Monday, 16 May 2011

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  • whooleytoo
    Apr 14, 07:49 AM
    Guys, I didn't want to start a new thread, but...

    Should I buy the ix.Mac.MarketingName now? I've heard the ix.Mac.MarketingName 2 is going to be much more betterer. Should I buy now or wait? I was waiting for the price to come down, but it hasn't changed in the entire 5 minutes I've known about this product...

    Sent by ix.Man.NotVerySerious

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  • yac_moda
    Jul 21, 05:41 PM
    Watch the BUNNY :confused:

    What a PERFECT name for MS ...

    ... ZUNE ...

    ... much later then SUNE !!!

    ��� WoW !!!

    Nothing looks more similar to a TOILET :eek: I think I will FLUSH ...

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  • ethana
    Jun 7, 12:21 AM
    Your sarcasm is inappropriate. This poster has a right to her/his opinion. There are plenty of folks that think that kids are a bad idea, especially in their case. I'm proud of the fact I don't have kids: I'd beat them just like Joan Crawford did in Mommy Dearest. :mad:

    Another person who would beat their kids but won't have any! YES! One less idiot to not worry about in this world for very much longer.

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  • SchneiderMan
    Jan 26, 01:09 PM
    []Black Ops[/]

    yeah im behind the times.

    Great game so far, who ever said I'll have loads of issues gaming on a PS3 must be dreaming and should probably get an upgrade from a dial-up speed Internet..

    Oh and I rented RED. It's such an epic movie!

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  • ThePowerOfTheMac
    Sep 17, 10:54 AM

    best album ever.

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  • Surely
    Jan 31, 12:22 AM
    Some yummy desserts from Solley's Bakery in Sherman Oaks.
    Let's see..... a chocolate cigar (which is basically a giant chocolate rugula), a s'mores brownie, chocolate (I forget the name) cookies, and chocolate flake macaroon cookies.

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  • wiraone
    Nov 3, 03:19 PM
    Just ordered Parallels Desktop just now .. I'm more than eager to get a hand on the VMware too. I'm currently running VMware on my Linux machine ..

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  • Eidorian
    May 3, 07:53 AM
    5 years in the making...

    6970!? Yes!They are the Mobility versions. That would be the HD 6570 to the HD 6850 on the desktop side. Also, they admit mobility graphics.

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  • gaswerks
    Apr 4, 10:32 PM
    beer sausage ...

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  • Weaselboy
    Apr 14, 12:39 PM

    666MB for AT&T iPhone 4.

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  • firestarter
    Apr 24, 08:29 PM
    You mean as the perpetrators did, right? Just checking.

    I don't understand your point. Yes, the perpetrators were violent and committed assault. :confused:

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  • justflie
    Nov 3, 10:22 AM
    Does anyone have an idea of what (if anything) this does that Parallels doesn't? Parallels has done a great job and is really great except for the video acceleration. If someone could figure that out and let us play XP games in OS X I would be one happy guy.

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 24, 10:13 PM
    whats not to say someone just changed the carrier name? I don't own an iphone but I did search and its totally possible.

    There is more to this than the carrier tag.

    I don't see a reason apple would need to create an iPhone for T-Mobile if the AT&T plan goes through. If it's rejected than maybe thats a reason then to possibly go on T-Mobile.

    As noted in this thread... adding an extra band opens oter networks besides TM. Also, if purchased, TM cannot flick a switch on all their towers to make them at&t compliant.

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  • Mochi Hana
    Apr 18, 05:05 PM
    Nice. :D

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  • Young Spade
    May 4, 02:59 AM
    I'm not so sure the next iPhone will look like the current iphone 4. It probably will be, but i don't know.. They're delaying it and with the white one just released (which of course looks the same).. They've handed out prototype A5 iphones to developers just to make sure the new design won't be leaked. I think Apple could come out with a surprise regarding the design of the next iPhone.

    It wouldn't make sense for the iPhone 5 to have the same design as the iPhone 4. Think about it. You have two great phones out now, the iPhone 4 and the new white iPhone 4. Apple's main goal is to make money. With that many phones sold, would it make more sense to sell another phone that looks exactly the same as the one many people have or give them something completely new to upgrade or buy off contract to?

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  • CalBoy
    Jan 26, 01:42 AM
    Nasdaq is first and foremost an electronic stock trading medium, but also an index.

    Never knew that. Learned something today. :)

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  • MacProCpo
    Nov 27, 07:13 AM
    Guys, need some help. I have 10 WU completed and I want to get bigadv going. I've read the setup how-to on F@H and am a little lost. Am I correct to say all I have to do to initiate bigadv is put the "-bigadv" string in my parameter block in the smp client control window?

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  • ghostlines
    Apr 1, 09:06 AM
    C'mon Apple keep it professional and unified. Man they should stick to working on the user experience and internals, not goofy color schemes and such. OS X already looks cool they don't need to make it look kiddy now!:eek:

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  • amanset
    Aug 15, 05:01 PM
    It must just be where I live but...everyone I know uses AIM, ichat, or adium (my weapon of choice) I dont have a single friend that uses yahoo or msn

    It does vary quite a lot by where you live. Living in Sweden (and coming from the UK) just about everyone I know uses MSN.

    May 1, 11:05 PM
    Dollar rises upon death of Osama (

    Interesting, haha

    Apr 22, 12:17 AM
    There's only so much one can do with smart phone styling.

    You should argue that in court on Samsung's behalf. Sounds like a winner. :rolleyes:

    May 2, 12:15 PM
    Apple Store employees know ZERO about future product releases except for what they read on MacRumors and the like on the internet. They are given no prior knowledge to a new product release.

    Apr 15, 01:13 PM (

    Oct 18, 06:22 PM
    Yes, thank you. At least someone else out there is emotionally distanced enough from the iPod and the Apple entertainment sector to be a bit objective.

    Innovation: just what happened to Apple's innovative spirit when it comes to computers? The latest Mac Pro was fitted into the existing (and way oversized) G5 case. The MacBook was disappointing in that - proportionally - Apple did not shrink it at all or make it lighter than its predecessor (a design which had been in existence for about four years). There are more things, but I really don't want to sound like a troll here...

    Apple needs to come out with new computer models that are unlike anything else out there. What about a tiny, thin ultraportable? What about a smaller tower, so those of us that want a pro computer don't have to invest in an oversized monster (which is larger than any PCs in the market that I am aware of). Aren't computers supposed to get SMALLER as the technology advances? Why is Apple obsessed with making the iPod smaller and smaller, but does not care as much about its laptops and desktops?

    The answer: profit, or course. The iPod is Apple's cash cow. And this, my friends, is what I mean when I say that Apple needs to be partitioning off a little of its innovative energy that it is putting into its entertainment sector and bring it back to the computer line.

    Understood now?

    OK, now fire away :)

    *sigh* How many times do we have to refute your assertions with facts before you stop repeating them?

    To wit, the iPod is not Apple's "cash cow". By definition, if there is something that gains more revenue/profit than the iPod, then the iPod cannot be the cash cow. 58% of Apple's revenue still came from sales of Macs. Gross margins for both Macs and iPods has always been similar (hovering a bit below 30%), so the Mac also generates the majority of the profit for Apple.

    As for Apple's innovative spirit lacking when it comes to the Macs, let's just point out that it Apple updated the iPod in October 2005 to the 5th generation, and we JUST got the 5.5th generation last month. Apple took a year to add slightly brighter screens, better battery life (only for video), and games. The nano just gained the anodized aluminum exterior -- wow, Apple's reaching back to the past for it's innovation now! And the shuffle got slimmed down and consolidated into one product. All this doesn't sound exactly like innovation to me. (Of course, Apple doesn't really need to innovate, since they're already selling iPods by the boatload.)

    In contrast, Apple brought all of its Macs over to the Intel processor. The Mac Pro was dramatically higher value, what with double-wide graphics card slot, dual optical drives, 4 internal hard drive bays, etc., etc. All Macs (except for the Mac Pro) now have Front Row and a remote, which is a great feature. Built-in iSights have also migrated across the entire product line. The MacBook and MacBook Pro now have MagSafe -- a great innovation. Boot Camp is now supported on all new Macs. The Xserve has new features like lights-out management, redundant power supplies, etc. And we've seen some great things coming for Leopard, what with Time Machine and Spaces and iChat Theater and Core Animation and iCal Server, etc., etc., etc.

    It seems to me that Apple is innovating more on the Macintosh side of things than they are with the iPod. What are they going to add next on the iPod -- wireless? *gasp*, so innovative!

    Seriously, can we stop with this myth already? It's the same thing with all of Apple's "woes" with quality control (which was busted by the recent consumer reports articles where Apple has actually brought DOWN the number of new computers needing repair in their first year). It's something that's repeated ad nauseum by a few vocal people, when it's really not a problem at all. Same here: everybody gawks and writes about the iPod precisely because more people can afford it and more people can use it with whatever computer they have. So, obviously, you will hear more about the iPod.

    Let's see if repeating myself again has any effect: the iPod is not Apple's cash cow!

    Understood now?

    OK, now fire away :rolleyes:

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