Thursday, 26 May 2011

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Mar 28, 09:26 AM
    What do you get for $1,599.00? Free iPad 2, what?

    Along with seeing the keynote you get to socialise with devs from all over the world and chat with 1000 apple engineers about any problems you may have and attend seminars on various topics.

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  • OneMike
    Mar 23, 03:40 PM
    possible but I don't really know if I believe this.

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  • Macaholic G5
    May 26, 10:50 AM
    Excellent job my good man! Thanks for the Fidget (folding widget)! Now for all those Panther lackeys, you in fact CAN run widgets if you are at version 10.3.9. Check out Amnesty Widget Browser ( You don't get the cool dashboard effect, but you can play with widgets. Fold if ya got 'em!

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 10, 09:04 AM
    ehh.. you know wikipedia isn't always right, right?

    no one is

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  • 59031
    Oct 28, 06:34 PM
    All I use it for is Syncing between multiple Macs - which is handy but hardly a justification for the $99 price of admission.

    That ALONE makes it worth $99 per year. Then I get IMAP email...then I get iDisk...and everything else. There is room for improvement, but I love the .Mac service.

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  • ptysell
    Mar 23, 01:53 PM
    [QUOTE=HobeSoundDarryl;12235279]"Now with airplay" seems too far down the benefit list to drive many sales of TVs. I doubt it would be touted in any mainstream way- just as another line item of something else the TV can do. I don't picture people choosing to buy new TVs because they come with that particular benefit.[QUOTE]

    Apparently you don't understand just how many iOS devices apples has sold.

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  • hexagonheat
    May 3, 09:46 PM
    The thing is that OS X uses OpenGl, where Windows uses DirectX.

    Yes this is partially the reason. The other reason is that Apple refuses to even allow the option of current generation video cards in their products. Even when they upgrade they are often not top of the line. The best card on the imac you can get is capped at 512MB which was starting to be a small amount of video memory even back in 2006. I think a current generation gpu should at least be offered as an option.

    Plus while in the menus, I can resize with apple + m, and open safari real quick, yet still be in the game.

    Yes Windows has had "minimize" too for many many years. Just press Alt-Tab, this is not exclusive to OS-X.

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  • Drpepper99uk
    Mar 24, 04:20 AM
    Interesting news, One day we might even see the iTank :D


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  • sikkinixx
    Mar 28, 07:59 AM
    Got yesterday. Traded in 5 games at EB for $125 credit, DSi for $80 and CoD:BlOps for $40, sooooo yeah! I figured why not. They still had a TON of them left at 5pm. Either not popular or they made too many.

    No games though! Too poor to afford any so I have just been messing with the AR games and faceraiders. Quite cool. I second MRU on the jaggies... needs a 6950 crammed in it somehow ;) And I second JackAxe, why glossy finish? Frankly, the DSi was the perfect DS hardware. Good buttons, dpad, screens, size, finish and the 3DS is a step down. And damn is it ugly! I couldn't handle the blue, it's about 5 different colours.

    I was really curious about the 3D effect and the test nearly made my eyes explode. It was weird and actually hurt. Luckily I don't find actual use like that. The jarring thing is the menu. Since the upper screens (the "title screens") of the Apps is in 3D moving all around while the touch screen obviously isn't. So looking between the two causes my brain to yell at me. My girlfriend immediately turned off the 3D and told me she is never going to use it.... so yeah.

    For free I am happy. I'll be happier once Zelda/Mario/Starfox comes out. And my girlfriend will crap herself when Animal Crossing makes it out.

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  • MacBandit
    Sep 14, 01:21 AM
    Originally posted by King Cobra
    verbose, do you ever give newbies a break with typos these days? :rolleyes: :D

    Great posts, guys. Well worth reading. But I think some of you need to take a closer look at WHY MHz/GHz doesn't matter as much.

    First of all, the Px does not have the Velocity Engine, and OS 10.1/2 uses it. There is a dramatic performance over the G4 (and especially later G3s) with 10.2, as the operating system is now more effeciant. Also, OS X takes advantage of dual processors to a certain degree (maybe an extra 50 percent or so). Finally, when you take a look at the new PowerMacs, you are looking at 4MB of L3 Cache (w/ dual 1.25GHz). The Px don't seem to have that (if any). So, basically, that would bring a 64-bit system (in terms of the P4) to about 4 or 5GHz right there.

    Now, take a look at the PC. Sure, the PC has incredible boot time, is great for playing games, and has a quick OS. However, the P4 lacks the necessity of an effecient L1 Cache. I do not see how 4Kb will provide enough memory for the complex operations tha Macs can handle. So, instead of a 4.7GHz, you're looking at, maybe, 3.x or 4GHz, assuming, with this new chip, the L1 cache has remained unchanged.

    First of all what do you consider great boot times? Not that this matters a lot. I have a new Dual Ghz/DDR and it starts from cold boot to login in screen in 27secs with 10.2 and from login to operating finder is nearly instantaneous.

    Second of all as I have stated before the true reason Mhz doesn't matter is because something like %98 of all computer users are not power users these are the people that will go buy a new computer tomorrow and if there is a 2.8Ghz computer sitting next to a 800Mhz computer they couldn't care they're going to buy the cheap one. They don't even care how much ram it has. I know this because I went computer shopping with my boss for work(yes for a PC). He wanted my help. Well little help I was he bought the cheapest computer he could get with 64MB of Ram I suggested we upgrade it later and he agreed well that was 2 years ago still it sits with 64MB of RAM in it. Oh and I might add it still has all the stickers on the front of it. These people don't care about this stuff all it's used for is mail and the occasional websearch and most people are like this.

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  • CountSessine
    Jun 17, 04:59 PM
    AWS-1 (a.k.a. UMTS Band IV) is a standard in the U.S. and Canada. I think Japan has also allocated AWS-1 (to eMobile). It is constructed out of two parts: 1710 to 1755 MHz and 2110 to 2155 MHz. Devices which support AWS-1 are commonly labeled "1700." Quite simply, that's the spectrum that was available to put up for auction. T-Mobile and Wind Mobile either could bid on that spectrum and use it for 3G service or not. Mobile device manufacturers can now produce AWS frequency products if they want to sell through these carriers or not. It's Apple's choice whether to play or pass.

    Years ago, European nations did not adopt the same frequency allocations that the U.S. did for the world's first cellular service (824-849 MHz paired with 869-894 MHz). It's hardly unusual that different groups of countries have different allocations, primarily because of existing services that were already licensed but also occasionally for political reasons.

    There are all kinds of variations in spectrum allocations between countries and regions. The U.S. has allocated spectrum in the 700+ MHz range for LTE services (which Verizon in particular plans to use). Europe and Asia use 2100+ MHz for 3G while the U.S. doesn't. Europe has allocated 900+ MHz and 1800+ MHz spectrum to GSM (and now some 3G) while the U.S. has allocated the AMPS (824-849/869-894) and 1900+ MHz ranges. AWS-1 is just another set of frequencies which Apple either will or won't support.

    If Apple does support AWS-1, it would significantly improve the compatibility of their products in North America. It isn't a particularly difficult engineering issue. (Fairly trivial, actually.) Nokia has already done so with the N8 which supports GSM/EDGE on 850/900/1800/1900 and 3G on 850/900/1700/1900/2100.

    This is easily the most factually complete and correct post in this thread. Kudos!

    I would add that most of the UMTS/HSPA carriers in north america are doing UMTS on the Cellular (850) and the PCS bands. Also, I'm not an EE, but I've always wondered why radio modems don't come with support for all of these bands. Why did/do we even have dual/tri-band GSM phones or HSPA phones that don't do AWS - especially now in 2010? Is it antenna design? Is it the extra analog front ends needed? Is it just product market segmentation?

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  • ghostlyorb
    Apr 5, 07:34 PM

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  • freakonguitar
    Sep 19, 08:49 PM
    what the heck!!?? my dvd drive and secondary drive won't open and aren't reconized at ALL now!!!!???:mad: :confused:

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  • AdamBOh3
    Mar 24, 01:04 PM
    Are you people seriously applauding this? What a waste of our tax dollars!! I do contracts with the Navy every single day and I know that the technology that they have will not be benefited by the use of iPad/iPod/iPhone. The military does not offer wi-fi to their staff on base. Everything is hard wired and the conduit is sealed with a tamper proof silicon. The Government is very very particular about their SIPRnet (as they call it). Without wi-fi, what use is the iPad for the military other than to give them a little treat and waste our tax dollars? They already have mobile equipment in the vehicles that is far superior to Apple's products.

    NONSENSE! As a recent active duty infantry Marine and now employed by the USMC I completely disagree! Do you work for SPAWAR or NMCI? You do contracts with the Navy everyday, eh? My father-in-law is a retired Naval Flight Officer, an electrical engineer, and works for SPAWAR in San Diego. He does not like Apple, he likes to do things the hardway and is stuck with windows, even though he concedes things like the iPhone have better technology than his Blackberry (The Blackberry's touch screen pushes down and triggers a touch vs. on an iPhone you just touch it, similar to putting a folder over your keyboard and calling it a touchkeyboard - keys are still being stroked).

    And gov't tax dollars!!! Get out of town. My father-in-law has also submitted proposals to deliver millions in savings to the gov't by utilizing off-the-shelf components for USN,USCG, and USMC systems. He has been consistently squashed by higher-ups, some of them who are younger and maybe even Apple users, and they have virtually shut him up in favor of proprietary systems that utilize government contracts to make new systems that are COSTING THE TAXPAYERS MILLIONS. The simplified version is called waste, fraud, and abuse.

    The Army is smart for working with Apple and I'm sure that DARPA does already (if not they should be). It sounds like you would rather sit back and see the good 'ol boy government system drown us in stagnation. It seems that BIG ARMY is maybe waking up. Then again, the equipment or chips will most likely be built in China where electronic spyware and backdoors could be put into play. And, do you think the Chinese military and foreign militaries around the world aren't reverse engingeering Apple products and modeling themselves after Apple's management and innovation processes? Welcome to the 21st century of warfare and espionage. You apparently abhor competetion, modernization, and warfighting superiority and would rather return to pre 1984.

    Today, I work for the Marine Corps in remote CA. Wi-Fi is coming, as in it's not just a thought but a reality in the works. We have mobile equipment in Iraq/Afghanistan and all over the world and guess what... it's up to military standards but not particularly great and DEFINITELY NOT SUPERIOR TO APPLE PRODUCTS. I can go to amazon or a bix box store and by a better GPS unit than the military will provide and the same thing can be said about off-the-shelf Apple products and HOPEFULLY the Army believes this can be translated into military specific applications. Privates to Generals use Macs during war and they can be used on SIPRnet/NIPRnet. I know, I have done it. Tamper Proof silicon... you must be joking.

    Still not sure if you are a Mac fan or a Mac hater. I do know that you don't know it all and I know that I too do not know it all. Yet, I do speak from operational experience.

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  • mcrain
    Apr 5, 10:39 AM
    Here's the gist of the problem: too generous state worker union pensions. I wouldn't be surprised that these pensions are extensively re-done to drastically cut its cost in order to reduce state budget deficits.

    So, the bad guys are the teachers, firefighters, police, tax collectors, engineers, paper pushers, etc... who are employed by the government? So, it's their fault that corporations and individuals aren't paying (or avoiding paying) sufficient taxes to pay for the spending that was enacted by elected officials?

    Good to know who you blame for not being able to afford things like more oil subsidies, tax breaks for companies like GE, and lowering estate taxes on high value estates.

    Not that surprising considering the efforts to now radically cut programs for the poor, sick and elderly.

    (edit) How many BILLIONS of dollars in bribe money have been "lost" or "misplaced" or "stolen" in Iraq and Afghanistan? Billions with a B. Enough to fund the 14-16 billion dollar cost of extending unemployment 14 more weeks? In the past three years, over $3 billion in CASH was flown out of Kabul reports the Wall Street Journal. Officials don’t know exactly who got what, but have a general idea: “U.S. investigators believe top Afghan officials and their associates are sending billions of diverted U.S. aid and logistics dollars and drug money to financial safe havens abroad.” That’s still $9 billion less than what was lost in Iraq. Not quite enough, but close.

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  • gorgeousninja
    Mar 25, 11:25 AM
    What if I came along and stole all of Apples patents and used them in a way that were above and beyond anything Apple created with them?

    You're thought process of this situation is completely horrible.

    What are the chances of you creating anything 'exceedingly awesome'?
    Slim, or none?

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  • wacky4alanis
    Jan 4, 10:21 AM
    I wonder why the 2 plans have to be mutually exclusive. Why not download the whole database when you get it, for when you might not get coverage. And then automatically update when you do have coverage. When going somewhere, give priority updating to the current route and then download everything else. Maybe allow current route to be updated with EDGE/3G while whole database updates require Wi-Fi. Just my 2�

    Tom Tom is moving towards this... the latest version allows users to submit map update info, and then allows other users to download that info. I'm not sure what it includes because I haven't played with it, but I have noticed it downloading the updates for me every couple of weeks (over 3G, not wifi). It asks when you start up if you want to download the updates.

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  • Track&Share
    Jan 12, 03:42 PM
    We are working on a Facebook status update. Our app so far updates users via Twitter on daily things that get tracked. Glad to see Facebook become more iPhone friendly. If you have anything to track / improve in your life, have a look at Track & Share. Try the lite version for free. All the best to all Facebook fans,

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  • troop231
    Apr 5, 10:53 AM
    I don't think apple would go 128gb now.. There launching cloud soon, which is the future.

    How is "cloud" the future if bandwidth is still limited and not available everywhere? Cloud = server, This rebranding needs to stop.

    Jun 14, 07:15 AM
    I think the next big project might be to reorganise the Guides category by adding appropriate subcategories such as (for example) Mac Hardware Guides, Mac OS X Guides, iPod Guides etc. It's getting quite large as it is, and it might make it easier to find relevant articles.

    It shouldn't be too bad, there are only 120 articles in the Guides category, so any changes should be much simpler than what I've done. And also you can also go through the standard categories to find the guide articles now.

    I think getting more people editing the rest of the guides and getting people using the guides is the next step, especially from the iPod/iPhone side.

    As well as a lot of very short articles there is a lot of good content already there.

    Nov 2, 03:42 PM

    The link you provide is what I referenced in my post. It's important for people to realize that Net Applications breaks down Apple's operating system into Mac OS (PowerPC) and MacIntel (Intel).

    It's clear that PowerPC Mac use has remained fairly unchanged for the past year (slightly down) but Intel based Macs are on the rise. This makes sense considering that Apple no longer sells PowerPC based Macs.

    Two things are likely occuring:

    George Knighton
    Apr 23, 02:26 PM
    Would you want Donald Trump as our president?

    No. I would not.

    But, even knowing that it's all probably an egotistical publicity stunt designed to generate revenue, there might be a couple of areas where his influence over Republican policy would be welcome.

    His past policies and statement do not jive with the Tea Party, and I cannot imagine where that association came from.

    Nov 14, 01:10 PM
    LOL, now that was good...:D

    Zune (zoon)
    See: Brick

    Now that I say that, Zune can never have the Airline compatability! All those bricks would add too much weight!:p

    Jan 19, 09:59 PM
    Does this help?

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