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may 21 judgement day billboard

may 21 judgement day billboard. Day,may 21 2011,harold Camping
  • Day,may 21 2011,harold Camping

  • AP_piano295
    Apr 27, 06:18 PM
    What I want to know is how gun crime correlates to poverty regardless of race.

    In the United States:

    Hispanics are the poorest demographic in the United States, black people are the second worst off.

    Further the majority of violent crimes committed by Hispanics in the united states are committed by illegals (not necessarily illegal immigrants). This allows for a-lot of the cartel based violence currently going on in Mexico (thanks to America's ridiculous drug laws) to cross the border.

    While inter cartel violence is hardly a mitigating factor it does suggest that much of the violence has little relation to the communities themselves but is instead being imported.

    What bother's me about this issue is that I think a-lot can be done by working with community leaders to curb these tragic issues. But before we can start confronting the issues we need to have an open conversation about them.

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  • SiliconAddict
    Jul 24, 11:04 PM
    Why would Apple go about doing all this work when Steve Jobs's friend Jeff Bezos has been spending the past several years scanning all of his inventory for the 'Look Inside' feature? And they cover just about every book on Earth. And they've been in the default Safari bookmarks for years. Etc.

    Just because you have the content scanned doesn't mean its ready for e-book format. As I said before Apple would be better off working with e-reader who has something along the lines of 16,000+ books ready to go.

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  • steviem
    Aug 8, 05:52 AM
    I think you can control when the data gets backed up, and it would be good if you could delete versions after a certain time. They must have the scenarios worked out, otherwise for my 40GB iBook HD and 80GB LaCie external drive, I'd need about a TB * to be able to go back in time for the year of changes.

    *This wasn't a true estimate, just an exagerrated guess...

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  • May 21, 2011: Judgment Day

  • Digital Skunk
    Apr 11, 08:42 AM
    So buy the full version outright and get data plans with no caps. That's the beauty of a free market - you get to decide what you want and if the cost is worth it.

    True about the subscription model.

    Not so much about the data caps. There's no choice with many service providers. AT&T's data plan with the iPad for one example.

    More to the point, I think it's just Full of Win mentioning that it's not a very ideal solution for those in Adobe's demographic. Which is a point we can discuss. I personally feel they've got it right, but I doubt there will be any substantial market for renting the full on suites when buying them outright ends up being a cheaper/more convenient option.

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  • Mudbug
    Oct 26, 05:39 PM
    couldn't they just shorten the heat sink about a bajillionth of an inch and keep them from touching?

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  • trapperjohn117
    Oct 26, 06:32 PM
    ok im going in! hopefully my blackbook will emerge unscathed.

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  • Eso
    Mar 30, 05:11 PM
    Why wasn't I surprised it was you who gave this answer...


    You aren't very good at this. Consequently, I'm sure I must explain why:

    You consistently post unsubstantiated claims of which you know nothing about, often in direct opposition to demonstrable facts, such as this one (, this one (, this one (, and this one ( As such, it's not surprising when you post a reply that follows the same theme: denying the existence of anything that negatively portrays the products or services you are personally invested in.

    It's a pattern born from the same insecurity that would cause one to name himself after said product.

    Your attempt at trolling me doesn't even make sense because the referenced posts don't have any similarities.

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  • Warbrain
    Nov 7, 07:50 AM
    Well...doesn't look like its happening today.

    There's still time. But I do like knowing that I was right when people were all 'NO YOU'RE NOT!!" Gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside that I can use some common sense.

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  • Mr. Retrofire
    Apr 11, 09:16 AM
    Doesn't matter how much they made.
    It matters, because it proves "pirates" are not a big problem for Adobe.

    If you want to use pro tools, you pay for them like an adult. Or you're just a thieving child.

    Calm down kid!

    And btw, how can a "thieving child" use "pro tools" in a professional way? Does not make any sense.

    I think we should call them "Professional Pirates (without a ship)". *lol*

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  • CFreymarc
    Mar 28, 09:19 PM
    This sucks. I was going to buy my ticket when I got home from work. By the time I got home, it was already sold out.

    You and a few other thousand engineers. What hasn't been said is how many tickets were sold. I would be curious to see if Apple limited the amount of tickets the first round to get hype and "additional tickets" will go on sale later this week.

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  • badcrumble
    Mar 18, 03:37 PM
    The iPod Classic needs to retire. But they need to bring the Click Wheel back to the iPod Nano.

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  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 19, 02:33 PM
    They will release the ipod classic with the new intel ssd for just $1999

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  • rabella
    Mar 29, 11:58 AM
    I got my black 16gb wifi iPad today at the radio shack in jersey city. I got there at 9 and no one was there. They opened at 10 and I got 1 of the 4 they had in stock. I did not have to buy the AppleCare but they made me buy an accessory. I didn't mind since I wanted a smart cover.

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  • sierra oscar
    Nov 8, 08:33 AM
    i have a 1st generation macbook so in a way im glad not much was updated... :p

    well I think an upgrade to C2D is significant (to me at least) and for my pocket - I was always going to have to get 1gig RAM and pay extra for it - now I don't have to spend that money - it comes stock

    The slight bump in stock HD offerings isn't a want of mine - but is nice.

    Primarily I'm excited about this revision - as it is a revision and hopefully will have less issues than the problematic-appearing revA MB.

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  • May 21st Judgement Day.

  • deconai
    Aug 3, 05:00 PM
    Something to take into consideration:
    If these guys didn't want Apple to be embarrassed, why did they go ahead and use an Apple computer? That was quite polite of them not to show how vulnerable the Airport card is...or just plain bull. I don't believe this for one second. It's all to easy to say something, but a little harder to back it up with actions.

    Not all drivers are created equal.

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  • cocky jeremy
    Nov 2, 11:24 PM
    Who cares about Flash? It's a bloated, poorly written POS and i'd rather not have it. EVER. Hell, i turn it off on my Mac with ClickToFlash and just use H.264 unless Flash is the ONLY option. I wish Flash would just hurry up and die!

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  • Slix
    May 5, 07:59 AM
    Sounds good. Not that connecting to iTunes once in a while to update/backup/sync is a problem for me.

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    May 1, 11:14 PM
    Glad to hear your OK Corvus.:)

    (that's not to say I don't have sympathy for those that didn't fare so well)

    Corvus, glad to hear you, your wife and the cats are ok. I'm sure it must have been terrifying.

    Glad your MBP survived too!

    So we don't derail this thread (which I plan on getting back to once we've got everything cleaned up around here), I'd like to direct everyone to this thread instead (

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  • May 21 is Judgment Day.

  • aussiegirlsusan
    Mar 12, 06:26 AM
    Aussie apple store is still down!!! If it's not ipad pre-sales or the mac pro due for Tuesday release...... Must (smell the desperation!) it be MBP's??????

    EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Aug 30, 09:44 AM
    I'm also to the point of getting a MacBook for my next computer so I can bring it to work... I am SO much more efficient on my Mac than on my work PC. It's mostly due to expose, spotlight, and the dashboard.

    I've already two computers on my desk at work, both of which are XP boxes, and I'd still rather bring my (as soon as C2D ships) MBP to work on that. Though I don't know if I'd actually want to hook it into the network at work. It's a pretty shady one.

    Of course, not having had an macintel before, I have a question about parallels. How easy is it really to switch between the two systems? Is it a PITA or is it pretty easy? For me, it's easy to move from computer to computer to work with very little productivity lost. How much time does it take to switch between OS's when using Parallels?


    Sep 6, 08:18 AM (

    A new 24-inch iMac with a brilliant 24-inch widescreen display joins the 17- and 20-inch models, and iMac prices now start at just $999</p>

    In case you guys were wondering (I had to search around a little), the res on the 24"er is 1900x1200.

    Mar 25, 07:53 PM
    The YouTube app is not letting me play a lot of content "the owner of this video does not allow playback on the iPad."

    Lady GaGa's Born This Way (Country Road Version) played before I updated and now won't play in the app - it will play in Safari on YouTubes website...

    Nov 8, 09:41 AM
    Sligthly off-topic:

    Judging from history what do you thing, when would iLife '07 be available?

    I am seriously considering to wait a little longer (the 1.83 model has left me strongly disappointed).

    So I thought I can wait a little longer and buy when iLife 07 will be included in the purchase (to make up for the lousy specs ) :rolleyes:

    Nov 23, 06:36 PM
    You can save a little money by buying the box set on CD from Amazon, but then your music is in that old-fashioned "hard-copy" format so you have to rip the music to iTunes! :)

    Amazon also sells the mono collection, which I've been contemplating but haven't yet purchased.

    Got it.Love it.And the stereo box,and the memory stick with the complete stereo box in MP3(or is it AAC..or both?)AND FLAC-the highest quality ever released.

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