Monday, 16 May 2011

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  • blipmusic
    Apr 18, 04:39 AM
    It's not a marginal increase. The Sandy Bridge 1.4Ghz ULV (expected to be in the new 11") is 40% faster than the C2D LV 1.86Ghz chip that's currently in the base 13" in some benchmarks.

    Good to hear, thanks for the heads up. I'll live with the Intel IGP if that's the case.

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  • HMFIC03
    Apr 29, 04:02 PM
    Price war! :)

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  • bigjnyc
    Apr 14, 12:04 PM
    You'd have to be a chump to buy a new iPhone now.

    I bet there will be a whole line of chumps at the Apple stores.

    I sware only Apple pulls this crap and still makes a ton of money out of it.

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  • Mackan
    May 3, 08:00 AM
    Apple continues their model to suck most money out of their customers.


    -Can't buy base 21.5'' with 6770M or 6970M.
    -Can't buy base 27'' with 6970M.

    Why does it always have to be that if you want a good graphics card, you must go for the top model, and thereby paying so much more than if you could just customize the base model with it?

    Already know the answer, but let your defending excuses come.

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  • MrCrowbar
    Jul 24, 08:44 PM
    Sounds cool to me. I guess all those people worried about fungerprints on the potencially touch screen iPod are psyched about this. So it is a touchscrenn you don't actually touch? This could really work out if done right. I wonder if you can still control your iPod in your pocked without having to look at it though... the iPod remote will come in handy if not :)

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    May 2, 02:30 AM
    It turns out that this luxury, customized security hideaway where they caught him was only built five years ago (

    Who wants to take bets that the Pakistani government knew where he was all along and has been playing us for years, taking over $50 billion ( from us in aid (best numbers I could find) while pretending to help track him down?

    Screw you, Pakistan.

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  • fyrefly
    Apr 19, 01:20 AM
    If the new AIR is using the same Sandy Bridge processor as the Samsung series 9, you'll be sorely disappointed with its graphics performance.

    3DMark is less than half of the Air (2188 vs 4611)

    WOW ran at a miserable 14fps at 1366x768 res compared to the Air that runs at 53fps at 1440x900. Battery life is worse as well.

    We knew all this Graphics stuff already like a month ago from the Engadget review.

    They said the Series 9 gets 25 mins less battery life (

    PCMag says the Series 9 gets almost an hour MORE battery life (,1740,iid=291739,00.asp). These reviews are all over the place, and only tell part of the story.

    Yes, the graphics (aka Gaming) performance will be less. But it seems on par or better than the 9400m, which people use just fine every day in the 2008/2009 MBA/MB/MBP's.

    And regarding Battery life - we have no idea what Voodoo Apple puts into the power optimization of it's laptops.

    All we can empirically say at this point is that the (U)LV i5/i7 chips with IGP consume about 21W TDP, which is less than the SL9400/9600+320m combo which some have pegged at over 30W TDP. The laws of physics seem to dictate that since it draws up to 10W less power and would (presumably) have the same battery, a SB MBA would have more battery life than a C2D MBA.

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  • Sky Blue
    Apr 15, 01:18 PM
    Hope iCal has a de-uglify option.

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  • dgree03
    Apr 13, 04:04 PM
    An apple branded tv? Perfect area for apples MO. Tvs are yearly updated, usually an incremental upgrade, good ones cost a arm and a leg, always using great adjectives to make a product standout.

    Yep sound like apple would fit riiiiiight in :D

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  • br0adband
    Nov 4, 10:29 PM
    I've reinstalled OS X twice in the last 9 months. The latest being about 3 weeks ago when I upgraded to a 160GB hard drive. There is nothing wrong with my computer. (OK there is something wrong with its sleeping mech but that has nothing to do with performance.)
    Parallels just sucks. Also I�m willing to bet the more you use the disk image and Windows the more parallels slows down. I�ve got a 14GB disk image, a ton of apps loaded, along with being in it every day for 8+ hours, USB peripherals all over the place, network settings for home and work, firewall enabled along with antivirus software. (I can�t use Office 2003 with SAP in OS X.) I probably use it more extensively then most Mac users. The simple fact is the reason why I keep reinstalling the demo instead of outright buying it is because I�m waiting on VMWare�s solution. VMWare is THE industry�s Microsoft when it comes to virtualizing. Just without the whole evilness thing. I�ve used Parallels extensively. I�m not impressed.

    So let me get this straight: You keep reinstalling the demo of Parallels, thereby ripping off the company and not supporting it to make it the best product it can be and keep the company in business, and then you have the gall to come out in public and say as such, and then on top of that you have the even greater gall to say it sucks?

    Oh yeah, your opinions mean a lot to us now, that's for sure.


    I'll reiterate: something is wrong with your computer, and now I can see why.


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  • Jason Beck
    Apr 5, 02:00 AM
    Photo from a shoot today. Getting better at paying attention to my framing for the most part, and really loving my Sigma 50.
    BTW That is a cool pic above me!

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  • drnen
    Sep 30, 09:14 AM
    i just forwarded this link to att in the long string of customer service emails ive had with them over the last 3 months when they started screwing up my bill. Ive consistently been getting charged for extra text messages that simply do not exist in my phone history.. the other day i got a text message from 24 hours previous. Its awful. And that isnt even beginning to get into their coverage issues. I was in a bar in the east village last weekend and had 2 bars edge.. so did my friend with a 1st gen iphone. I am going to sprint next month because of all this and plan on arguing my early termination fee to the death.

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  • i.mac
    Apr 22, 06:10 AM
    This settles it:

    Image (

    You should be a lawyer...

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  • gnasher729
    May 3, 08:20 AM
    Is it easy for us to install an SSD by ourselves? (I'm not a geek)

    Nobody knows until someone has taken the machines apart. On the previous model, there was very, very, very limited space for the SSD drive; Apple just about managed to squeeze it in, and it was in a location that wasn't easily accessible at all, so adding one yourself was very difficult (the kind of difficult where if you ask how difficult it is then it is too difficult for you).

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  • jaxstate
    Aug 15, 05:19 PM
    Hey u haven't seen the "200 new features". Just kidding. I'm with you. The only upgrade I paid for was from Jag to Panther, I wanted to use Expose. But I only got Tiger due to the fact that it came on new MBPs. This OS release hasn't shown anything that's really worth it. :rolleyes:
    So far, Leopard is something I'm not willing to pay for.

    I expected just a little bit of a UI change, it just looks like a little updated version of Tiger.

    I really wonder what these top secret features are because the current features aren't impressing me enough to open my wallet.

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  • Glassman
    Aug 15, 02:15 PM
    Aww, no more blue filling up URL bar in Safari?
    I question the same, I liked that a lot, hope it's configurable :( and what about the classical popping sidebars? I don't like the way new Preview handles them inside the window and it seems like this is the way of future, how sad :( I'm not very fond of Mail styled buttons, probably the only Mac design element I don't like very much..

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  • Stridder44
    Mar 31, 11:38 AM
    I love these new UI touches.

    But UI changes are not enough for me to spend $129 on alone. If it were $29 like Snow Leopard was, then that'd be different, but I highly doubt that'll happen this time around. Let's see some real features (ones that haven't been mentioned yet).

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  • jessica.
    Feb 1, 08:03 AM
    What a team player.

    300 people sitting on their hands, while he 'plays'.


    Oddly, I agree with you.

    I'm not sure I'd see this guy as my idol, not even a little.

    Sure, maybe one night where you just get some sort of pass but do you really watch a dirty bitch with **** up your nose and a car you're too wasted to drive?

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  • Demoman
    Jul 10, 12:15 PM
    At $79 a year it will probably be 5 years before the program moves to a commonly useful level where it may have the ability to replace MS Office. The very casual Word Processor user will not have to wait very long, maybe Pages 3 or Pages 4. With the 5 X $79 = $395 we move into the price range of the non-educational price of MS Office. But for the heavy Office user, 5 years may not be long enough.

    Apple would used to calculate the Real Total Cost of Ownership for Macs. They would include after purchase service & support costs. We need to do the same for iWork. iWork is not a simple $79 program useless you wait for the version you want, purchase it & then add no updates that have a purchase price. If you want a slimmed down program purchase now, but have few features to give few benefits. If you want a more complete program just wait for the 5th or 6th upgrade. But this way you have no program to use for another 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years. Anything else requires multiplying the $79 by by a 2, 4, 5 or even larger number to get the true cost of iWork.

    Bill the TaxMan

    I use pages exclusively as do all of the workers who are testing Apple at my business. After a short learning curve, everyone likes it and it is more than capable right now. You are really coming off as an Apple ball-buster. All I read from you is negative Apple. Are you collecting your checks from Redmond???

    Apr 26, 10:40 AM
    I'm hoping iPhone 5 supports HSPA+.

    That's PLENTY fast. Every bit as fast as current LTE networks.

    Not really. There are some markets where Verizon LTE is able to pull down over 10 MB/s, which T-mobile's HSPA+ and WiMax can't touch.

    Jul 12, 09:23 AM
    I'm not. What would I like to see from Apple? What would my ideal iPod be like? Let's explore the possibilities.

    Bluetooth-headphones. This would kick ass. No more wires that get tangled up. And it CAN be done!

    Large touch-screen. No separate controls, the controls would be right in the display (like in the image that was linked before in this thread).

    And before you say "but there would be fingerprints on the screen! And it wouldn't provide any tactile feedback!". Ah, but how about that "no-touch" controls that have been rumored? I have no idea that is it really possible, but what if? You could simply hover you finger 1cm from the screen and use the controls. No fingerprints. As to the tactile feedback.... Tactile feedback is used that you know where the controls are without actually looking at the screen. "No-touch" UI does not have this, because you aren't actually touching anything. So how do we make this work? Well, what if you could just put your finger close to the screen ANYWHERE on the screen. If you do circlular motion (like in current iPod) the device would scroll, adjust volume, and do the other things you can do on the current iPod. If you move your finger straigh up, it would be equivaltnof clicking "menu". Straight down would be play/pause and so forth.

    As to WLAN and the like.... What if the new iPod could be tied to iChat? You could VOIP to/from the iPod. just turn on the wireless, and browse to the "buddy list" menu on your iPod, and you are all set. Hell, the iPod could have a camera as well! if they can put video-cameras on phones, is there any reason why iPod couldn't have one?

    if we assume that the "no-touch" UI is possible, then nothing I have listed is impossible. iPod with those specs would be YEARS ahead of any other device on the market! It would absolutely embarrass all the other devices.

    I decided to quote myself here. I would like Apple to REALLY do something revolutionary for a change. iPod was nice. A big improvement over what was available at the time, sure, but not revolutionary. And while iPod has been improved over the years, the steps have been quite small. Larger storage, smaller size, less weight, color-screen, refinements... How about REALLY rocking our world for a change? Enough with these evolutionary steps, take a revolutionary step instead! You have the audience, you have the market, you have the brand. You CAN do it! If there's anyone who can do it, it's you.

    Remember the "Think Different"? I would like Apple to do so. Instead of living the status quo, and making small improvements, make something different. Make iPod revolutionary. The groundwork has already been done. You just need to take that one step.

    Sep 17, 08:53 PM
    Picked this up at Georgetown University's bookstore today, they had it beside the new models and it was marked down to $27 brand new.

    Apr 15, 03:51 PM
    They still have Tigon and Liger
    This is true, the liger really is the biggest of the big cats.
    Also, like most hybrids, they are born sterile so it really would be the last of the line... :D

    Jul 25, 08:34 AM
    I voted negative on this story. As I was hoping that Apple would concentrate on fixing the sticking scrollbars on the current Mighty Mouses, (or make it easier to open them and clean) before they just made it wireless.

    Also, I'n not a big fan of using batteries in mice. Why not have a wireless mouse that is re-chargable? Or one that you can use wires with if the battery gets low?

    well you could use rechargeable batteries.

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