Friday, 20 May 2011

will smith wife jada

will smith wife jada. Will Smith#39;s Bug Phobia
  • Will Smith#39;s Bug Phobia

  • Jackie.Cane
    Sep 13, 09:04 AM
    I've been waiting for these! Can't wait to get one with the Nike + sports kit.:cool:

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  • aristobrat
    Oct 28, 11:46 AM
    how do i know if the heat sink on my MacBooks have been replaces or not, they were both costom orderd MBs and i did wait 1 month to get them from apple website
    I don't think Apple changed their assembly line until week 35. If the serial number of your Mac is less than 4H635, then I don't think it has the new heatsink.

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  • ChrisA
    Apr 12, 03:30 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    it's about friggin time apple build a serious volume manufacturing plant in the US! end of story!

    OK they build it. Would YOU work there? I think after screwing the rear cover into my 100,000th iPhone I'd go nuts.

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  • Will Smith

    Aug 4, 09:12 PM
    Just saw a verizon commercial.. announcing a new phone. It was black, seemed to have an ipod-like click wheel, with a retractable keyboard in a vertical format.. and something about being announced 8.9.06..... do you suppose????

    UPDATE... never mind. On the verizon site it is called Chocolate by LG. it is a v-cast phone / mp3 player.. Sorry.....

    Updated update... I know it's not apple... but it ain't bad looking. looks to be about .5" taller than a credit card, and about .5" less wide. sort of too angular design....I think.

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  • martin1000
    Aug 24, 06:43 PM
    I've been picked for the team too. Yay team!

    Was able to get right on the site and it went through no problems at 7:30 EST.

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  • ArizonaKid
    Aug 8, 09:50 AM
    Steve looks unhealthy. He's not as sharp as he used to be. His keynotes were flawless. He stuttered several times, forgot what he was saying in mid sentence, and handed a considerable amount of the keynote to other people. Steve was a control freak in past WWDC keynotes.

    I think he may be in not-so-good health. But I've said that before.

    He was probably up all night worried about how Apple has to restate their earnings. And Stevo is a big part of the SEC's probe.

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  • ericinboston
    Apr 12, 01:08 PM
    And we wonder why this country is broke.

    Flat tax across the board. I love Apple, but when a company can spend billions to open a plant in another country just to skirt taxes, there is a problem.

    Exactly. Our economy did not go down the crapper because of lack of manufacturing...but it certainly doesn't help.

    How is it that in THIS ECONOMY the US Gov't can't entice Apple/Foxconn/whoever to build here in the US?! Come're telling me that the US Gov't either said a)nope...not gonna budge...our policies/rules are the same or b)here's our best offer (yet it was still much worse than opening in Brazil?!)

    $12 Billion is a lot of money for a company opening a manufacturing plant.

    As for your tax comment...I've always wondered and firmly believe that 100% of all US citizens should pay the exact same tax rate. Whites don't pay differently than blacks right? Catholics don't pay more than Muslims right? Aren't we all supposed to be "equal" in this nation? Make the darn tax rate something universal like 20% and every SINGLE YEAR we all know exactly what we're paying and the gov't knows exactly how much they're getting. Budget problems and crying will be basically wiped out.

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  • macfan881
    Nov 11, 09:59 PM
    wont miss him I think the Facebook app could be much better

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  • Pegamush
    Mar 19, 08:02 AM
    Yes, I like to have it all with me.

    I listen to music for 9 hours a day when I'm at work and used to get frustrated with my old 60GB iPod photo because I only had half of my collection with me. I've had my 160GB classic since 2007 and I'm now down to my last 5GB of free space.

    A new 220GB classic in September would be perfect timing. :D

    i'm not 100% sure, but you could swap the hd on your photo with a 240gb hd,
    many have done this before.
    (i'm sure you can do it with the "thick" 5g ipod, the 4g ipod may have a different hd connector)
    i think the 5g ipod is the best piece of engineering ever made to listen to music outdoor.
    i've never liked the "innovative" split screen software on 6g (classic), and my 80gb was somewhat slow and suffered click wheel issues, never fixed.
    i really regret i've sold my 5g 60gb white ipod.. i've paid it 450� 5 years ago!!! :eek:

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  • Rafterman
    Mar 28, 08:10 PM
    The Shack used to be great when you could get all kind of obscure parts, rows and rows of them. Needed to solder something or make your own audio banana plugs? Radio Shack had them. But they pulled all the "parts" out of Radio Shack and now they are just another overpriced electronics store.

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  • pmz
    Apr 17, 08:58 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Agreed. Recipe for sucess:

    Enter credit card information.
    Get on with life.
    Sign for package when it arrives in about three weeks.
    Enjoy your new device.

    The delays were actually a good thing for me. Gave me time to "cool off"
    I'm with you on every point, except the cooling off period.

    Now that Apple's quality control had tanked, I know that there's a great likelihood ill get a bad one and the return game will begin.

    Even though I have an Apple store nearby, I buy BTO, so I'm stuck with what has become "The Crap Shoot, Gambling The Apple Way".

    Yea ok, keep dreaming fantasy boy. The stories you read online dont actually count as a measure of Apples quality control.

    I've never had to return any of a dozen Apple devices.

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  • MrMac'n'Cheese
    Mar 21, 08:48 PM
    I have the feeling a bunch of knuckleheads are going to stick a post-it with a clever one-liner on their iPad 2's and return them with the hope of a free iPad2.

    will smith wife jada. Will Smith#39;s wife Jada Pinkett
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  • nemaslov
    Nov 27, 11:28 AM
    I find it hard to believe that anyone doesnt already have any Beatles tunes they want already.
    Still if its good PR for Apple and further marginalises the zoon, thats OK by me. could say that about 50% of the artists that are already on iTunes.

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 4, 11:32 AM
    We're going to get a video nano... and then a month or two later a true video ipod.

    It's the standard apple jive... realease one that we want and then another that we want more.

    I will make a prediction right now that we'll never see a video nano. The screen is just too small. It might make an interesting curiosity, but not a viable product, IMO. The iPod video now is difficult enough. Of course, I'm rarely right on anything. :)

    I'll stick with my 5G video iPod until a widescreen iteration of the product becomes available next year or so.

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  • arn
    Sep 22, 02:59 PM
    Wal-Mart denies it:

    "The Post story appears to be a rehashing of the misinformation that's been printed previously," a Wal-Mart spokeswoman said in a statement.

    will smith wife jada. Will Smith kisses his wife
  • Will Smith kisses his wife

  • asterizk
    Sep 6, 09:12 AM
    1920 x 1200 - so it's 1080i/p compatible....

    Oops yeah... my bad. Gonna need something to play those HD downloads :)

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  • glassbathroom
    Aug 4, 06:16 AM
    I wish I lived closer to Apple, to be able to get sneak previews like this, and to be able to report on Apple News. One day I will prevail!

    BTW, I cant wait for monday! Does anyone know what time the Keynote will be in Grenwich Mean Time (London). Just so I can log on and keep up with all the action.



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  • Evangelion
    Sep 14, 05:21 AM
    Personally I'm getting tired of Apple and their color choices. You have to pay more for black? What if you want 8 GB but you don't want black? What then? I'm not liking the approach Apple is taking on the color choices of their products.

    I guess that if they hand't released black model at all, everybody would be happy. Same thing with MacBooks. Had Apple only released the two white models, no-one would have complained. But when the announced a pricier third moder, the BlackBook, the whining started.

    Don't want to pay extra? Then don't.

    will smith wife jada. Will Smith and wife Jada
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  • gameface
    Mar 3, 09:46 AM
    ^where is that skyline from

    Boston taken from East Boston sort of near Logan Airport.

    Sep 6, 10:01 AM
    What do people buy if they want desktop performance?

    An Imac.

    Mar 30, 04:15 PM
    Our country's cycle of support>arm>aid>turn against>support new group needs to stop, as it is directly responsible for much of the instability we've seen in the world over the last 20+ years.

    American foreign policy has indeed come up quite short in the foresight department. However, Khadahphee (or however it gets spelt) rose to power with no real assistance from other countries and has only been supported indirectly, through people buying oil. The only support Libya gets from the US is indirect, from irresponsible excess in oil consumption that keeps the prices up for everyone.

    Jun 27, 09:07 PM
    It could be cool if they implemented touch into iOS (or whatever). When I first heard about it, I was imagining they'd have some dashboard like space for the iOS apps. Not so sure I'd want to keep my arms and hands in the air for while I'm surfing, though. I'm really hoping that this rumor turns into some sort of cool implementation of AppleTV, taking it out of the hobby category. I just love the concept of AppleTV. I hope that architecture of watching TV wins out. I'd rather take Comcast out of the equation somehow, at least for the TV part.

    Aug 2, 06:08 PM
    Well... but at least it's not Apple's fault, because they didn't produce the driver. Therefore it's actually not a concern of Apple's but of the driver's producer's.

    On the other hand Apple did include it into it's OS seemingly without testing it thorougly, and that is, of course, a concern of Apple's. So they will have to work together to get rid of that - and I'm sure they will - and I may be smug again. :p

    EDIT: Bzzzt to me for my prior comments about it being Apple's issue; apparently, the vulnerability is caused by a third party card driver. Does anyone know if that's apple's driver or the third party card driver which must be installed by the user?

    Oct 11, 08:19 AM
    Originally posted by edesignuk

    I'd have to dissagree with you there, even in the x86 world Mhz is not a clear rating, take the P4 and XP+ for example.
    The top Intel CPU at the moment is 2.8Ghz, while the AMD 2600+ (2.13Ghz) is AMD's best offering, even though there is almost a 700Mhz speed difference there the AMD will still be as fast if not faster as the apparently (going by Mhz) supreme Intel.
    He didn't say it was valid for Intel v. AMD. He simply stated architecture. AMD has its own architecture, which is a RISC chip with CISC emulator as far as I'm concerned. He even compared two AMD chips. Here, the MHz/GHz is a very valid benchmark.

    By the way, the 2.8GHz P4 kills AMD Athlon XP 2600+ for normal operations, but AMD Athlon XP 2600+ kills P4 when it comes to rendering with Maya, etc. Different things are superior in either.

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