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randy jackson journey bass player

randy jackson journey bass player. Randy Jackson Journey Pictures
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  • totoum
    Apr 13, 05:09 PM
    Because you made a post that claimed our editing skills have nothing to do with creativiy or experience, but simply that 'knowing the software' is the only advangate we have.

    That's not how I understood what he said at all,he put "professional" in quotes because he was being sarcastic,to me he meant that if someone is worried about the fact that more people can now operate a software because it's simpler to use/more affordable then they must not be a real pro because a real pro wouldn't worry about such things,they know that they have the creativity and experience that sets them appart.

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  • ee99ee
    Sep 12, 01:56 PM
    Is there a keyboard shortcut to go to the search part of iTunes? I have to click it with my mouse, and I try to minimize mouse usage... if I could find a key combo for it, that'd be great...


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  • Passante
    Aug 3, 04:01 PM
    Powerbook drivers? hahaha

    Well now I'm not as certain ha ha himmmm

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  • theITGuy
    Sep 27, 09:39 AM
    Having to run around looking for weapons, while getting instantly killed is just about as low on my "Fun Factor" scale a game can get.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way...I want more weapons!!! Or more ammo...


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  • anastasis
    Sep 12, 07:27 PM
    I agree that Apple needs to come up with some new designs for their hardware. I think the new nanos are a perfect combination of the nano (slim design, flash memory) and the mini (seemless casing, scratch proof) but the other products seem to be long in the tooth. The MacBook Pro/PowerBook has looked basically the same since it was debuted with a G4 processor (what was that, 2002?). The MacBook/iBook got a somewhat update look with the latest release, but kind of took a step backwards IMO.

    However, with all of that said, 99% of us do not work for Apple and do not know how to design like they do. Where do you go with the current MBP? I would love to see an anodized black version but that still does not give us much of a difference at all. I am interested in seeing new products. I was dissapointed when they released the new MacPro's in the same encolusers. An extra optical slot and moving the power chord to the top of the tower does not count as a redesign.

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  • NAG
    Apr 14, 10:19 AM
    Just going to put this right here:

    "What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders" -Michael Dell

    I do love that quote. Of all the Winbox makers Dell seems to be the one with the bleakest future. I'm hoping HP can do something with Palm and not waste an opportunity to increase diversity in the market. But this is HP, they seem more interested in making printers (which are still a pain to set up) than innovating in the computer market. (I'd love it if they'd innovate in the printer market and make a network printer that isn't a complete pain.)

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  • webman2k
    Apr 12, 08:53 AM
    I used to pirate then stopped. A responsible businessman should and in some cases has to when they use their software and hardware for legitimate purposes. It's a major tax write off at least.

    I was still in college when I was using CS1 and CS2. Either way, I eventually grew up and purchased the EDU version of the software with my own cash. And at that time by the way, hacked versions were far more unstable. You couldn't update them, you had to run patching scripts ever so often, plugins wouldn't work or would crash the system etc. It was just better to have the legit copy and keep it moving instead of spending time troubleshooting your scripts.

    I don't know how it is now, but I know that it was that way up until CS3 based on the students at my job that still pirated software.

    I am sure said person (who doesn't work in the design field) would want to take up design and production as a part-time/tennis shoe money job to support their family yet doesn't have the money to get CS so they just steal it??????? :confused:

    This person wouldn't want to get a part-time job that doesn't need him to steal? Or he/she could just claim he's/she's a student/educator and pay for the EDU version . . . at the VERY LEAST.

    Read the comment thoroughly. ANYONE can learn the apps, any goofball like you stated yourself in the bold. I didn't put any time restraint on this goofball. But I did mention that it take far more to be a good designer.

    Yes it is IMHO. Far better than just taking it. At least you are paying something for someone's work. Using your student ID at the movies, camera shop for film and agitator, Apple store, etc is far better than just stealing from them out right.

    No hard feelings bro.

    All good points. Let's leave it as different people in different circumstances. For the record, it's not right for anyone to pirate software. However, there are some people, in some situations, that feel that doing the right thing at the time isn't always the best thing. Definitely no hard feelings - just discussion.

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  • peapody
    Oct 24, 12:28 PM
    LOVE IT. What is that case?

    I got a couple questions about the case. Let me check when I get home!

    13" Mba and 11.6" New MBA have very similar resolutions, there would be very little difference on whats on screen.

    Even so, the aspect ratio makes for a difficult time reading documents etc I believe. Truthfully, I need to bring in my mba into the store to see the difference. I really hate the specs of the 11.6 though and might just wait for the second gen to pick it up. I paid the same amount for my current 13.3" but I have 2.13ghz, 128gb ssd, superdrive, apple care, retail leopard and snow leopard rolled into it.

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  • DeathChill
    Apr 2, 02:26 PM
    I want an iPad that takes, at least reasonable quality photo's.
    I would not expect DSLR quality, but if I am out and I have my iPad with me, and I wish to take a photo or a video, then at least I would like it to be of a quality that does the moment justice.

    The silly thing about this argument is you are defending the indefensible.
    There is no reason why a worse item is desirable over a better item all things being equal.

    The only reasons are cost, size etc.

    1mp camera's should have stopped being made years ago. There is no reason to deliberately make anything worse that you can, unless it's marketing and a planned strategy.
    If you're out, you'd rather pull out your iPad then a phone or camera to take a picture? Really?

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  • Peace
    Jan 11, 05:23 PM
    That's not a poster, it's a big iPhone. They've got one in every store window. Different images scroll from bottom to top. Obviously this photo is in mid scroll.

    BTW - All the iphones in iPhone commercials are very different than my iPhone. They show a small little photo of the person calling instead of a big full screen photo. Don't know why. It's the same in this ad.


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  • Arquelis
    Aug 3, 02:55 PM
    Is that a leopard in the reflection of the X of the disk?

    randy jackson journey bass player. Sit back and enjoy the journey
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  • mrpither
    May 5, 12:17 AM
    something tells me you are not going to be able to back up 64gb (potentially 128gb) of data to the cloud free of charge.initial backup over wifi (required) then future incremental (smaller) backups could be over 3G. the iPhone already tells you when an app is to large to update w/o wifi - it's already been training us about what we can and can't do w/o wifi.

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  • ErikAndre
    Jan 11, 11:32 AM
    "there's something in the air"

    ... there better be.. the wait has been too long.

    randy jackson journey bass player. randy jackson and michael
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  • cvaldes
    Mar 28, 08:49 PM
    Apple is at the core a software company.
    Go read their SEC filings.

    They make money selling hardware.

    An operating system is a big complicated program that lets other big complicated programs co-exist peacefully on the same system. However, Apple does not generate much revenue from software sales. If they did, it would be a separate line item in their financials and they would probably need to disclose more information about software sales, since such a large part of the increase in shareholder value would be dependent on it.

    Same deal with iTunes Store sales, App Store revenue, MobileMe subscriptions, etc. Not a major part of their bottom line. Apple uses software and content to drive sales of their high-margin hardware.

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  • ipodtoucher
    Mar 3, 10:22 PM
    Here's mine for the day, even the day is almost over haha This one is from last quarter in my Adv. Lighting class. I'm super proud of this one and absolutely love how it came out, what do you guys think :)

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  • Chundles
    Sep 13, 06:36 AM
    I have 3 USB 1 ports and 2 FireWire ports. Does that mean if I buy a new 8Gb Nano, it won't work with my system? :(

    All iMac G5s have USB 2.0 - you're either mistaken or quoting your machine incorrectly.

    randy jackson journey bass player. (4172953) Randy
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  • sluthy
    Sep 6, 09:26 AM
    See this - the price of the spec I want in US Dollars, when converted to British Pounds, is...�1337!
    :D I like that!

    I love Intel's naming scheme right now, how there's the Core 2 Duo for the desktop, and the...Core 2 Duo for notebooks...which are the same, but slightly different...and they both follow on from the Core Solo and Duo...which aren't actually Core processors...*headexplodes*

    Bring on Merom MBP's! Then get them preloaded with Leopard before the end of February so I can still get it all before I graduate and get edu discount! :D

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  • conradzoo
    Sep 15, 04:53 PM
    Bought the black one today.

    Great product.

    It is. Got mine yesterday. It looks fab, but above all it sounds like my old ( and broken) shuffle. And that's good. No, it's excellent.

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  • baryon
    Mar 29, 10:04 AM
    Not sure about Voice Control... No matter how well it works, I will probably feel strange taking to a phone. And most of the time it's just easier to press a button than to say it.

    This might be in response to Google's voice thing though, which also recognizes "Plain English" and works with speech-to-text instead of typing. This might be something cool for writing text messages and stuff like that, as typing on the iPhone isn't the best.

    Oct 15, 06:21 PM

    Steve said that Oct. 23.. that iPod will be 5 years old.. it sounded like to me that there might be vPod coming out that day! (or Tuesday) and that's a great news!!!! :)

    vPod = Video iPod but i like this word a lot better!!

    Mar 25, 01:21 PM
    iPad 2 here:

    614.6 MB

    84 minutes remaining

    Apr 12, 12:30 PM
    Obviously companies build outside of the U.S. because it doesn't make financial sense to do so. U.S. labor is expensive in comparison to developing nations. Why is that so hard to understand?

    Also if you look at the non-U.S. companies that have factories in the U.S. they are all in "right to work" states, so dealing with unions might be a factor too.

    Same discussion all the time.

    People that suggest to build plants in the US aren't doing their homework.

    Made in USA doesn't mean the quality is better or worse, neither does it mean that Americans would be getting jobs because of it.
    Some percentage, but not all!

    Quality depends on the manufacturers controls.
    Mercedes, Toyota etc. are all building quality products in the US.

    There are not even enough workers with low assembly qualifications, so for a plant of that size the jobs would mostly go to immigrants, NOT Americans.

    Then there is money a resource that is like a rare element gas. The slightest sign of trouble and it disappears and goes where there is no trouble.

    Brazil will make no trouble, neither do other countries.

    The government here is too fragmented in it's opinions to unite and pass laws that make production in the US worthwhile.

    For that matter none of them have economic backgrounds and just preside over status quo, Republican or Liberal.

    About 95% of all the tax money coming in is spent before it even hits and then some.

    As the president's friend (an accountant) said in the movie DAVE:

    If I would keep my books like they (the government) do , they'd throw me in jail.

    It's an international world, intertwined by money.

    So, enough with this buy American or MADE IN USA stuff. It's all about money and that will be made wherever it's FREE from too many taxes, restrictions and regulations.

    Aug 8, 02:10 AM
    hopefully we do get some really good "top-secret" stuff. Time Machine sounds like the utility in windose xp called systen restore and Spaces sounds like Exposé.
    Time Machine is nothing like System Restore. Time Machine allows you to find multiple previous versions of a file. For example, if you accidentally save a revised file without changing the name with "Save As", you can still go back to the previous version of the file if you decide you don't like the revisions or if a file is lost or damaged (I remember one occasion when a child in my home deleted all the contents of an important document and then saved it, and another occasion when a document was corrupted by a drive error; Time Machine would have saved me hours of work on both occasions). System Recover is used to revert to a previous version of an OS when an OS update causes problems (although that would also be a useful utility to have, but its significance pales in comparison to Time Machine).

    Spaces is like Exposé on steroids.

    I agree with those who believe that, as Jobs said, Apple still has something up its sleeve, more consumer-oriented, likely to be announced at MWSF.

    Now if Apple can only beat MS out of the gate on the release date...

    They could do ads like this:

    (Cue I'm a Mac/I'm a PC music.)
    Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac.
    PC: And I'm a PC.
    Mac: You know, I'm really excited, I have this new operating system called Leopard...
    PC: Oh yes, I 'm going to have a new operating system too, called Vista...sometime soon...I think...well, at least there's an 80% chance I will...
    Mac: That's great! So, what are some of the new things you'll be able to do...when it comes out, that is...
    PC: Well, just about everything Apple said it would give you when it previewed your new OS five months ago, except for that cool Time Warp feature, and I guess that Spotlight search feature is kind of cool too, and all those great new Mail features...
    Mac: That's nothing! Have you seen my (insert mind-blowing new feature here)!
    PC: Well, just you wait! I'll have all of those features, too, when my next OS after Vista is another five years...I hope.

    Mar 30, 01:18 AM
    Hopefully when the day arrives that Jobs moves on, integrity, ethics and truth will be allowed back into the organization.

    Integrity, ethics and truth will never happen in a competitive social system that is based on money and profit unless the company wants to go bankrupt. That's what PR is for: telling lies in the most acceptable way to the public. Still lies.

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