Thursday, 19 May 2011

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  • bella92108
    Jun 6, 08:38 PM
    Let me guess: you're not a racist, but...

    Sorry, Shaniqwa was the first name I could think of when I thought of 8 kids and irresponsible parenting. My apologies.

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  • Unorthodox
    Oct 18, 05:07 PM
    That nothing.
    I made 600 million profit selling lemonade on my street just last week.

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  • mrsir2009
    Mar 31, 12:45 PM
    Um, whats up with the brown turd toolbar? :eek:

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  • marksman
    Apr 28, 12:14 PM
    .....About the the mentality of the people who buy a two year old phone just so they can say they have an iPhone.

    Actually it is because a 2 year old iPhone is better than any Android device out there.

    We all know the iPhone 4 is streets ahead of any other smartphone, but the 3GS provides a superior experience as well. It is not about spec sheets, it is about performance, software, reliability and the rest.

    I agree with others that it is very telling that the 3GS outsells every single android iPhone on the market. That tells me people just buy random Androids when they go to buy a phone because they are cheaper or on deal, or if they don't have a choice to get an iPhone.

    It is not like the general consumer is going "Wow this HTC magicamalcallit is so awesome. I tell all my friends to get it." or "This Samsung Soslightynotasbad is really an awesome phone and people are eating them up."

    They might as well not even put labels on android phones. They are essentially a commodity compromised of a big pile of iPhone copycats with an inferior ecosystem. It almost seems like Cell Phone stores require people buying android devices to do so blindfolded.

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  • lmalave
    Oct 19, 07:50 AM
    Dell is losing out in all directions, but HP? They just became the #1 worldwide PC manufacturer again after increasing sales 6%. Dell meanwhile lost 6% last quarter.

    I know a loss of 6% and a gain of 6% aren't the same numbers unless you start at a common baseline, but it doesn't take a genius to work out where most of Dell's lost sales went.

    HP is doing very well with its Pavilion multimedia laptops. Both of my roommates have one. HP is aiming for the consumer and a big retail presence in stores like Best Buy so they are actually more direct competitors to Apple now than Dell is.

    Dell's problem is their business model has always been based on 2 things: 1) customization, and 2) low price. Everyone does customization now, and the problem is that if you are competing in price there is *always* someone that will beat you in price down the road. If you think Dell is going downhill now, wait until Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers really start putting pressure. Since Apple's business model is based on innovation, it is actually much more likely to still be in a strong position 10 or 20 years down the road than dell is...

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  • IJ Reilly
    Jul 10, 01:26 PM
    1. Pages 2 does have an auto-correct feature. It's in preferences.

    2. All Cocoa applications have a thesaurus. Hold down cmd-control-d and point to the word -- the dictionary definition pops up, which can be changed to a thesaurus by dropping the tab at the bottom.

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  • END3R
    Apr 22, 05:29 PM
    Looks very un-Apple to me. Yeah, same basic resemblance but I don't see the iPhone looking like that. I agree with previous posters, impossible hands-free talking without a headset. Why wouldn't they do away with a home button and make touch screen extend down further and have the full width be an area for gestures rather than that confined area shown in the horrible mock-up. Or better yet, enable the entire screen to recognize specific gestures as we've already been doing for years in apps themselves? And even like side-swipe to change to the next page of apps. Just brainstorming.

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  • mscriv
    Mar 4, 09:44 PM
    They undoubtedly exist, as they're based on biochemical pathways. You can't necessarily change that, at least easily. I don't think that's the point hes trying to make, however, as he does have a point in the willpower effect-- it's basically the same as the placebo effect; your belief in something can have a positive chemical effect upon your bodies pathways. In the case of drug users, this can be seen in the "bottoming out" effect-- the addiction pathway doesn't suddenly flip, in fact in almost all cases it always remains permanently on, rather it's the person and their willpower who decides that they've had enough.

    The human mind is an amazing thing, especially in its ability to either alter or deal with modified pathways caused by external stress factors.

    Yes, willpower, self control, discipline, and choice do play a major role in the recovery process, but they are not all that is required and it is certainly not an easy or quick process. To say AA or 12 step programs are a "joke" doesn't leave much room for interpretation and is quite different than what you have stated. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'd respectfully disagree based on my profession and experience.

    I completely understand people having a hard time with those that use alcohol or drugs as an excuse for things in life, but I'm talking about genuine addiction, not just immaturity. It's much more than "biochemical pathways" and the habitual firing of familiar neurons. The aspects of psychological dependence that affect spirit, identity, and will can be debilitating and are often the most difficult things to change.

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  • Cigsm
    Apr 30, 07:41 PM
    You can't beat it because it's a pirate site. NONE of the money from the site goes to the artists, songwriters, producers, labels, etc.

    There's a reason it's based out of Russia. So I hope you're happy knowing your essentially buying stolen property.

    I don't buy from either of these any more after being introduced to (or any of the other 25 similar sites). 9 cents per song, or ~$.80-$1.5 per ALBUM. Quality 320 for most newer albums and 220-300 for older. Can't beat it.

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  • Padraig
    Apr 22, 06:28 PM
    Yeah, it's totally dumb to think that a well-versed tech editor trying to launch a new company would know that the quickest way to get some eyeballs on pages is to spend hours making a pretty (controversial) iphone mockup and attaching it to an Apple rumor.

    Ridiculously dumb.

    Impossibly dumb.

    Can't imagine what sort of dumb people would even suggest that.

    So dumb.

    Your theory doesn't add up at all. isn't even the site he's doing for SB nation, it's just a placeholder till they get their new project off the ground. Topolsky, Patel et al. don't need the publicity that much as their profile is extremely high as is e.g. thisismynextpodcast first podcast was already no.1 in tech and 8 on itunes overall.

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  • beany boy
    Apr 22, 11:03 AM
    Of all the things that iPhone needs soon, LTE is not one of them.

    We can all wait until its widespread, and usable.

    I agree. I am on WI-FI most of the time anyway.When my contract on my Iphone 4 is up I will make a decision on 3g or 4g or whatever. I am not interested in the fake 4g that Sprint and AT&T are using now.

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  • Teddy's
    Aug 15, 01:31 PM
    Still... meh.
    oh... come on! :mad:

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  • appleguy123
    Jan 25, 10:04 PM
    Some books.

    Hope to read them soon.

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  • troup
    Jul 24, 05:35 PM
    Would be nice if apple allowed you to charge the mouse via USB like the RadTech BT600

    I got one of these to replace my MightyMouse and single button apple bluetooth mouse. Been using it with my macbook and its fantastic.

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  • firewood
    Apr 18, 12:29 AM
    So for .17 GHz upgrade we are sacrificing around 30% graphic power?

    The i5 can retire more instructions per clock cycle, and so could actually run real software faster at even a lower GHz clock speed than a C2D.

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  • chanerz
    Sep 14, 11:23 AM
    Call of duty Black Ops

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  • tny
    Oct 24, 08:04 AM
    Slightly off-topic: does anyone have an opinion on getting software (in this case logic express) preinstalled? Is there any benefit or would it be better to just buy the app seperately?

    The only benefit it gets you is the time savings of not having to install it yourself - and of being able to jump right in and use it when you get the machine.

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  • MacRumoron
    Aug 15, 01:44 PM
    i like the new Preview look :)

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  • rovex
    Apr 15, 02:51 AM
    Got an issue with ipad, not sure it's this update but anyway...

    The downloaded apps load for like 1 second and then returns to the home screen, can't seem to fix it.

    Apr 15, 08:50 PM
    Hmmm. Can't get iPad updated, says that not compatible with the build.

    Nice. :confused:

    Too tired to even troubleshoot longer.
    But for anyone who wants to give me a tip.

    I restarted both iPad and iMac.
    Deleted and Re downloaded ipsw
    Hard reset iPad
    No dice. Never JB btw.

    Nov 8, 10:27 AM
    I won't get it but:

    Nov 3, 01:41 PM
    too bad not everyone can get the beta
    I signed up for this the day that it was announced (quite a while back now), but no invite :( Perhaps I selected the wrong option (Developer) from the dropdown on the signup form.

    Well I guess that it will come soon enough. Though from what I've seen it seems to be closer to VMWare Player than VMWare Workstation, which would be a little disappointing. It's the workstation features that are missing from Parallels, and why I've been so eagerly awaiting the arrival of VMWare's product.

    Sep 13, 08:22 PM
    Do you ever leave your basement? How will you know if it is a hit? :p

    This website?:


    Oct 20, 11:06 PM
    I spent most of the night last night trying to get gpu2 running in wine on the i7 machine but ran into a problem and gave up. But I have found that the issue may not be with my set up, it may be the wu are bad so I will work on that again tonight to see what happens if I can get a different wu. Here is some info. (

    I would love to add the points from my 2 gtx 960's especially since that is why I got them :D

    here is a how too:

    This might help too:

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