in the city?

    Daphne: Yes this is correct Laura.

    This is an effing joke. You are actually trying to stop paying customers from using your service? AT&T, you're an embarrassment. Apple had better make sure this exclusivity ends next year. This is about as ridiculous as it can get.

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  • jhatz
    Apr 17, 11:41 AM
    I used to clean my Black MacBook with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. It would have scratches that seemed would not come out with light soap and a rag but immediately lifted out with the magic eraser. That was a plastic case however, I'm not sure how it works on the aluminum unibody style.

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  • The Phazer
    Nov 6, 05:50 AM
    It'd be great news to have an Oyster card in the next iPhone...


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  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 23, 09:03 PM
    ... it can only get worse. Either way, really.

    Yep, pick the guy with the biggest thumb, because that dike is gonna blow, either way.

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  • kirk26
    Apr 5, 11:08 AM
    Oh no! I looks like an iPod Touch! Down vote!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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  • iamvexed
    Apr 24, 09:09 AM
    I had this same issue, and decided that I didn't need to have the computers the same, since it was only certain files I'd really need the same. So I got dropbox ( which has worked famously.

    Had I needed more synced, I'd have gone with Chronosync (, which has been reviewed pretty decently.

    I hope that helps!

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  • redeye be
    Oct 5, 05:40 PM
    ...(BTW which store is it?!?!)...
    doPi (

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  • arkitect
    Feb 18, 11:49 AM
    I think it's likely that he has cancer. Or some issue related to his past bout with it. But fact remains that we do not know for sure. I don't know, and neither do you. Stating that fact is not "denial".
    We'll leave it there and get back to that after Apple's official press release one day.

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  • zap2
    Oct 9, 03:24 PM
    If true, this is bad...Apple needs to get people who make movies on board, with pressure from Walmart and Target, movies companys might not come over as quickly, and they really are selling well from what Disney says!

    May 4, 10:51 AM
    If you're going to present an argument, try not to reach to the bottom of the barrel and take it out of context.

    I wasn't presenting anything. I was addressing your argument as you presented it, which was vague and absolute. You argued war is responsible for all important innovation. It is really easy to pick apart a claim like that.

    And I don't know what world you live in, but most ppl I've ever met never thought they would get cancer. Or at least not until they are very old when many ppl get it anyway b4 they die. Certainly not young ppl and in a couple of years.

    Well, the stats are 30% of the world's population will get cancer this lifetime. Over 10% will die from it, making it responsible for more deaths than any war. So I thought it was funny you were arguing that war, because it causes death, will instill humans with a special urgency that will allow us to develop a cure for something that causes more death.

    Apr 21, 06:25 AM
    1) Soliataire
    2) Minesweaper
    3) Disk Defrag
    4) A CD Burner

    5) Spelling Checker!!!! (see 1 & 2)

    Sep 27, 08:01 PM
    So as a new MB user, in which everything works fine so far, this update means nothing to me?

    Small White Car
    Mar 26, 03:38 PM
    Honestly, Macrumors, because of all the talk of a Apple-Google war, THIS story is more worthy of page 1 status than a story about executives selling stock ( OR the story that uses the word 'Unsurprisingly' ( right in the headline.

    Everything's flip-flopped today!

    Rodimus Prime
    Apr 8, 07:42 AM
    To bad we can not have a vote of no confidence and force all of them to run for reelection now.

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