Friday, 20 May 2011

illinois medicaid card

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  • Kingsly
    Aug 8, 12:36 PM
    I asked a nice lady at the information booth if there were any leftover tickets for the keynote, and If I could have a WWDC2006 computer bag.

    'no,' she said. :o

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  • ampd
    Aug 3, 02:32 PM
    I cant wait to buy my first mac this monday... I don't actually have the money but I do have my credit card to take care of that...I wonder if the mac pros will be ready to ship monday or will there be a delay until the start shipping...If there is a delay I hope they hold off chargin my card so I can actually pay my credit bill in full instead of getting the wonderful interest added on....Any ideas?

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  • maclor
    Mar 28, 06:44 PM
    You can see all the RadioShack locations carrying iPads 2 tomorrow on a map:

    Anyone planning on trying to get one? Any guesses on how many per store?

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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Sep 1, 06:33 PM
    Retail price for Vista Blows, my next system will be a Mac. Windows is like a generic copy of OS9 Made in China, Im sure Vista will be the same.

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  • powermac_daddy
    Nov 6, 10:48 PM
    waiting for my OX 10.5 macbook pro.

    when is that gonna be? what is the configuration gonna be like?

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  • MatthewConnelly
    Nov 8, 05:56 AM
    I have a good feeling, it's about the right time of day!

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  • tk421
    Sep 12, 03:14 PM
    #1 Movies 640 by 480? No widescreen or animorphic? forget that! I haven't bought a 4x3 movie since 1998

    Are you sure they aren't anamorphic? I want to find this out.

    Even an anamorphic DVD is still a 4:3 file. It just stretches it out. And Quicktime does support non-square pixels.

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  • StinktOldC
    Oct 15, 03:17 PM
    where would we be without him?

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  • Andronicus
    Mar 29, 01:11 AM
    My thoughts are the same, people honestly believe that wwdc is just the keynote

    It's the only part I (and a lot of people on this site) really care about. Is that such a big deal?

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  • matthewHUB
    Aug 3, 05:15 PM
    Guys... has it occurred to anybody that the ichat phone is the biggest joke???

    Why on earth would the iSight be on the back?? So when you talk to someone you can't see them?and the microphone is on the front???? WTF?


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  • VidPro
    May 5, 07:24 AM
    I hope so. Same feeling I have about 3D TVs. Give me a better image and screw the gimmicks.

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  • spicyapple
    Aug 24, 12:49 PM
    Is it 1.1, 1.3 or 1.8 million laptop batteries?

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  • acearchie
    Apr 13, 03:55 PM
    I hope they brighten the interface a bit. I find it too dark. Also i hope some of the buttons become drop down buttons. It looks way more cluttered then FCP7.

    all the improvements i have seen are major approvements. Even though this is an early demo. bravo, apple.

    edit: or give us the advanced and regular version UI ;) all buttons that have shortcuts i dont see need for in the UI for an everyday user like me.

    Don't know if you have seen the hi-res screenshots but there seems to be a switch (like a light switch) next to the zoom tools in the bottom right that could toggle between two set colours maybe?

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  • bassfingers
    Apr 2, 08:50 PM
    Opinions are good things huh....

    The nokia n8 may be a fugly symbian^3 abomination, but the sensor combined with the carl zeiss optics produces some really nice photos, even in low light.

    You can also use the hdmi out for flipping throuhg photos, and not just the fakin stupid slideshow like the hdmi adapter on the iphone4

    Yeah, why get the iphone when there are things out there that take better pictures... Like, cameras. Yep, not ever getting an iphone because digital cameras take better pictures

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  • rand0m3r
    Nov 8, 06:24 AM
    ok the US store was last to go down. but which one goes up first with the new update? :D

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  • Pallish
    Sep 4, 07:50 AM
    I just cancelled my MacBook+iPod-order... The folks at Apple couldn't say if the back to school-offer would still be valid if I switched iPods so I'm placing a new order on Tuesday so I can save 200 bucks on the iPod :)

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  • matthewHUB
    Nov 12, 06:17 PM
    IRONIC as facebook could clearly benefit themselves on a more strict app approval system. There's so much spam on there these days. People's accounts getting hacked, sending messages with trojan links to everyone.

    And the iPhone app itself pretty much sucks anyway so a new developer would be a good thing

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  • odedia
    Sep 6, 09:27 AM
    Nope, desktop chip.

    we don't know that yet.

    The ATI X1600 in the "old" iMac is a mobile chip. And an UNDERCLOCKED one.

    Damn it, I wanted a Conroe iMac... I wonder how different they are from the Merom performance wise?

    BTW, Vesa mount is back with the 24" model.

    It's pretty clear why the added the Firewire 800 port ot the iMac: Time Machine requires an external hard drive. And it would be best if it was a pretty darn fast one, as well.

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  • IJ Reilly
    Aug 29, 11:08 AM
    Yeah, only take that portion of my statement and :rolleyes: to it.:rolleyes:

    You've got to admit, you kind of deserve that response, if you going to cite a commercial to back up your argument.

    Sep 4, 01:37 PM
    Bring on new iPod nanos made from anodized aluminum like the iPod mini! :D

    Mar 25, 07:17 PM
    You guys need to find a different forum to talk about Asbergers and autism I can suggest some if you need them .......I hope not that you have a child or family member with a PDD.

    Apr 12, 01:54 PM
    Is that why Primark never display it on the labels of their clothing?

    There is a legal requirement when importing to show the country of manufacture, BUT if a company changes the character of the product it imports it qualifies as made in USA.

    Depending on the product the manufacturer then lists something like Made in USA with some parts from (put in Country)

    Peopel don't rea dthat stuff anyway.

    They read:

    Today only $ 1.99. Buy one get one FREE!

    and then throw the packaging away.

    Mar 12, 09:32 AM
    ...they had to bring the store down worldwide?
    Sometimes I wonder what Apple hires those smart people for, if it's just the morons running their daily business.

    Have you ever been involved in the deployment of a multi-million dollar online store?

    Bubba Satori
    Apr 17, 02:15 PM
    As long as Dollar General and Big Lots don't sell them.
    Their customers are real knuckle draggers.
    Stay tuned.

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