Thursday, 26 May 2011

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pictures of natalie portman and. Natalie Portman + Keira
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  • Thunderhawks
    Mar 28, 10:52 AM
    We can feast our eyes on the Sony NGP whilst Apple have nothing new to show in terms of hardware! :D

    What would you like to see?

    The iTracy watch that does everything and MR posters will complain that it's not 10 inches big, doesn't come in white, with matte screen option, for FREE etc.etc..

    ipods and

    are ready to be updated.

    The rest was just done.

    iphone 5 will get a significant overhaul in ios, not product shape or form I think. Maybe replace the back glass panel and their everlasting quest for weight loss.

    Some other areas are not of interest to Apple.

    Developmental cycles many times have gaps.

    One company is launching something in April, the other in October.

    When October stuff comes out it will fall behind in development once April from another manufacturer launches, then they take turns trying to outdo each other.

    As long as they all work on their stuff , it's all good for the consumers.

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Mar 28, 09:26 AM
    What do you get for $1,599.00? Free iPad 2, what?

    Along with seeing the keynote you get to socialise with devs from all over the world and chat with 1000 apple engineers about any problems you may have and attend seminars on various topics.

    pictures of natalie portman and. Natalie Portman
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  • Zen0Jin
    May 6, 05:43 PM
    very nice, what model do you have?

    Top 27" retail config

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  • Diatribe
    Oct 27, 07:15 AM
    Although it looks pretty nice, it is a half-assed approach to improvement.

    - No spam management
    - No full feature set (missing bounce, etc.)
    - No full data set for the Address Book (still can't note bdays, etc.)
    - No iCal integration with a fully editable calendar

    Seriously would these things be too hard to do? Google does them so why doesn't Apple?

    Sometimes I get the feeling that there are only interns working on .mac

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  • spiv
    Apr 4, 11:41 AM
    My question though is how is this any different then having multiple TVs on your cable account? You can only watch TV on your account when your in your own home and on your own WiFi. Time warner took some pretty big steps to make sure you can't "steal" cable... It is a pretty secure app.

    I am just wondering why Viacom and others are bitching? Its just like going in the other room and watching it on the other TV... Doesn't allow you to watch TV away from home..

    This may be a very secure app, but the channels are bitching because they don't get their set-top box fee! I can't believe that Cablevision is actually going to win this one, but then again the Dolan family doesn't care who they piss off!

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  • IntelliUser
    Apr 4, 10:54 AM
    Here are some experts who have a very good understanding of the theories, and they think the "ideal" point on the laffer curve is a tax rate far higher than what we have now. In other words, lowering taxes lowers revenue, and the continued love affair the right has with lowering taxes to stimulate the economy is a fallacy.

    So the current top bracket tax rate is about half the ideal one...

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  • rasmasyean
    Apr 30, 10:48 PM
    Hum, you do understand all those big financial institutions and banks don't actually use Windows server for their big enterprise level CRMs and other important packages right ?

    Unix and Linux are used for way more than just "web server". Maybe you should try working 1 day in IT before you talk about IT. ;)

    Of course, you probably don't want to hear the truth and wouldn't accept it anyhow, keep believing in Windows' importance because that's what you see on the desktop, I'll keep working on real OSes in my cushy IT job far away from anything made by Redmond.


    IDC: Windows dominates Linux in servers, not just the desktop
    Windows beats Linux when it comes to servers by well over a three-to-one margin, as it has for at least a year.

    IDC: Windows Server dominates server revenue for Q4 2010
    IDC reports Windows Server has increased its market share by revenue to 42.1%, , far ahead of its nearest rival, Unix, at 25.6% and Linux at 17%.
    IDC notes that Microsoft Windows server demand was positively impacted by the x86 server market refresh as hardware revenue increased 16.8% year over year.
    Windows servers generated Quarterly revenue of $6.3 billion for represented 42.1% of overall quarterly factory revenue from the shipment of 1.5 million servers, the highest quarterly total ever reported for Windows servers.

    Don't presume just because you have an "IT job in unix or whatever", that everyone else who doesn't work at your company is a computer idiot. Not that this has any impact on "IDC research" but I've actually worked with languages from PL/1 (that is...Programming Language One!) up to .NET. And I can tell you that most of these "Windows bashing / Linux conquest rhetorics" are only taken up by actual computer idiots who just follow one side of hype...or college kids (who at least don't know any better...yet). Go to a REAL computer forum like Ars Technica and see what they think of "enterprise Macs" there. ;)

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  • roland.g
    Apr 1, 10:52 AM
    I think it's Time you're Warned about Cable.

    Go with DirecTV. Their new iPad app is awesome, acts as the best remote ever. Instead of paging through listings, I can swipe momentum style through the guide on my screen and tune my TV directly through it. No iPad watching yet, but I imagine sometime soon enough when they all start to offer it, the competition will force it. I can create multiple guides for things like sports, kids, movies, news. They all live update. Set and control your DVR all through the app.

    Like others have said, if you want true Mac/PC and iPad viewing, get a slingbox. I thought about it, but for now I'll just wait for the DirecTV to bring it to the app.

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  • spicyapple
    Nov 11, 05:47 AM
    PC dude looks to be wearing a wig. Please tell me Japanese guys at least comb their hair.

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  • Sweetfeld28
    Oct 16, 05:59 PM
    I'll buy one when it is carried by another provider, or when GSM has better service in my part of Ohio.

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  • Anonymous Freak
    Feb 28, 01:43 PM
    That's debatable. Apple's reputation in business/enterprise support has never been stellar. Meanwhile, Google literally Velcro together their server farms, using cheap hardware that is vulnerable to failure at single points but is collectively resilient and efficient.

    These are extreme ends of the spectrum that I'm using as examples, though.

    There's a big difference between "many single machines can fail and the cloud survives" and "individual machines are stable". Most businesses can't afford the mass cloud redundancy of Google, and most can't afford to have machines go down regularly.

    The point of "big iron" is that you buy one large expensive machine that just sits there doing its work quietly for years on end, with little active administration needed.

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  • Mr. Gates
    Apr 12, 10:01 PM
    That's too bad,...the CDMA antenna has a problem.

    Many Un happy campers.

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  • balamw
    Oct 9, 05:08 PM
    maybe if target dropped their pricing they wouldnt have this problem
    As ITR 81 already mentioned, they are already often selling at below their cost to attract customers. They don't have any room to go lower unless the studios drop their prices.


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  • alec
    Oct 9, 03:06 PM
    Sounds like bad news for Apple. Increased outside pressure from major retailers of DVDs is turning into the less likelihood of other studios signing on to iTunes... unless of course consumers get the wonderful opportunity to pay $24.99 to watch the latest Tim Allen release.

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  • sososowhat
    Mar 26, 03:59 PM
    I'd thought he'd never been seen with anything but water. Just something I thought I'd heard once.

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  • Aliterofsoda
    Mar 9, 08:53 PM
    No one has mentioned the Apple store in Fort Worth... could mean good things for me! I plan on scoping it out around noon... stocked with school work and snacks!

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  • wolfshades
    Nov 9, 10:07 AM
    OK - I admit that I can a certain tendency toward paranoia :o, but...

    With respect to credit cards, most eating places where I am in the UK bring a machine to the table rather than taking the card away. A PIN is required. Also, one can erase or cover the 3-digit number on the back so that you reduce the chances of your stolen card being used online. My worry is that the RFID will be so automatic ('convenient') that you'll be able to wave your phone to purchase goods or services, without any other conformation of your identity. And it is true that security so far on RFID is far from perfect: indeed, one can now purchase shielded passport covers that reduce the chance of criminal access to sensitive passport information via RFID .

    EDIT: Also, didn't O2 trial something called 'Wallet' that allowed a mobile phone to be used to buy things? I wonder how the trial turned out...

    Evidently, sanity prevails in the U.K. Here in Canada - not so much. Since very few places bring the credit card machine to the table, (and since I have an allergy to sketchy waiters) I make a point of walking over to it myself. :)

    I really do think your concerns are valid. There are some credit card companies and banks here which have already implemented RFID technology on credit cards and phones (non are iPhones obviously). Not too sure about how the Motorola RIFD phones work but with the credit cards, you only need to wave it at a reader and the transaction is done. I'd like to see what they're security folk have to say about this.

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  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 08:40 PM
    I have just figured something out in the server admin app that allows you to modify the services i will upload the images of this after i finnish uploading the rest of the images. this will take some time.

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  • NoSmokingBandit
    Jun 14, 04:38 PM
    That design is just awful. Reminds me of a cheesy alienware case:

    Jan 7, 05:29 PM
    so some people are getting sounds??? I wish crap worked! Seems like my battery is draining faster today after updating fbook, but some of yall said the push really wont eat much that true??

    Mar 23, 01:50 PM
    License for $4?

    Apple should license it for *free*.

    Feb 29, 10:04 PM
    I just pulled my sim card out of my Motorola T720 and threw into my mums nokia something or other. It works fine, I'm not sure what problems your having

    Oct 6, 09:52 PM
    So the iPod Nano and Shuffle are failures in the same context?

    The iPod line relied on the music library of the owner and the usage options. The iPhone is a smart phone. It's main usage is constant. The iPod had varied usage depending on model. iPos shuffle extreme portability for sports and style for women, iPod nano for the casual user who wanted more features and for those with active lifestyles and the iPod classic for the owners of large music libraries and wanted portable video as well as the power user who accessed the device as a portable hard drive.

    Mar 11, 09:51 PM
    So what happened at Knox st. Was it a sellout there as well? Anybody have any info from the area Fry's, BB, or Targets?

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