Saturday, 21 May 2011

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will smith son trey smith. Will Smith#39;s Fam To Remake
  • Will Smith#39;s Fam To Remake

  • Glideslope
    Apr 17, 12:28 PM
    people may think this is bad, but actually it's a perfect plan make it the only consumer tablet that anyone sees anywhere and kids make up a huge chunk of what parents purchase. They'll be saying iPad and Apple before Dadda and Mamma

    Nice to see some vision in here. Apple: Cradle to Grave. :apple:

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  • grumps
    Nov 7, 01:29 PM
    They're going to broaden the span of the MB.

    The top end spec will be increased probably with core 2 duo, more RAM and disk, bringing it closer to low end MBP but maintaining the price point. Probably keeping it black.

    The bottom end will stay the same with core duo at a lower price.

    Why this?

    Well a reseller telles me 'what people want' is a 13 inch MBP and this would create something similar but far enough away to justify the price difference.
    The MB has not really filled the niche of the 12 inch Powerbook yet.

    And the delay for delivery for top end black MBs has gone up but not for the bottom end (I know this might just be a supply thing) in Australia.

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  • Photics
    Mar 21, 01:31 PM
    Ah, it was nice to read some good news for a change. :)

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  • OdduWon
    Jul 23, 12:12 AM
    i think that since you can create your own pics, movies, podcasts, and text for the i pod know, that they will let you expand your ilife tools to create pdf too without having to buy them.

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  • 16-year-old Trey Smith,

  • Jovian9
    Sep 22, 01:13 PM
    F*#% Wal-Mart!

    I for one rarely go there (only when I really need an item I cannot find anywhere else). Now I am never going to go there. I needed just one more reason to keep me out of their doors and this is it.

    MacRumors members unite:


    will smith son trey smith. will smith son trey smith.
  • will smith son trey smith.

  • MacsomJRR
    Jul 23, 10:33 AM
    Fake. Apple "ordered" a company to send all its manuscripts to it?

    Companies don't "order" each other around....that wouldn't get very far in the business world.

    Obviously they are paying them to do it. I order McDonald's around every time I walk in there and order them to make me a McFlurry. I order Rubio's to make me a 99 cent fish taco. I order myself to shut up now or this could go on for hours:)

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  • CWallace
    Jan 11, 04:36 PM
    Apple is purchasing the 700 mhz range to offer free wireless iTunes in all of its products across North America! ;)

    Perhaps not for that purpose, but one wonders what Apple could do with part of the 700MHz spectrum...

    How decent is it for streaming video? With Slingbox rumored to be working on an iPhone and iPod Touch client, perhaps Apple is looking at streaming rentals to those devices for when you find yourself stuck in an airport because of a delayed flight. Make a great ad tie-in:

    "There is something in the air, but it's not you because of snow at O'Hare. So why not catch the new episode of '(insert show name here)' while you wait for the next update at the gate?"

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  • IronLogik
    Nov 12, 11:55 AM
    there was a thing last week where tweetdeck's new app was pulled because it crashed constantly. most of the problems with Windows over the last 20 years have been third party apps and drivers and not the OS itself, yet MS got the blame. Apple learned a lesson from that. it took MS years to change the architecture to limit bad code from developers

    By offering applications both ways you have an advantage. Apps that want to be listed on the App store need to pass all the usual tests and review process.

    By offering applications via your own website you get a warning saying the app wasn't reviewed by app, use at your own risk blah blah blah.

    will smith son trey smith. Actors Will Smith and Jada
  • Actors Will Smith and Jada

  • tblrsa
    Mar 25, 05:51 PM
    Downloading this satanic update. ;)

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  • xper
    Oct 21, 12:02 AM
    I nominate the above post to win the "most-retarded-comment-award"

    will smith son trey smith. will smith son trey smith.
  • will smith son trey smith.

  • mooblie
    Nov 3, 03:51 AM
    Can you name off some of those sites and give their web address. Anyone else have sites they can name? I would like to see how much the lack of Flash on the iPhone cripples a web site. - thanks.

    BBC News, New York Times, Le Monde, CNN, CBC, ABC News, Welt Online, El Pais, etc.... (and hundreds - thousands? - of others).

    Oh yes, and practically all live-TV and TV-catchup websites...

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  • Gregintosh
    Apr 12, 01:11 PM
    Whoever said that was hard to understand? Not me!

    This is a big problem (and has been for 30+ years)...that everything we buy in the USA is made somewhere else...USA no longer manufactures except for our junky USA cars. some point when this all started decades ago, it WAS cheaper to build certain things outside the US...but then everyone got on the bandwagon and now it's the norm. (Thanks politicians!)

    The "it's cheaper to build outside the US!" is a bogus argument and has become an evil of our own doing.

    If it costs X to build in the US, please don't tell me it costs 1/10th of X to build, import, pay taxes, blah blah blah, to get it back into your company's hands.

    We can all agree that some things, yes, are easier and/or cheaper to build outside the US for a variety of reasons. Our USA system needs some serious overhauls to get stuff to be built back in the US other than screws and toilet paper.

    You are still not getting it. It does cost a fraction to build things outside the US.

    The US minimum wage is $8.25 per hour in many states. The minimum wage in a country like the Philippines is about $0.71.

    Because of labor unions and their regulations, a manufacturer typically needs to pay significantly above minimum wage anyway, PLUS benefits like health insurance cost way more. In the Philippines (which I bring up because I employ people there) health care cost about $10 per worker per month. Here in the US it can cost several hundred.

    Payroll taxes are no picnic either. Typically, in the US the total cost of hiring a worker when you factor in payroll, admin, benefits, etc. is that worker's salary + 25%.

    Labor is one of the biggest expenses any company has. Manufacturing requires a lot of labor too. You need people to operate machines, fix machines, load products, even assemble certain items by hand in some cases.

    So you can easily do the math. Where in one country you can get people for a dollar an hour to work and in other you get them for $10-$12 an hour, clearly the cost to operate in expensive country is 10x as much. That means you have to raise your prices that much more.

    Now all total manufacturing expenses aren't 10x more, since raw materials will typically cost the same anywhere in the world and there are some overhead expenses as well, but that labor difference is still huge when you consider a company like FoxConn that has 920,000 employees.

    Moving to the US would mean they would effectively have labor costs as if they were hiring 10 million employees instead of 1 million. You can't say that wouldn't make them raise their prices several fold to compensate for that.

    You can run the math yourself based on their number of employees, average wages in China, average wages in the US and their profit margins.

    Anyone who thinks it costs the same or only slightly more to produce here is living in a dream world.

    will smith son trey smith. Will Smith#39;s 10-year-old son
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  • esskay
    Jan 11, 01:35 PM
    Apple Airlines, a new premium air carrier to buck the trend of the various low cost airlines and cost cutting of services!

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  • mdlooker
    Apr 3, 11:21 AM
    Your wife said 'no'?

    You know, this is a question that I've been wanting to ask for a long time, and this is not directed only at you, but to all responses similar to yours I've seen on such topics. It's an honest question I have, because it just blows my mind:

    What the hell kind of relationship do you people have with your spouses?? I mean, seriously??! You need their explicit PERMISSION to buy something you want, with your money, and it gets to their point of people BEGGING their wives to let them buy something, only to be turned down?! How the hell do you get yourself into this kind of dynamic? The only plausible reason that a wife may be against it is if you guys are so short on cash, that $500 will break the account and drive you into poverty? And if this is the case, then you people should have a bit more responsibility than to beg your wives to let you buy something that you clearly can't afford. If you CAN afford it, and it is your $$, then why the hell do you even need to ask your wife in the 1st place, and what right does she have to refuse you? Do your wives make all the money? An iPad isn't a car or a house that needs to be a consensual and debated purchase. Your wife shouldn't have the ability (nor the desire) to stop you from buying one.

    This is honestly something that Id like an answer to. Some of you seem to have a 'child/parent' relationship, instead of husband/wife. If she's the breadwinner of the house, and you mooch of her, fine I'd understand. But if you bring in the $$? Sounds like a disturbing and cold relationship. Why does she get to dominate you and dictate your decisions, void of any debate or discussion?


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  • PBF
    May 4, 10:03 PM
    No, thanks. I don't wanna have to wear these stupid-looking glasses every time I need to use the iPad and look like a total dork. :mad:

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  • rk-hates-spam
    Sep 23, 07:19 AM
    I am American. Perhaps that�s something the executive team at Wal-Mart has forgotten about. I am free to choose where and when I spend my hard-fought dollars. Though Wal-Mart and its team may be able to manipulate those choices, I will always - ALWAYS - have the choice NEVER to spend another dollar at Wal-Mart. Ever.

    I mean what the hell� I live in America, not Wal-Mart-ica!

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  • menziep
    Oct 27, 03:39 PM
    Good for MB owners

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  • AP_piano295
    Mar 29, 10:57 AM
    Can you point out any war in history that meets your ivory tower qualifications?

    I've always felt that WW2 was justified though the way we ended the war was unfortunate and un-necessary.

    I'm also generally in support of intervening to stop genocide/ethnic cleansing.

    Unnecessary Wars:

    War 1812
    Civil War
    Spanish American War
    Korean War
    Vietnam War
    Desert Storm (Iraq 1.0) maybe necessary but easily avoided
    Iraq War

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  • thiagorariz
    Apr 12, 01:37 PM
    Here in Brazil we have high taxes. Taxes are high and public services are of poor quality. The cost of labor is quite high, due to all the labor bureaucracy that punishes both employers and employees. The purpose of mounting the iPads here in Brazil is that they would not be able to pay some import taxes and enjoy some tax incentives that the Brazilian government grants to companies that assemble their products in national territory. Furthermore, we live in a fake democracy, in which the State is only concerned with lining their own pockets, leaving the needs of the Brazilian people in the last plan. That since 1500.

    Oct 16, 11:26 AM
    all this beaming vs using the ear buds (yours or theirs) reminds me of the great expense NASA went to make a pen that works in space and Zero G. as compared the Russians who used a pencil

    Urban legend. The space pen was developed by a third party, and pencils were used in early nasa missions. Pencils aren't good for outer space since they can burn and shavings and lead bits can float around, which is hazardous.

    cocky jeremy
    Apr 2, 02:50 AM
    I don't care about megapixels. Is the sensor itself going to be better quality? Let more light in? Etc. That's what i want to know.

    Mar 11, 11:19 AM

    So we're supposed to go broke maintaining a bloated military to protect corporate interests abroad?

    How insane is that?! :eek:

    "The first step on the long road (道) to recovery is to recognize that you have a problem."

    Aug 24, 06:43 PM
    I've been picked for the team too. Yay team!

    Was able to get right on the site and it went through no problems at 7:30 EST.

    Sep 22, 01:29 PM
    ok we can all say F walmart for this F walmart for that, but the fact is that most of the studios (the big ones that matter) wont sign anything with apple.

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