Tuesday, 17 May 2011

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  • milatchi
    Jul 28, 04:40 PM
    Zune is a crappy name.


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  • Socratic
    May 1, 09:34 PM
    Proof please. You have no idea what does or doesn't go to the artists, songwriters, producers, etc. You are speculating. The site has been up and running for years now, because noone has been able to prove in a court that they are doing anything illegal. If the courts decide otherwise and shut the site down, I'll move back to Amazon.

    You have implied your own proof. The fact that they are in Court at all should tell you money is not going from the site to the record labels / artists etc.

    The only reason the cases have failed is that its not illegal under Russian law. Russian sites are violating international law in making this content available, but international law is very, very difficult to enforce. Especially where the action is legal in the violating nation.

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  • NikeTalk
    Apr 13, 08:47 PM
    I would love to see those prices!........not really tho

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  • Rowbear
    Apr 12, 06:31 AM
    Taken from the top of Mount Leconte in Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

    Beautifull conversion. Lots of tonalities :)

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  • CubusX
    Sep 30, 02:35 PM
    What happened to AT&T's campaign of "AT&T has the fewest dropped calls"??

    False Advertising? I think so.

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    Apr 26, 04:59 PM
    I saw and got my hands on a possible prototype IMac that had a touchable screen and a smug free screen. It also had the earlier uncoded virtual keyboard in the Lion OS. though it was only a prototype but a very realistic one for production. I believe it to be the IMac I and my father both got our hands on earlier this year.:apple:

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  • intervenient
    Apr 25, 10:36 PM
    Any word about the Mac Mini? Would like to switch from MBA to a Mini and iPad combo.

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  • DmbShn41
    Oct 14, 08:56 AM

    With AT&T being the cell phone carrier that charges the most, they should be EXPECTED to provide the best quality service in the industry. If AT&T thinks 30% of all calls being dropped is "normal," this is absolutely unacceptable! So this means that of every ten phone calls to 911, 3 being dropped is "normal" and acceptable????? And major corporations with thousands of employees are supposed to sign up for cell service with AT&T, knowing that 30% of all calls (with customers) being dropped is, in AT&T's eyes, acceptable???????? :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Wow, you really need to take a chill pill. 911 services dont work exactly like every other phone call. And the 30% is for the NYC metro area, which is has about 20 million other people within a few blocks making calls on their cells too, which creates quite a bit of confusion, signal wise. And lets not forget the buildings, and their makeup of steel/iron frames. And then all the WiFi signal that is being broadcasted around.

    SO yeah there is quite a bit of a hurdle there, but what is even more interesting is what is Verizon, T-Mobile, etc acceptable rate of dropped calls for NYC area? Do you think any lower? Maybe next time you should think before you overreact, and then just not saying anything if it's anything like this?

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  • jeriqo
    Jul 11, 04:07 PM
    It's would be fun if Microsoft released this player and Apple introduced the rumored full screen iPod a few days later..


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  • shecky
    Oct 24, 07:56 AM
    one thing i am very pleased about is that the stock 17" has all the specs i need (i will get more RAM elsewhere, not from apple, and not yet) 2GB RAM, 160GB HD, 2.33 C2D so now i do not have to CTO from apple, i can just go buy it in store.

    the only things i wish for more of would be a higher-end video card and easy access HD bay. other than that i am pleased.

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  • Abstract
    Nov 24, 06:09 AM



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  • themadrussian
    Apr 22, 04:25 PM
    Holy horrible, Batman.

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  • bpaluzzi
    Apr 22, 05:43 PM
    Good to see Apple catching up to the features Palm introduced two and a half years ago.

    What features would those be, smart guy?

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  • ebow
    Aug 16, 07:22 AM
    But at least the sidebar is improved in a useful way. I hate how the text on the current sidebar hangs to the side of the images, taking up valuable width.

    So instead, the new sidebar pushes into the image, reducing it in size, and requiring you to expand the width ( :eek: ) of the window if you want to keep the image the same size. I don't really see the overall difference. I suppose it comes down to whether you prefer the images to get slightly smaller, or the tray to suddenly cover over other things.

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  • mklos
    Dec 3, 09:56 AM
    Router, firewall I feel OK.

    I hate to tell you this, but they are really no help when it comes to spyware. I don't know what you were referring to there, but with adware/spyware they won't help you one bit. Adware comes mostly through port 80, which is the port the internet comes through. So if you want, you can set your router/firewall to block port 80, but then you don't have any internet.

    That being said, someone could figure out how to get around a firewall. As with any software based firewall, there are vulnerabilities in it, even the OS X one. A router (hardware based), well, thats a little different.

    But there are things Apple could do to make OS X more secure. Hopefully Leopard will patch a bunch of holes and make it even harder for adware and anything else to get in. Then release patches for Panther/Tiger. They've done this in the past with Tiger security enhancements and then releasing a patch for Panther.

    I believe SecurityWorks (or whatever they're called), works with Apple now instead of against them to aid in finding "holes" in the system. This is the way it should be. They should be hiring people/companies to find holes in the OS and to report them exclusively to Apple ONLY so they can be fixed.

    We Mac users are way to secure with ourselves and one day its going to bite us in the butt bigtime. A lot of us throw the talk to the hand up when OS X starts getting bashed about its insecurity. This is a bad thing and some of us need to shape up. These very people will be the first to bitch and complain about their Mac getting spyware and/or viruses when it happens. And of course, its all Apple's fault!

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  • D4F
    Apr 28, 04:56 PM
    It's ok that Macs are overpriced big time, no problem that they come with not so up to date hardware yet people bitch that they are 'screwed' cause they will need a new... bumper case....

    Hahaha. I just can't stop laughing.

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  • haruhiko
    Apr 13, 07:59 PM
    Okay, we know that, it will come eventually.

    It's really annoying.

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  • imacintel
    Jul 29, 01:22 PM
    I will give the microsoft zune a chance. But keep mind microsoft was created as a by-product of apple. I haven't had the best experience with mircosoft. Sooo I'm just curious.

    Me too, I am curious. To see if it sucks.

    If it is anything like the Gigabeat, it will suck ass.

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  • SeanZy
    Mar 16, 08:36 AM
    Wait are you inside?!?!?! I got here about 5:30 and I couldn't get in. Outside Red Robin.

    Good luck with getting one today, my friend is there again second in line I guess. Would have been there if I didnt have class this morning

    Sep 30, 05:04 PM
    I'd say it's more of a yes and no on AT&T quality.
    While their service may be spotty in certain locations, the iPhone doesn't exactly have the most stellar antenna.
    My iPhone has dropped calls in locations where my N75 (also on AT&T) has never missed a beat.

    Apr 13, 07:56 PM
    Here we go again. I'll believe it when I see it.

    Mar 31, 11:51 AM
    Firstly, I'd be very surprised if this was Gold Master considering how early it is and I was expecting there to be a few UI updates prior to its release given that the Leopard look is quite old now.

    But now they've given us this, a hark back to the whole brushed metal fiasco of early Mac OS X, where there was a mixture of ghastly brushed metal and aqua (yes and that brushed metal Finder ;)). The original reasoning behind the brushed metal was that it was supposed to be reserved for things like iTunes, where certain apps were supposed to resemble their physical counterparts (sound familiar?) but then Apple had to keep amending the UI Interface rules to cover off its many own violations!

    Something tells me we're not done yet. Expect Address Book to be the next to 'go leather'. And I wouldn't be surprised if that was it.

    From what I remember, Leopard looked like Tiger did for most of its development, before a release just prior to Gold Master made everything the dark grey gradient as you see today. It wouldn't surprise me if the end Lion product looks nothing like the Leopard/Snow Leopard look that you see right now.

    When Steve said he wanted to see more of the iPad on Mac OS X, at least we now know he wasn't kidding ;)

    Apr 27, 07:34 AM
    You always seem to forget that Tbolt is a dual bidirectional 10Gb/s channel technology, so in fact it can handle 4 SATA connections, 2 upstream and 2 downstream. With room to spare. On a single port.

    How does the math work on that? 2 SATA 3.0 connections would saturate the bus right?

    Jul 24, 08:28 PM
    I like my G5 (the logitech mouse) for the laser, amount of buttons (the wheel has 3 clicks), the extra weight (you don't know you need it until you have it) and the smooth teflon pads on the bottom that make every other mouse feel like crap (stick to the table) when you move it. I just wish there were drivers for Mac. USB overdrive is ok, but I don't get the full 2000 dpi and the speed is still too low for my liking (everyone says I'm crazy with my mouse speed :p ). I have to reach across a 20" screen with less than an inch of mouse movement with no acceleration. It works under windows, dammit! If anyone has a solution for me, PM me please.

    Maybe I'll get in of those Bluetooth "M5". I love that it works with AA batteries since I would hate having to charge my laptop, cell phone, iPod AND my mouse. Laser uses less battery power than the optical thing by the way so battery time should be good.

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