Tuesday, 17 May 2011

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kaley christine cuoco. kaley christine cuoco.
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  • diamond.g
    Apr 12, 10:01 AM
    Boo! I didn't know it "required" a connection between the GPU and PCIe. I don't see the reasoning behind a direct connection to the GPU, anyone (not an engineer here)? I also agree, that for the sake of data connectivity, a PCIe card would be a realistic expectation. I certainly wouldn't be bothered with another connection, especially if that connection would eventually be the primary connection to my external devices ("Light Peak"/"ThunderBolt" does allow for daisy chaining?).

    Because it uses mDP for the connection. It would be confusing to users to have a data only port that looks like their video port (of course this really only affect Macs since most PC's come with DVI/HDMI...)

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  • zacman
    Apr 22, 04:47 PM
    F700, announced 2007 feb, released dec.
    iPhone, announced 2007 jan, released june.

    it's clear that the f700 is also a copycat....

    The GSMArena article is wrong there. It is true that the F700 was officially "introduced in Feb 2007", but it was already shown at the IFA fair in Berlin in autumn 2006.

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  • Spooner83
    Apr 29, 03:18 PM
    This would be awesome if I bought music at 256 kbps but I download LOSSLESS! When are digital retailers going to offer LOSSLESS?

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  • Stella
    Apr 29, 03:09 PM
    Shame there's no music available on amazon.ca.

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  • Mac-Addict
    Oct 24, 08:32 AM
    I think he means that the wireless card in the new MBP may be the same as in the new iMac, which is apparently 802.11n draft compliant
    But if its not is there anyway you could upgrade to a 802.11n wireless card when it comes out in 2008? Like take it took an apple store and pay �100 or something..

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  • southernpaws
    Apr 22, 02:05 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

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  • alexf
    Oct 18, 07:16 PM
    Aaaand in 3 ... 2 ... 1:


    This is why I posted my comment correcting your innaccurate assumption that "the iPod is still Apple's cash cow".

    The funny part is that I was in no way "defending" the iPod, since I don't have one at the moment and was just as annoyed at Apple as everyone else that Macs were not centerstage... in '04 and '05.

    We're rounding out '06 and that argument hasn't held water since last year.

    It's been ALL about Mac in '06

    He he... I told you this would get emotional! :)

    And by the way, you may want to look up "cash cow" in the dictionary. It has nothing to do with a product representing the MAJORITY of a company's income.

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  • Mystikal
    Mar 15, 06:40 PM
    Were you the guy I was talking to at the end of the FI line that was about to have a smoke?

    Anyone going back tomorrow? I think I am done chasing these things for a while, but who knows. Went to South Coast before lunch for ***** and giggles and was told there would be no more iPads today. Period.

    The guy told me that they never opened South Coast early. I told him that his counterpart told me yesterday to go to South Coast early. And he said, that they are normally open then, just for one-on-one and not any retail sales. And if they did get a shipment, they would sell them before they "opened". Wait, what?

    I just walked away confused and in disgust.

    I am just trying to give Apple my money, sheesh.


    Come on Apple, JUST TAKE HIS MONEY!

    No, I was second in line, blue and black jacket.

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  • iEvolution
    Apr 22, 05:08 PM
    Ugh I wish they'd keep the iPod Touch and iPhone different in appearance.

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  • Marc-Mustang
    Jul 21, 05:33 PM
    Sorry guys. I was asking how much of Apple does Bill Gates actually own via stock, not the market share that Apple has. This info is very hard to find.

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  • dgree03
    Apr 26, 01:32 PM
    Have to agree entirely with this one. Google is getting to be more and more of a mess so I'm ditching it entirely.

    1) Gmail goes down for me about 1-2 times/week. Just have to wait (and wait).
    2) Google contacts are useless - they don't import vcard!!!
    3) Google calendar is a joke if you have to work with other clients
    4) Google customer service is Non Existent. I have a google voice number which I established a couple of months ago for a non-profit outfit and the username/password is lost. I have the Number and it is still forwarding to the original number set BUT I can't turn it off, I can't get the user name - Why you ask with baited breath, because the only solution from Google is to allow you to send an email to your username given that you know the phone number BUT I don't have the username - catch22 anyone. So now I would normally wait on the phone for two hours to talk to a person who could fix that - the 2 hours being a reasonably punishment for my folly BUT.. once again with baited breath.. there is NO customer service number, NO customer service chat, NO customer service email. I guess if I want to get a person at google I have to drive up to the bay area.

    The problem is that I"m NOT google customer, the ad providers are and Google is set up that way. They will continue to go downhill as they continue this ad-supported business model (and free is NOT free).

    Your doing it wrong... Google services are much better than mobile me! Caveat? Get Android.

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  • lgreenberg
    Apr 28, 04:29 PM
    Apple shouldn't be aloud to state the thickness as being the same as the black iPhone. If they can't even fit into some cases then it's just yet another issue apple has to amend. Honestly, with all the QC issues and delays in the past do they just purposely not tackle issues that surely a competant R&D faculty would inevitably find?

    I agree - if this does turn out to be in fact the truth Apple has some explaining to do.

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  • 840quadra
    Jul 10, 03:15 PM
    You and Westside_guy should get together...see post #24 in this thread. Then go see post #27.

    #24 HAHAHA !

    I was aware of the link in post #27, that's why I thought it was an unveiling of the tricky little macrumors feature.

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  • techweenie
    Apr 13, 04:24 PM
    What? Apple moving into TV?

    Quick, go back to Fall, 2001 and dredge up all the "Apple will fail in the music player sector" posts!

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  • Lurchdubious
    Sep 17, 06:01 AM

    For 99cents this game is incredible!:D

    Tell me about it! I sacrificed 2 hrs of sleep last night for this game, haha.

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  • NickZac
    Feb 1, 09:18 AM
    MacRumors' forum - Politics, Religion, Social Issues

    I was just curious, because it seems as if it is a "different" person posting. Perhaps in a day or two we'll see you posting how your little sister or mom got hold of your MacRumors account and posted all kind of weird stuff.

    It has happened before.

    Anyway, on to better things�

    There are some things I am passionate about, and some things...oh forget it.

    This is like the 'Weird Al' rendition of the Political forum.

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  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 28, 10:57 AM
    DRM is a evil necessity - and one that isn't going to go away - we must live with

    I would be able to use more than one music store... and from my point of view - is a great benefit. If one music store doesn't have the music I want to buy - maybe another does?

    ( And please, don't tell me to burn -> rip - its slow and unconvenient )

    I am by no means saying DRM is not necessary. This is what some people hate though. I understand it is necessary and have no problem with it. I personally choose to buy and rip. Mainly because of quality.

    DRM is great. I am just giving another side of the argument.

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  • 840quadra
    Dec 1, 07:31 PM
    Okay, now I might end up being branded as an Apple apologist for this, but this thread is bugging me.

    Really, people, lighten up! It's like the corner of the carpet is smoking a little bit and people start shouting about how the whole house is about to burn down.

    Now, certainly, these issues should be looked at with all due diligence. But do you honestly think that Apple isn't? Do you honestly think that Apple has simple ignored security all this time? Certainly not. The fact that OS X is as secure as it is clearly shows that Apple has done a good job so far. Now, maybe we've crossed an invisible barrier on the scale of the visibility of the platform, and now a lot more people are trying to target OS X, so more vulnerabilities are being found. But, there really is a big difference between a vulnerability and an exploit in the wild. iAdware is the closest thing to a true exploit I've heard of to date, and we don't even know what kind of vector it uses to get itself installed.

    So, really, lay off the heavy handed "Apple has to start paying attention to security" nonsense. The implication that Apple hasn't been paying attention to security is just irritating, to say the least.

    Good points,

    I agree with some of your points. Apple has done a good job historically, and currently with regards to security. I am not worried that my system is going to be taken over, or hacked the moment I go onto the internet, or sign into a public WIFI.

    I do not agree that lower our demands for Apple with regards to security expectations. Now is Apple's chance to prevent getting an image that their competition has, with regards to holes in security. Apple themselves have advertised that Spyware, viruses, etc, are not part of the OS X experience (http://movies.apple.com/movies/us/apple/getamac_ads1/viruses_480x376.mov). In my opinion, that may be received as a challenge, or incentive for someone to make that argument a fallacy.

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  • ciTiger
    May 4, 08:37 AM
    I see a rumor coming tomorrow to contradict this... :D

    But this is the first year since the release that so man rumors regarding this are appearing...

    Apr 28, 06:10 PM



    WTF ... who uses cases? And who cares for cases?

    If I look at people with their iphones, i see like less than 5% using anything on their phones. And all of them use the Apple bumper on some iphone 4. I've seen hundreds of iphones in the wild, but I still have to see one non-bumper case in the wild.

    Grow up guys ...

    P.S.: WTF does one use a case for? To make the phone THICKER? UGLIER?

    Apr 28, 07:04 AM
    The wait is killing me! I'm sitting here working on my old model trying to develop a shader heavy action game, I'll need to record footage for a trailer soon and I don't think my iMac will be able to handle it. Come on May the 3rd!

    Seriously, why not an Imac with touch-screen right now? Will we need to wait for the next iMac update to see this technology implemented?

    Apple is surely working on it:

    And, besides that, OS X Lion will be 100% focused on touch technology... and we�re not talking about an Ipad OS...

    Touchscreen computers are terrible. I used to do design work for a company that sold them. Computers in their current form do not work well as touchscreens. They even gave me a large touchscreen display as a gift... great display, terrible arm pain!

    Leave touchscreens where they work - portable devices. The mouse is so much more precise, comfortable and cheaper.

    Oct 24, 08:07 AM
    I think it is £50 cheaper for the base model in the UK
    yep nice little price drop and spec bump combo
    old >> New
    Core Duo 2.0 >> Core 2 Duo 2.16
    512Mb >> 1GB
    80Gb HD >> 120Gb HD
    4xDVD-R >> 8xDVD-R

    Jan 30, 05:14 PM
    The biggest difference I see between gold and stocks is that one is based on negative gloom/doom thinking, and the other is based on positive/growth thinking. I have little to no interest in investing in gloom/doom, and history is the reason why. Periods of negative thinking tend to be short-lived.

    You are right about this, but we have also never lived in a generation of such drastic debt and our markets are not sustainable at this level of debt and the interest which is owed on it... So I do not see it as doom and gloom but prefer to see the realism behind it. We are really in uncharted territories in modern time but in comparison to the Roman Empire we are over extended just like they were. Our military occupies over 200 countries, we are fighting in two wars with the possibility of a third and it all will cost us trillions. The reality of it is that other countries are not putting themselves at economic risk for the safety of the world like we are. In then end it is the American people who are being effected by this.

    Apr 21, 10:39 PM
    Even more entertaining is the fact that Apple is so arrogant they fail to realize how stupid they look.

    Suing their biggest vendor.

    It doesn't get any more stupid than that.

    This happens all the time, and usually results in the plaintiff paying less for the stuff they're buying from that vendor.

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