Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lohan sentenced

Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To 120
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To 120

  • ImNoSuperMan
    Sep 12, 04:52 PM
    iLounge has a "First Look" article with photos of all models and accessories. They say that the new nanos have the Search and Smart Scroll feature of the new 5G iPod. Hopefully we with the plastic nanos won't miss out on that. I'm expecting an iPod Updater soon.

    So you have no intentions of any sleep tonight:D . Or is it already day:rolleyes: ??

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To

  • zero2dash
    Aug 29, 02:06 PM
    It's really amazing to see here people justifying the price of Windows Vista, when not even corporations think about migrating to the "new" OS in 2-years time...Vista is just a rehashed NT, and no company will need it in the short term.

    Agreed wholeheartedly; I worked for FedEx Kinkos for 5 years. On a corporate level - they stay at least 1 version behind on all their software. We were still running Windows 95b when I started there in 2000 (long after Windows 2000 had already been released). I'm surprised our monitors didn't have blue screen burn in; my god Win95 is the utterest of garbage in an OS. I'd rather run OS2/Warp or something. Anyhow, it wasn't until roughly 2003 that they finally upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional on all their computers (and updated the Macs to 10.2 (Jaguar?) from OS 9). I no longer work for that (now) horrendous company, but I'm sure they'll upgrade to XP Pro within the next 2 years and wait for all the BS to surface from Vista before even bothering with it.

    Most corporations are this way, so (again) I absolutely agree with you. For at least the first year of its existence - no companies will be running Vista, only home users.

    Second, has anyone else here used the public beta? I haven't seen any comments on it in the first 3 pages, but let me tell sucks! I had to take it off my PC that I am using until my MacPro arrives and went back to XP.

    From my experience, Vista Beta is full of bugs and issues. Yes, I know it is still a Beta, but if it is slated for a Jan 30 release, they have a lot of work to do.

    I mentioned it on page 3. I've used several betas and they all suck. Bugs and crashes that come from using a beta OS aside - the system requirements are absurd. At this point I can't tell if the beta sucks because of bugs or because I no longer have bleeding edge hardware. Mind you though, none of my computers have ever pitched a fit at running *nix, Windows 2k or XP, or even OSX86.

    I still don't know why the average person would change from XP to Vista--it doesn't look that different and doesn't offer much more to the average websurfer/emailer.

    The major change is UAP, User Account Protection, which is basically a ripped off version of (Administrator) Authentication with a User access account that *nix and OSX have had for years now.

    IMO Vista will undoubtedly add more Genuine Advantage, DRM, and Activation BS that I'll steer clear of that mess and keep running the old versions of Windows that already work trouble-free for me. When they stop supporting Win2k (after the 7-year (or whatever it is) product 'cycle'), I'll keep running it because IMO it's the best version of Windows that has ever (and most likely *will ever*) be released.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to
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  • aswitcher
    Sep 4, 10:34 PM
    Strange, because everyone said that Apple would release the MB and MBPs on the 12th, but not all of a sudden it shifted to the iMac :confused:

    iMacs are overdue. Sure if they can put the C2D in the MBPs great, but the iMacs got the G5 when the PBs only had the G4, so moving to a C2D should not be held back now its out.

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  • daneoni
    Sep 6, 10:21 AM
    Hmm, slightly off topic but maybe we'll see a 40" ACD soon with the 30" dropping to the mid-size and the 24" becoming base. Eeek! 40" of estate...thats alot of estate.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90

  • iliketyla
    Mar 28, 08:32 PM
    Past upgrades have been very reasonable. Unlike Microsoft that depends on the price to help pay for development, Apple's hardware helps subsidize the OS development. So, it's assumed it will be a very reasonable upgrade price.

    Excellent! I'll plan on saving a few bucks then to upgrade.

    Thanks for the info.

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  • Lindsay Lohan was sentenced

  • MacNut
    Sep 12, 03:58 PM
    He-he... I'm testing "The Wall", too... :)

    Did the "Gapless Determination" detect your The Wall album or did you, like me, have to set the Gapless Album tag yourself...?It detected on its own.

    Looks really hot BUT where is EQ?, i live by this thing, now i can no longer find it. Whats up?It's listed under "view"

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to
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  • Unspeaked
    Nov 28, 02:09 PM
    :confused: This whole forum is about Beatles music being on iTunes!

    Woops, when you said "Mashup" I thought it was some third party mashup - I didn't realize it was a new Beatles album that came out!

    Have to pay closer attention to those new releases...


    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 120
  • Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 120

  • Crosbie
    May 5, 01:30 AM
    I suspect this rumour is bull, but as a scenario, it might be present as an exceptional thing.

    I mean, if it's not too expensive to implement, the capability might be there, but it wouldn't be your normal mode of interaction (touch screen problem); you'd have it come on, probably by software, when watching Avatar or Up.

    It'd be like FaceTime: just because there's a camera there, doesn't mean it's always on and looking at you. And naturally there would be a depth slider: I think 3DS has shown that's a necessity.

    Lohan sentenced. quot;Lindsay Lohan Sentenced
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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 6, 08:32 AM
    I'm guessing you mean 3Gbps...
    Apple likes firewire, they made it. eSATA is nice, but you can't daisy chain the drives. That's why I like firewire so much.
    I meant 3000 Mbps, thanks for pointing out the typo.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90
  • Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90

  • susannahyork
    Sep 12, 02:24 PM
    I too think that the colors are ugly... there should always be a white ipod at every level.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90
  • Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90

  • photomaniac
    Sep 22, 02:56 PM
    GOD! this soooooooo pissssses me off! I'm so in a rage right now... If this story is credible- then we should all join together and boycott Walmart!... I'm so mad - Walmart comes into any size town, drives out other businesses (and doesn't think twice about that!)... and now...!!! they are trying to use their strength to bully the movie studios so they can keep their huge greedy share the way it is... all because iTunes has a new/innovative way to distribute movies!! Greed Greed Greed! I know Steve Jobs has to take a professional stance on this... but we all know what he is really thinking: "F-U WALMART!"

    ...sorry for my rage... I really couldn't help it...

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan sentenced
  • Lindsay Lohan sentenced

  • Kerem72
    Nov 24, 06:59 AM
    I love how everybody is like "I've got the CDs who cares" or "Buy the CDs they are cheaper". The Beatles on iTunes isn't for you. It is for people who don't buy CDs, it's for the future when the majority of people get digital music and it's certainly for a whole generation of kids who won't know what a CD is or care, in the same way that vinyl is now seen as archaic.

    I'm sure I am repeating someone else's thoughts, but it doesn't seem clear to a lot of people.

    Vinyl record might be something "archaic" in some peoples' opinion, but digital music can become a "fossil" in the future (in a very near future i hope :D). And don't worry, there are a lot of people who care about vinyl records; for instance a musician candidate like me.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to
  • Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to

  • Kolind
    Nov 8, 07:46 AM
    Isn't the RAM the same? Unless they are putting single chips in as opposed to double to make store bought upgrades simpler.

    Looks the same to me now that I see the detailed specs - I was just quoting from Yahoo before...

    Lohan sentenced. Lohan sentenced.
  • Lohan sentenced.

  • dstrauss
    Mar 28, 01:16 PM
    Great, another store that carries iPad 2 but won't ever have any in stock. LOL.

    Unfortunately I think 80% of iPad 2 supply is going to scalpers and resellers, the moment Apple stores get them in stock they sell out and craigslist is then flooded with heavily marked up iPads. It's kind of ridiculous.

    On a related note, isn't it a bit weird Apple hasn't announced any sales figures yet? They're usually quick to brag when devices hit a million sales in a short amount of time.

    The ONLY way to stop this would be an in-store activiation requirement - no more "New in Box - Unopened" sales and then they'd also have to deal with the warranty switch-over.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90

  • Disc Golfer
    Mar 15, 10:17 AM
    New Powerbooks Tuesday :eek:

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced.
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced.

  • szark
    Aug 3, 06:56 PM
    Maybe you guys should start analyzing better quality pictures. :)

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To 90
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To 90

  • iDutchman
    Oct 16, 12:48 PM
    Just curious.. why would you put the iMac inside the window and block it entirely? Seems a bit odd

    The iMac is so big, I just had to. Otherwise it would come to close to my face due to the fact that my desk isn't that deep. So, it's better ergonomically and the window has never been used as an actual window anyway. The desk is located in a small, triangle shaped space in my room. I got 4 different big windows to get my light from:p It also gives me just more deskspace. It's like having it against the wall, I suppose. :cool:

    Lohan sentenced. +lohan+sentenced+to+jail
  • +lohan+sentenced+to+jail

  • Popeye206
    Apr 2, 03:17 PM
    Yes! thank you Chris. God, finally! Please all fanboiz, wake up! It is the LENS it is the quality of the sensor. More MP is not always better!! Spec heads.

    Very true. My 8 year old 3.2MB Olympus takes amazing pictures as good as my much more expensive 10MP Canon SLR. Also, my GF's new phone has a 8MP camera and it's junk. My iPhone does soooo much better.

    Anyway... it would be good to see more in the iPhone 5. I would love to see them put a bigger lens though. More lens would do much better in lower light.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 120
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 120

  • CJM
    Aug 3, 04:07 PM
    On Tuesday, the 7th :P

    Mar 14, 12:22 AM
    and P.S. - Apple, your laptop line is already to expensive. :eek: Don't release a consumer product that only rich companies can buy. :(

    Wow, I'm a rich company? And all this time I was thinking I'm a poor art school graduate! Gee, I wonder if I qualify for corporate welfare? I mean, I've bought MBP's and PowerBooks since they first came out...

    Nov 6, 10:44 PM
    Bring them on for all those waiting for updated Macbooks!

    Oct 12, 03:36 PM
    Look, dont get me wrong. I believe that as soon as apple and motorola say ta-ta to each other for the mac's CPU then we may have a decent processor under the hood. Look, whilst ironic that the very chip we want comes from a copmany at the complete opposite end of the market, a power4 even cut down at 2Ghz or 2.5Ghz may get apple upto maybe 10-15% of the market share. That is important because then we would become a sizable group. Worth seriously developing for maybe???

    Most of the oldest apple allys dont take apple seriously anymore and they just pump out aps that are compatible to stop the email flood that would occur if they didnt.

    Aug 3, 02:47 PM
    I posted this in another thread.. but no answer so...

    What time do you guys think the Keynote and new products will be on (San Fran time)

    I'm hearing it will be on about 2 hours after the keynote.

    Apr 2, 04:41 PM
    The current 5MP camera on the iPhone is fantastic for such a small sensor. video recording at 720p is pretty crappy IMO. They need a better quality lens and Sony offers that opportunity.

    The single most important factor that determines the quality of a lens is the size. There are some camera phones that have a huge lens on the back that the back is not flat. The reason is the bigger lens will let more light shine on the sensor pixels.

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