Saturday, 21 May 2011

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  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 25, 12:09 PM
    Are the gestures still in? And wha about battery life?

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  • FadeToBlack
    Sep 13, 09:32 PM
    Mine shipped today and should be here tomorrow! Can't wait! :cool:

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  • alexwaddell
    Jan 11, 04:13 PM
    My guess is that iTunes will support wireless syncing of content, contacts, calendar etc over home wifi and public wifi for iPhone and iPod touch (also over edge for iPhone).

    Another possibility is that you will be able to buy movies & other high def content for download from your iPod tough/iPhone, your home iTunes will then download it and transfer to your Apple TV automagically.


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  • Evangelion
    Oct 27, 07:27 AM
    So, it looks like Apple is trying to fix the problem by keeping the MacBook cooler, thus preventing the heat sink from expanding enough to come into contact with the cable. A simple, elegant solution, except it will likely cause increased fan use and decreased battery life

    Not so elegant then, eh?

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  • Steve121178
    Apr 15, 08:34 AM
    Easiest solution is to skip Adobe... they've continually disregarded market "prices" for their products for years (even MS grew up to the fact that you can't charge end users $750 per license for Office when free alternatives exist). There are legitimately better applications produced by smaller companies as well as Apple without having to spend this kind of atrocious amount of money. Products from IMSI, Omni, etc. are cheap and very good. $650 for PS? Gimmie a break... it isn't worth 1/10 of that...

    I'm using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. For people like me it's an excellent product. It includes all the features someone like me (a keen amateur) needs and only costs �65.

    Whilst Adobe's UK pricing is bordering on criminal, at least PSE is an affordable option.

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  • MaddMacs
    Mar 2, 07:10 PM

    stunning.. where is that?

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  • loebjack
    Aug 8, 07:21 PM
    Someone just pointed out that the Mac Pro logic board has two SATA drive ports marked as ODD SATA. We think it is for an Optical Disc Drive SATA connection. Blu-ray perhaps?

    Look at the "Fans removed!" picture in the uper left

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  • AxisOfBeagles
    Mar 6, 05:58 PM
    The tail end of a long weekend down here south of the border. Have one or two photos to share from the trip. Here's one ...

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  • OllyW
    Mar 19, 04:50 AM
    Surely Hard Drive players are on the way out in general? Must be a major reason for the devices to break.

    I wonder what breaks more often, the hard drives fitted in the classic or the fragile touch screens of the iPod touch?

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  • chaosbunny
    Sep 6, 08:28 AM
    Crap, I'd like a Mac in that price range without a screen, not with a bigger one!

    But for those without a large screen at home definitely a sweet deal.

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  • GooMan
    May 5, 10:01 AM
    I'm probably in the minority (that's OK) but it doesn't bother me at all to connect my iPhone to my laptop to update it.

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  • 6-0 Prolene
    Mar 14, 08:15 AM
    It's a bit of a cross post, but in the "Waiting for Arrandale" thread a member mentioned going to their local Apple store to buy a MBP and the sales associate mentioned that there was a big box in back and apparently some new SKUs popped up in the system. Thought you might want to know...

    So I got sick of waiting on Apple to update the MBP, so I headed down to Delaware to pick one up. While I was there, one of the sales people told me that there was some box in the back, and she really thinks it is the updated ones. She also said about some new SKUs that she saw.

    I'm not sure if she knows what she is talking about, but she said she bought a MBP about a month or two ago and is sad she didn't wait because she didn't know they were updating.

    It seemed pretty promising, so I figured I'd pass it along.

    I have 14 days to return this one and exchange it for a new one if that does happen Tuesday :)

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  • centauratlas
    Apr 2, 11:42 AM
    If it happens to be the only device you have with you at the time, an iPhone 4 grade camera would be nice on the iPad 2. It's pretty obvious. Apple probably just couldn't find one that fit in the size (thickness) factor needed.

    No one WANTS to take pictures with anything but the best camera available on the market, they WANT a 15MP top of the line camera with a huge lens, mega optical zoom, 3D, many frames per second etc, but those are extremely expensive, inconvenient, and you often don't have anything close with you. Most of the time I use the iPhone it happens to be what I have with me at the time - not the 3D camera or the much higher MP camera.

    And the iPhone 4 camera is quite good and good enough in many cases to snap that cool picture when you have the opportunity.

    Because no one wants to take pictures with the iPad. I want to list all the situations where the iPhone would be much more accessible and easier to take pictures with...but that would be a huge waste of my time. It's pretty obvious.

    This made me chuckle. Nice dude.

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  • rovex
    Mar 29, 11:12 AM
    voice control sucks for those who don't speak English. As it will of course be optimized for English and other languages won't be as effective in recognizing what is being said.

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  • Fukui
    Sep 12, 02:49 PM
    I bet this is a preview of what Leopard is gonna look like.


    I'll stick Leopard DVD in a shredder if thats what it ends up looking like. Apple just managed to bring the windows UI (looks like sony connect) into OS X. Thanks a lot. :(

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  • Treq
    Nov 9, 02:11 AM
    They also wanted to push their own solutions (quicktime) and so maybe they haven't tried particularly hard to make Flash work. It hasn't been a top priority. It obviously is a bit of a problem now and they need to do something about it.

    Why does Apple have to do something about it? Haven't they given Adobe all the info (specs, requirements and restrictions) that they need to make a flash player for the iPhone? If Adobe can't do it within those parameters, then it's on them.

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  • albusseverus
    Jul 27, 04:27 PM
    Any one see this in da newest iMac??!!! Didn't think so, thank goodness!!! I'll freakin stick to da keyboard!!

    Anyone see the Magic Touchpad released without explanation? just wait.
    It's no Wacom Tablet�

    This was only a speed bump. I believe Apple will release Touch Macs (already �Apple Inc.) as an additional product line along side standard Macs, to ease the transition.

    There will always be keyboards, for keyboard shortcuts if not the obvious bulk text entry. Half the work done by pro-applications (not just Apple's) is done with keyboard shortcuts. It's the mouse that's done for. Apple finally perfect the mouse, and they kill it.

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  • Satoneko
    Oct 12, 04:27 PM
    how come you use such a retro keyboard? It looks noisey!

    I am a fan of mechanical keyboards. They are clunky and loud, but allows me to type very fast. Also, I'll probably type the apple keyboard to death in less than a month because I tend to bang on the keys.

    The model I have now is Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite for Mac. The touch is fairly good but it has an eccentric layout that makes is difficult for me to blind-touch the command key. I hope to get a Matias Tactile Pro 3 soon.

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  • Groovey
    Nov 8, 05:55 AM
    UK store is down!


    Aug 3, 04:44 PM
    i agree that the banner is made of all current products, but with the larger Power Mac case it worries me that there will not be a redesign this time around for the casing :(

    Mar 11, 05:55 PM
    The President's opinion on the matter...

    I personally don't give a flying "eff" what our current co-opted president thinks about this subject. He's proven quite capable of toe-ing the same company line which has brought us here in the first place.

    Would you like to hear what former president Eisenhower had to say on the issue?

    Mar 21, 03:47 PM
    A Phat iPod Touch sounds like a great product to me. Integrate an iPad touch with limited flash storage and a iPad Hard Drive. Call it the Phat iPod Touch..:eek:

    Hard drives would not be good AT ALL for an iPod Touch. Apps depend on the instant access that flash memory allows for using data, so a hard drive would slow the whole process up, especially on the processor size. Plus, moving objects are exactly why they moved to flash: too fragile and much easier to destroy. Nope, the hard drive based music player has seen its day in the sun and is now going off into the distance. It has a good run, but like the floppy before it (didn't flash memory also kill that too?), its just not good enough for today.

    Aug 3, 01:45 AM
    This guy is just sour that he ain't in Vegas.

    this guy is not in vegas because his exploit has as much holes as this story.

    i just wasted 20 minutes of my life reading the blog, watching the video. and dare i say, reading this thread?

    ok. got to get back to work. catch you guys later.

    Oct 16, 01:48 PM
    Personally the Zune is looking fairly attrective right now. Ever since the 5th Gen iPod came out everyone has complained that it needed to be widescreen and have a bigger screen. I don't care for the WiFi sharing really but you have to admit the interface looks pretty nice.
    I don't have to admit any such thing..

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