Saturday, 21 May 2011

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  • cwh812
    Sep 13, 10:43 AM
    really. that's awesome! If you don't mind me asking how much did the 8GB come out to after the education discount?

    It was $20 off. It came to $248 and some change so basically tax gets taken off in NY.

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  • Malithion
    Mar 20, 10:03 PM
    The ios iPod app is an abomination. Even with my moderately sized(about 3000 songs, most are just vocab flash cards) the thing chokes on my 3gs and even a bit on 1g iPad. It takes seconds, yes SECONDS to respond to input, not to mention all the crashing. Even if they could make a 128gb iPod touch, I would shudder to think at how insanely slow the iPod app would be if you loaded that puppy up with music.

    In my case it's adding ONE podcast to listen too before bed, then waiting forever as it sits there "updating" the library. I can sync and start to listen to it in the same time on my classic.

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  • caspersoong
    May 5, 01:09 AM
    I only worry about the price... and eye strain.

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  • Pilgrim1099
    Apr 11, 01:28 PM
    Hum this is brilliant marketing.
    The subscription price serves as an anchor price that makes you feel the regular price is cheaper, hence more buying are expected at regular price.

    What people don't understand is that the rental prices are beneficial for new startup design firms or freelance creative professionals to get started right away in an affordable price UNTIL they have money or better credit to make a full purchase by that time. Adobe, I think, is doing the right thing here.

    I do not condone piracy or stealing off Adobe products JUST because they're expensive. The software is NOT a kiddie doodle app for hobbyists. This is PRO level we are talking here.

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  • brianfast
    Jul 5, 07:23 PM
    It would be cool if they allowed made a touch screen iMac and allowed you to run your iOS apps in OS, like with the simulator included in iPhone SDK.

    But if OSX and iOS merge, I am leaving apple forever. That would be suicide.

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  • Lau
    Sep 13, 03:56 AM
    Just wondering, does the aluminum material prevent them from manufacturing white models? I prefer white over all the available colours, and it'll prolly go better with my MacBook.

    I was wondering the same thing. A white aluminium one with a white clickwheel would look good, I think. The silver's almost there, but if it was just all white that would be great. It's going to be strange to have a white iBook, white leads, white mouse, and then an all-black iPod.

    A rough and ready Photoshop job of a white one:


    I think it would look very smart indeed.

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  • CFreymarc
    Mar 28, 09:21 PM
    Dang! Had $1599 extra cash burnin' a hole in my pocket...:p

    Same here. Guess a trip to Vegas is in order.

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  • M-Life
    Aug 3, 06:35 PM
    After playing "Where's Waldo" with that banner, all I have been able to ascertain is that there is going to be some kind of computer shaped like a hammer.

    Seriously though, I need a mac mini so bad. I have the baseball bat sitting right next to my current Emachines just waiting to go all Office Space on it's sorry @#$. Thank goodness for my Ibook, the only thing keeping me sane at this point.

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  • Superdelphinus
    Mar 21, 06:25 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Obviously total bollocks

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  • iMeowbot
    Oct 15, 09:27 PM
    all this beaming vs using the ear buds (yours or theirs) reminds me of the great expense NASA went to make a pen that works in space and Zero G. as compared the Russians who used a pencil
    That would even be a better story if it was true. It ain't (

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  • britishempire
    Aug 24, 08:14 PM
    I think that the webapp is working now, as my previous SN didn't work but now it does

    Still not happening for me, but your sucess gives me hope :)

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  • duke49er
    Nov 2, 04:09 PM
    Like Apple gives a rat's ass.

    Took them like over 2 years to get something as basic as MMS on "the world's most advanced phone", why would they care about flash?

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  • steadysignal
    May 6, 07:05 AM
    have fun downloading a 665mb update on verizon's stellar network.

    or over at&t...

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  • seattle
    Mar 8, 05:24 PM
    Wonderful composition! I really like how you choose to freeze the water as opposed to showing it flow. The reflected light, the symmetry - all great stuff.


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  • JoshRtek
    Aug 8, 08:47 PM
    Those are the 2 SATA ports on the 5000x chipset that Apple didn't use (there are 6 SATA ports.)

    So what is the bus for the Superdrive? Is it the old Parallel ATA with the ribbon cable?

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  • Starbuckfsd
    Apr 17, 09:01 PM (

    Ad via Business Insider (
    For those still looking to buy an iPad 2, Sunday, April 17th may be a good time to try. Both Best Buy and Toys R' Us are advertising iPad 2 availability for that day. Best Buy is featuring a prominent nationwide ad for Sunday promoting the iPad 2 (see above). The promotion appears to be the reason ( why Best Buy was previously holding back iPad 2 sales. Engadget publishes ( the internal memo describing the promotion.

    Meanwhile, 9to5mac reports ( Toys R' Us is also using the same day to kick off their iPad 2 sales. Toys R' Us was previously rumored ( to soon begin carrying the iPad 2. Toys R' Us' website now lists ( locations that will be carrying the iPad 2.

    Article Link: Best Buy and Toys R' Us Selling iPads on Sunday (

    Why are you bothering mentioning Best Buy like they haven't been selling the iPad2 SINCE RELEASE DAY? Jesus, anything to get someone to click on your story huh? Desperate much?

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  • pdxflint
    Mar 10, 05:04 AM
    Here's one more. Having grown up there, I'm quite familiar with the place as well. I should see it as a challenge but the familiarity makes it a difficult place for me to photograph. (

    I like the black and white, it works well with the reflections. I know what you mean about the familiarity making it hard to tackle the subject matter, since I live about 20 miles north of Newport. Sometimes I have to just challenge myself to try to see it with a fresh eye, since it's a bit hard to travel at the moment due to current obligations beyond my control...
    Ironically, I was just looking at your food shots on FB before I visited this page, didn't make the connection that you were the same person until I noticed your watermark here. Nice. They made me hungry. :)

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  • Shua
    Jan 11, 04:23 PM
    Spoilsport, I thought we we're having a 'crazy' prediction discussion

    Like the intoduction of an iToaster (like the one off Red Dwarf) maybe an iOxygen device so we don't have to worry about pollution


    Get the smeg out!

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  • rainydays
    Nov 7, 11:58 AM
    I'm getting a wierd "Can't connect to application instance" from the Australian Apple store. Haven't seen that one before.

    Hey! That has to be because they'll announce the new macbook!

    Sep 13, 09:41 AM
    Ooh, imagine an aluminium nano with white enameled shiny finish. :)

    Mar 10, 08:41 PM

    Nikon D3100, Nikkor 18-55mm, ISO 320, 55mm, f/11, 1/500

    Chupa Chupa
    Apr 17, 06:36 AM
    It's both sad and sickening to see how many Apple fanboys are elitists who only want Apple products to be sold at upscale stores. Such fanboys want Apple products to be regarded as high-end fashion accessories and status symbols. What a shame that Apple has such a feminized culture associated with it. I miss the days when Apple products were regarded as tools for accomplishing tasks.

    Seems like you have your own special elitism. However, I don't think true Apple fans care where it's products are sold. I know I certainly don't. I have liked Apple products since the early 80s. I'm in it for the technology and productivity. The day they leave that harbor I'm out, regardless of whatever special status the brand may hold. But I have seen no evidence of that happening. Apple products may be more mainstream now than 15 years ago, but they help me be as productive as ever.

    Good luck to you guys. As far as stocks for the general population, what a completely botched release by Apple.
    In Australia I've checking regularly. Initially after the first handful were released, their web site has shown 3-4 weeks, that was up for 2 weeks, then dropped to 2-3 weeks, which has now been up for 2 weeks+
    Be nice to have some sort of very rough idea!!

    Err... seems like a broad estimate like "2-3 weeks" is a rough idea. It's also not a long time. If people would just order and get on with their life there would be no need to hunt and peck and moan.

    Designer Dale
    Mar 11, 04:21 PM
    not sure what the name of these birds,they are large and its the atlantic ocean,newfoundland
    Some kind of Cormorant. Given your location, my guess is the great cormorant.

    Reference: Cornell Lab of Ornothology (


    Sep 13, 02:38 AM
    As much as I love them, all of Apple's designs are getting old. The Macbook (nee iBook) has looked the same (minus a few paint jobs) for over 5 years; the current iMac design harkens back to the eMac (yes, I know, its flatter, what an innovation...wheee), which in turn was highly derivative of the original iMac. The MacBook Pro is just an AluPB, which in turn was merely a revision of the original Titanium G4. Now, the "new" iPod nano is nothing more than a iPod mini that went on a diet, and the full iPod, although much sleeker than its predecessors, is still essentially the same design as the iPod that came out in 2001. And the story goes on: the Mac Pro, a warmed over PowerMac G5; the Airport/Airport extreme, essentially unchanged since its release; the Airport Express, a power adapter with flashing lights; the iSight, unchanged since its release; the Mighty Mouse, same design as the Apple Pro Mouse, etc. Essentially, the only new designs in the last three years have been: the Mac mini, the iPod shuffle, and the Cinema Displays, none of which could be considered to be attention-getters. Even the new, unreleased "iTV" is copying the Mac mini design. Not too impressive for a company which claims high design as a main benefit. Where is the new cube? the iMac (& G4)? the tiBook? There is nothing fresh or innovative about their current lineup, nothing exciting or innovative.Instead, its all inoffensively sterile, to my eyes; walking into an Apple store has become similar to walking into IKEA, nothing unexpected, just clean lines. It's like they've become artistically constipated. Or is this just what we get for Apple's new push on "competitive prices"?

    In my opinion, its time for some fresh blood, someone with a new vision. And yes, I'm looking squarely at you, Steve and Jonathan. I want to be <i>excited</i> again, and not just by the "guts" of the computer. I, for one, miss the Macworlds of 5 years ago...

    Agreed, sadly. My first reaction to the new mini is... I mean nano is... the mini is not old enough to be retro yet! Slipping in an intermediary (the origional nano, which itself was a throwback to the origional ipod) in the line of the shrinking mini does not make it revolutionary, but in fact, makes it not even keep pace with being evolutionary! While I know that many will argue that the reason is that today's designs are perfect, and also that, particularly with laptops, color and texture and corners are the only things you can play with, that's not enough. Apple has, previously, been amazing, shocking us and making us fall in love in one move. But it's been a good long while before we've been shocked at all, and it's hard to stay in love this long.

    Remember the recent redesign that has swept across BMW's lineup? The awful trunk on the 5 series, the controversy, the debate? And how tired Mercedes looked in comparison, how bland? But it wasn't a sure thing, the new beamers were risky, right? I, for one, thought that the previous generation was about as close to visually perfect as any car since a dusenberg, and hated the redesign. But.... it's grown on me, and I'm thuroughly fond of the new theme, and the old looks tired to me (in another 15 years it'll look great, no doubt).

    That's what apple needs. But now they're like mercedes- beautiful, for sure, but also boring. Same with the OS! They have the capability to pull off risky designs, for sure. They would definately be a BMW rather than a GM if the decided to actually design something. But no, they can't even come up with a '07 toyota camry's worth of design.

    So I'm hoping that they've been doing this strategically, to manage their risks a bit while things like the intel switch, introduction of the nano (with, remember, less memory for more money), have been providing as much risk as they can take. The important thing is, now that they're transitioned, and now that they don't have to work to sell ipods, they've got to take those risks, and do that work, or else somebody else will. If your not moving forward, your falling behind.

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